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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Aho A et al. Äitien vertaistuki internetin keskustelupalstalla lapsen kuoleman jälkeen .
2 Aho AL et al. Vertaistuen vaikutukset lapsen kuoleman kokeneiden vanhempien surureaktioihin.
3 Ahtiainen K et al. Autologous adipose stem cells and polylactide discs in the replacement of the rabbit temporomandibular joint disc.
4 Antalainen AK et al. Assessment of removed dental implants in Finland from 1994 to 2012.
5 Aronsson CA et al. Use of dietary supplements in pregnant women in relation to sociodemographic factors - a report from The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study.
6 Backman K et al. The prevalence and impact of trauma history in eating disorder patients.
7 Deloukas P et al. Large-scale association analysis identifies new risk loci for coronary artery disease.
8 Eeles R et al. Identification of 23 new prostate cancer susceptibility loci using the iCOGS custom genotyping array.
9 El-Khoury R et al. Alternative Oxidase Expression in the Mouse Enables Bypassing Cytochrome c Oxidase Blockade and Limits Mitochondrial ROS Overproduction.
10 Erkkola M et al. Sociodemographic determinants of early weaning: a Finnish birth cohort study in infants with human leucocyte antigen-conferred susceptibility to type 1 diabetes.
11 Güzel-Akdemir O et al. A class of sulfonamides with strong inhibitory action against the a-carbonic anhydrase from trypanosoma cruzi .
12 Haan C et al. Regulation of JAKs: Insights gleaned from the functional protein domains.
13 Haapala T et al. Shoulder operation counselling in day-surgery patients in finland: patients' perspective.
14 Haapio S et al. Ensisynnyttäjien synnytyspelot raskauden alkuvaiheessa.
15 Hautsalo K et al. Family functioning, health and social support assessed by aged home care clients and their family members.
16 Hämäläinen M et al. Dexamethasone-eluting Vascular Stents.
17 Ilmarinen P. Eosinophil as a target for pathophysiological factors and pharmacological compounds.
18 Inkilä J et al. Interprofessional collaboration in the detection of and early intervention in child maltreatment: employees' experiences.
19 Joers P et al. Mitochondrial Transcription Terminator Family Members mTTF and mTer5 Have Opposing Roles in Coordination of mtDNA Synthesis.
20 Joronen K et al. Draamaohjelman vaikutus oppilaiden sosiaalisiin suhteisiin ja kiusaamiskokemuksiin alakoulussa.
21 Jylhä M et al. Trends of functioning and health in nonagenarins: The vitality 90+ study.
22 Jylhävä J. Cell-free DNA as a novel biomarker of aging. Characterization and genetic regulation.
23 Jänis MT et al. Beyond LDL-C lowering: distinct molecular sphingolipids are good indicators of proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) deficiency.
24 Järvelä M et al. Inflammatory response to acute exposure to welding fumes during the working day.
25 Jõers P, Jacobs H. Analysis of Replication Intermediates Indicates That Drosophila melanogaster Mitochondrial DNA Replicates by a Strand-Coupled Theta Mechanism.
26 Karjalainen A et al. Estimated intake levels for Finnish children of methylmercury from fish.
27 Kellokumpu-Lehtinen PL et al. 2-weekly versus 3-weekly docetaxel to treat castration-resistant advanced prostate cancer: a randomised, phase 3 trial.
28 Khanna A et al. Chk1 targeting reactivates PP2A tumor suppressor activity in cancer cells.
29 Kiiski H et al. Healthy human CSF promotes glial differentiation of hESC-derived neural cells while retaining spontaneous activity in existing neuronal networks.
30 Kilpeläinen T et al. Prostate cancer mortality in the Finnish randomized screening trial.
31 Koivisto T et al. Päihdelääkärien asenteet potilaitaan kohtaan.
32 Kojo K et al. Risk factors for skin cancer among Finnish airline cabin crew.
33 Kokkonen A et al. Incidence of rheumatoid arthritis-related ankle replacement and ankle arthrodesis.
34 Korhonen R et al. Attenuation of TNF production and experimentally induced inflammation by PDE4 inhibitor rolipram is mediated by MAPK phosphatase-1.
35 Korpi M et al. Lonkkamurtumapotilaiden arviointi geriatrian poliklinikalla.
36 Koskinen E et al. Assessing the state of chronic spinal cord injury using diffusion tensor imaging.
37 Kukkeenmäki S et al. Röntgenhoitajien käsityksen eturauhassyöpäpotilaiden ja heidän läheistensä tiedontarpeista sädehoitojakson aikana.
38 Kyllönen L. Effects of biochemical and mechanical signals on osteogenic differentiation of adipose stem cells in vitro.
39 Kyllönen L et al. Effects of different serum conditions on osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells in vitro.
40 Kyllönen L et al. Exogenously added BMP-6, BMP-7 and VEGF may not enhance the osteogenic differentiation of human adipose stem cells.
41 Kärkkäinen S. SH2 and SH3 domain interactions and characterization of a novel SH3-protein POSH2.
42 Laaksonen R. STOMPing forward: Statins, muscle complaints and CK.
43 Laiho T et al. Clinical decision making involved in secluding and restraining an adult psychiatric patient: An integrative literature review.
44 Laiho T et al. Potilaan eristäminen psykiatrisessa hoidossa. eristämiseen liittyvän päätöksenteon näkökulma.
45 Laitinen M et al. Äitien neuvolan terveydenhoitajalta saama sosiaalinen tuki lapsivuodeaikana.
46 Laitinen V et al. HOXB13 G84E mutation in Finland: population-based analysis of prostate, breast, and colorectal cancer risk.
47 Lehto P et al. The everyday life of adult family members of working aged survivors of stroke during the first year after the stroke - an integrative review.
48 Leikkola P et al. Selkäleikkauspotilaiden ja heidän lähestensä selviytymisen voimavarat potilaan kotiutuessa sairaalasta.
49 Leirisalo-Repo M et al. Infliximab for 6 months added on combination therapy in early rheumatoid arthritis: 2-year results from an investigator-initiated, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the NEO-RACo Study).
50 Leppänen T et al. Down-Regulation of Protein Kinase C? Inhibits Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase Expression through IRF1.
51 Lieb W et al. Genetic predisposition to higher blood pressure increases coronary artery disease risk.
52 Lindstöm J et al. Improved lifestyle and decreased diabetes risk over 13 years: Long-term follow-up of the randomised Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS).
53 Lisko I et al. Are body mass index, waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio associated with leptin in 90-year-old people?
54 Losoi H et al. Psychometric properties of the Finnish version of the Resilience Scale and its short version.
55 Luoto T et al. Pään vammat perusterveydenhuollossa - kyselytutkimus Pirkanmaan sairaanhoitopiirin terveyskeskuslääkäreille.
56 Metsälä J et al. Mother´s and offspring´s use of antibiotics and infant allergy to cow´s milk.
57 Mäenpää T et al. Family-school nurse partnership in primary school health care.
58 Mäki K et al. Hoitajan toivo - näkökulmia johtamiseen.
59 Mäkinen M et al. Fluorescent probes as a tool for cell population tracking in spontaneously active neural networks derived from human pluripotent stem cells.
60 Natarajan R et al. Diffusion Tensor Imaging in NAWM and NADGM in MS and CIS: Association with Candidate Biomarkers in Sera.
61 Nieminen I et al. Experiences of social inclusion and employment of mental health service users in a european union project.
62 Nikkola I et al. Mother's experience of the support from a bereavement follow-up intervention after the death of a child.
63 Niranjan Y et al. Analysis of steady-state Förster resonance energy transfer data by avoiding pitfalls: interaction of JAK2 tyrosine kinase with N-methylanthraniloyl nucleotides.
64 Nwaru BI et al. Timing of infant feeding in relation to childhood asthma and allergic diseases.
65 Oja S, Saransaari P. Ischemia induces release of endogenous amino acids from the cerebral cortex and cerebellum of developing and adult mice.
66 Parkkari J, Kannus P. Lasten tapaturma- ja väkivaltakuolemat vähentyneet Suomessa.
67 Parkkari J et al. Fatal childhood injuries in Finland, 1971-2010.
68 Patil R et al. Cross-sectional studies and methodology: reply to comment by Erkoyun.
69 Patil R et al. Sarcopenia prevalence: reply to comment by Perez-Zepeda et al.
70 Patil R et al. Sarcopenia and osteopenia among 70-80-year-old home-dwelling Finnish women: prevalence and association with functional performance.
71 Patrikoski M et al. Development of fully defined xeno-free culture system for the preparation and propagation of cell therapy-compliant human adipose stem cells.
72 Paukkeri EL et al. Anti-inflammatory properties of a dual PPARgamma/alpha agonist muraglitazar in in vitro and in vivo models.
73 Pelto J et al. Novel polypyrrole-coated polylactide scaffolds enhance adipose stem cell proliferation and early osteogenic differentiation.
74 Peltoniemi HH et al. Stem cell enrichment does not warrant a higher graft survival in lipofilling of the breast: a prospective comparative study.
75 Pennanen P. Hormonal regulation of endocrine-resistant breast cancer.
76 Puupponen-Pimiä R et al. Effects of ellagitannin-rich berries on blood lipids, gut microbiota, and urolithin production in human subjects with symptoms of metabolic syndrome.
77 Raitoharju E et al. A comparison of the accuracy of Illumina HumanHT-12 v3 Expression BeadChip and TaqMan qRT-PCR gene expression results in patient samples from the Tampere Vascular Study.
78 Rantalainen T et al. Differential effects of exercise on tibial shaft marrow density in young female athletes.
79 Richter U et al. A mitochondrial ribosomal and RNA decay pathway blocks cell proliferation.
80 Riihimäki O et al. Increased prevalence of major congenital anomalies in births with placental abruption.
81 Rintala T-M et al. Everyday life of a family with diabetes as described by adults with type 1 diabetes.
82 Salin S et al. Nurses' perceptions of their relationships with informal carers in institutional respite care for older people.
83 Salminen-Tuomaala M et al. Spouses' coping alongside myocardial infarction patients.
84 Salonen J et al. Proteomic Changes during B Cell Maturation: 2D-DIGE Approach.
85 Salonen P et al. Effect of social support on changes in quality of life in early breast cancer patients: a longitudinal study.
86 Savolainen S et al. Vanhempien selviytymisessä auttavat tekijät lapsen kuoleman jälkeen.
87 Scialo F et al. Regulation of lifespan by the mitochondrial electron transport chain: reactive oxygen species-dependent and reactive oxygen species-independent mechanisms.
88 Siltanen S. Contribution of the ARLTS1 gene to prostate cancer susceptibility.
89 Silvennoinen R et al. Assessment of molecular remission rate after bortezomib plus dexamethasone induction treatment and autologous stem cell transplantation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients.
90 Siukola A. Sickness absence and working conditions in the food industry.
91 Sorsa MA, Åstedt-Kurki P. Lived experiences in help-seeking from the perspective of a mother with a dual diagnosis.
92 Sullivan L et al. The Proto-oncometabolite Fumarate Binds Glutathione to Amplify ROS-dependent signaling (.
93 Syrjänen L et al. Cloning, characterization, and inhibition studies of a ß-carbonic anhydrase from Leishmania donovani chagasi, the protozoan parasite responsible for leishmaniasis.
94 Tammentie T et al. Public health nurses in Finland help to prevent postnatal depression.
95 Taranukhin A. Janus-faced taurine. Neuroprotection and toxicity.
96 Tiainen K et al. Predictors of mortality in men and women aged 90 and older: a nine-year follow-up study in the Vitality 90+ study.
97 Tikkanen M et al. Decreasing perinatal mortality in placental abruption.
98 Tirkkonen L et al. Osteogenic medium is superior to growth factors in differentiation of human adipose stem cells towards bone-forming cells in 3D culture.
99 Tossavainen H et al. Resonance assignments of the 56 kDa chimeric avidin in the biotin-bound and free forms.
100 Tuohimaa P et al. Gene Expression Profiles in Human and Mouse Primary Cells Provide New Insights into the Differential Actions of Vitamin D3 Metabolites.
101 Tuomisto S et al. Time-dependent post mortem changes in the composition of intestinal bacteria using real-time quantitative PCR.
102 Tyni H et al. Äidin vauvakeskeisyys vanhemmuuden varhaisvaiheessa.
103 Törnävä M et al. Naisten kokemuksia vulvodynian vaikutuksesta parisuhteeseen.
104 Urbanucci et al. The Effect of AR Overexpression on Androgen Signaling in Prostate Cancer .
105 Uusitalo L et al. Fatty acids in serum and diet - a canonical correlation analysis among toddlers.
106 Valve P et al. LINDA - a solution-focused low-intensity intervention aimed at improving health behaviors of young females: a cluster-randomized controlled trial.
107 Vaughan C et al. Impact of obesity on urinary storage symptoms: results from the FINNO study.
108 Veitonmäki T et al. Use of aspirin, but not other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is associated with decreased prostate cancer risk at the population level.
109 Viinikainen S et al. Hoitotyön valta erikoissairaanhoidossa - osastonhoitajien ja apulaisosastonhoitajien arvio.
110 Viitanen P. The health, work ability and healthcare needs of Finnish female prisoners.
111 Virtanen P et al. Information availability for the families of stroke patients at an emergency department: A training intervention study.
112 Yang Y et al. Structure-based prediction of the effects of a missense variant on protein stability.

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