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Julkaisut 2012
Publications 2012

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1 Hakulinen U et al. Repeatability and variation of region-of-interest methods using quantitative diffusion tensor MR imaging of the brain.
2 Hartiala O et al. Adolescence risk factors are predictive of coronary artery calcification at middle age: the cardiovascular risk in young Finns study.
3 Hyödynmaa E et al. Frequency and clinical correlates of radiographic patterns of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in very low birth weight infants by term age.
4 Iverson GL et al. Outcome from Complicated versus Uncomplicated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
5 Jussila A et al. Tulehduksellisiin suolistosairauksiin liittyy lisääntynyt laskimotukosriski.
6 Kettunen JE et al. The presence of visual neglect after thrombolytic treatment in patients with right hemisphere stroke.
7 Kiekara T et al. MRI of double-bundle ACL reconstruction: evaluation of graft findings.
8 Koivumäki A et al. Trauma induced eagle syndrome.
9 Kuusisto H et al. Volumetric MRI assessment of brain and spinal cord in Finnish twins discordant for multiple sclerosis.
10 Launonen AP et al. Conservative treatment, plate fixation, or prosthesis for proximal humeral fracture. A prospective randomized study.
11 Leivo-Korpela S et al. Adipokine adipsin is associated with the degree of lung fibrosis in asbestos-exposed workers.
12 Losoi H et al. Predictors of functional outcome after right hemisphere stroke in patients with or without thrombolytic treatment.
13 Nordback I et al. A novel radiopaque biodegradable stent for pancreatobiliary applications--the first human phase I trial in the pancreas.
14 Paakkala A et al. Pulmonary high-resolution computed tomography findings in nephropathia epidemica.
15 Peltomäki T et al. Atemstörungen und kraniofaziales Wachstum - Konsequenzen und Behandlungsoptionen, Impaired Breathing and Craniofacial Growth - Consequences and Treatment Options.
16 Reito A et al. Reply to comments on: Assessment of inter- and intra-observer reliability in the determination of radiographic version and inclination of the cup in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing.
17 Reito A et al. Assessment of inter- and intra-observer reliability in the determination of radiographic version and inclination of the cup in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing.
18 Saarelainen SK et al. The preoperative assessment of deep myometrial invasion by three-dimensional ultrasound versus MRI in endometrial carcinoma.
19 Saarinen JT et al. The mid-M1 segment of the middle cerebral artery is a cutoff clot location for good outcome in intravenous thrombolysis.
20 Sane J et al. Complement activation in Puumala hantavirus infection correlates with disease severity.
21 Sillanpää N. Multimodal computed tomography in the evalution of acute ischemic stroke.
22 Sillanpää N et al. Comparison of 64-row and 16-row multidetector CT in the perfusion CT evaluation of acute ischemic stroke patients receiving intravenous thrombolytic therapy.
23 Sillanpää N et al. The clot burden score, the Boston Acute Stroke Imaging Scale, the cerebral blood volume ASPECTS, and two novel imaging parameters in the prediction of clinical outcome of ischemic stroke patients receiving intravenous thrombolytic therapy.
24 Suomalainen P et al. Double-bundle versus single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a prospective randomized study with 5-year results.
25 Suomalainen P et al. Eturistisiderekonstruktio kaksoissiirretekniikalla: onko tunneleiden paikoilla vaikutusta kliinisiin ja MRI-tuloksiin.
26 Vakhitov D et al. Challenging treatment of multiple late complications after endovascular aneurysm repair.
27 Väärämäki S et al. Long-term experience of endovascular aneurysm repair with Zenith prosthesis: diminishing graft-related complications over time.
28 Wu X et al. Glucose metabolism correlated with cellular proliferation in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
29 Wäljas M et al. Reliability, validity and clinical usefulness of the BNI fatigue scale in mild traumatic brain injury.
30 Ylänen K et al. Bilateral Absence fo the Superior Vena Cava.

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