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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Alametsä J et al. Ballistocardiography in sitting and horizontal positions.
2 Heliö T et al. Suvuittainen trabekuloiva kardiomyopatia.
3 Ilva T et al. Clinical significance of cardiac troponins I and T in acute heart failure.
4 Jamerson K et al. Benazepril plus amlodipine or hydrochlorothiazide for hypertension in high-risk patients.
5 Kivistö J et al. Paediatric poisonings treated in one Finnish main university hospital between 2002 and 2006.
6 Kivistö J et al. Incidence of poisoning deaths in Finland in 1971-2005.
7 Kivistö JE et al. Secular trends in poisonings leading to hospital admission among Finnish children and adolescents between 1971 and 2005.
8 Koskela RM et al. Human leucocyte antigen and TNFalpha polymorphism association in microscopic colitis.
9 Lohela P. Korvaako 64-rivitietokonetomografia kajoavan varjoainekuvauksen sepelvaltimotaudin diagnostiikassa?
10 Loikas S. Makrosyteesin selvittely.
11 Mattila VM et al. Injury risk in young psychiatric outpatients.
12 Mattila VM et al. Low back pain and its risk indicators: a survey of 7,040 Finnish male conscripts.
13 Mattila VM et al. Coverage and accuracy of diagnosis of cruciate ligament injury in the Finnish National Hospital Discharge Register.
14 Nieminen J et al. Disturbed synthesis of type II collagen interferes with rate of bone formation and growth and increases bone resorption in transgenic mice.
15 Nieminen K et al. Symptom resolution and sexual function after anterior vaginal wall repair with or without polypropylene mesh.
16 Parkkari J et al. The risk for a cruciate ligament injury of the knee in adolescents and young adults: a population-based cohort study of 46 500 people with a 9 year follow-up.
17 Sillanpää P et al. Incidence and risk factors of acute traumatic primary patellar dislocation.
18 Sillanpää PJ et al. Arthroscopic surgery for primary traumatic patellar dislocation: a prospective, nonrandomized study comparing patients treated with and without acute arthroscopic stabilization with a median 7-year follow-up.
19 Sätilä H et al. Botulinum toxin type A injections into the calf muscles for treatment of spastic equinus in cerebral palsy: a randomized trial comparing single and multiple injection sites.
20 Söderlund T et al. Long-term outcome of a transglenoid suture technique for anterior shoulder instability in young adults.
21 Teppo H, Alho OP. Relative importance of diagnostic delays in different head and neck cancers.
22 Teppo H, Paronen I. Epithelial-myoepithelial carcinoma in minor salivary gland of the hard palate.
23 the ONTARGET Investigators, Lehmus E. Telmisartan, ramipril or both in patients at high risk for vascular events.
24 Transcend INVESTIGATORS, Lehmus E. Effects of the angiotensin-receptor blocker telmisartan on cardiovascular events in high-risk patients intolerant to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors:a randomised controlled trial.
25 Turunen AJ et al. Intragraft coagulation events and delayed graft function in clinical renal transplantation.

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