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Julkaisut 2015
Publications 2015

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1 Auranen M et al. PFKM gene defect and glycogen storage disease GSDVII with misleading enzyme histochemistry.
2 Basnyat P et al. Association between soluble L-selectin and anti-JCV antibodies in natalizumab-treated relapsing-remitting MS patients.
3 Behin A et al. Myofibrillar myopathies: State of the art, present and future challenges.
4 Bucelli RC et al. SQSTM1 splice site mutation in distal myopathy with rimmed vacuoles.
5 Charton K et al. CAPN3-mediated processing of C-terminal titin replaced by pathological cleavage in titinopathy.
6 Dabby R et al. Adult onset limb-girdle muscular dystrophy - A recessive titinopathy masquerading as myositis.
7 de CID R et al. A new titinopathy: Childhood-juvenile onset Emery-Dreifuss-like phenotype without cardiomyopathy.
8 Elovaara I et al. Cronic Noninfectious Inflammatory DNS Diseases.
9 Elovaara I et al. Chronic Noninfectious Inflammatory CNS Diseases.
10 Elovaara I et al. Aivojen magneettikuvaus MS-taudin immunologisen hoidon seurannassa.
11 Etminan N et al. The unruptured intracranial aneurysm treatment score: a multidisciplinary consensus.
12 Fattori F et al. Centronuclear myopathies: genotype-phenotype correlation and frequency of defined genetic forms in an Italian cohort.
13 Färkkilä M et al. Migreeni . Käypä hoito-suositustiivistelmä.
14 Ghert M et al. Prophylactic antibiotic regimens in tumour surgery (PARITY): a pilot multicentre randomised controlled trial.
15 Green AL et al. A multicentre, prospective, randomized, controlled study to evaluate the use of a fibrin sealant as an adjunct to sutured dural repair.
16 Gurgis FM et al. The p38-MK2-HuR pathway potentiates EGFRvIII-IL-1ß-driven IL-6 secretion in glioblastoma cells.
17 Haanpää M, Hietaharju A. Halting the March of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy.
18 Kolasa M, Basnyat P. Analysis of apoptosis-related genes in patients with clinically isolated syndrome and their association with conversion to multiple sclerosis.
19 Hietaharju A. Kipu MS-taudissa.
20 Huovinen S et al. Differential Isoform Expression and Selective Muscle Involvement in Muscular Dystrophies.
21 Huttunen J et al. Epilepsy after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: A population-based, long-term follow-up study.
22 Hämäläinen P, Rosti-Otajärvi E. MS-tauti.
23 Jehkonen M, Saunamäki T. Aivojen keskeiset rakenteet kognitiivisissa ja psyykkisissä toiminnoissa.
24 Jehkonen M et al. Kliininen neuropsykologia.
25 Jokela M et al. Spontaneous activity in electromyography may differentiate certain benign lower motor neuron disease forms from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
26 Jokela M et al. Reply: To PMID 25428574.
27 Jokela M et al. CHCHD10 mutations are not a common cause of SMN1-negative type III/IV spinal motor atrophy Reply.
28 Kamerman PR et al. World Health Organization essential medicines lists: where are the drugs to treat neuropathic pain?
29 Kolasa M et al. Longitudinal assessment of clinically isolated syndrome with diffusion tensor imaging and volumetric MRI.
30 Komulainen T et al. Mitochondrial DNA Depletion and Deletions in Paediatric Patients with Neuromuscular Diseases: Novel Phenotypes.
31 Koskinen E. Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury -Current Epidemiology in Finland and Evaluation of Cervical Injury by Diffusion Tensor Imaging.
32 Losoi H et al. Resilience Is Associated with Outcome from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
33 Losoi H et al. Resilience is associated with fatigue after mild traumatic brain injury.
34 Luoto TM et al. Clinical correlates of retrograde amnesia in mild traumatic brain injury.
35 Luoto TM et al. Lieväkin aivovamma on kirjattava tarkasti.
36 Makkonen T. Puheen piirteiden ja viestintäkeinojen muutokset ALS-taudissa - kuntoutuksen haasteita.
37 Mercier S et al. Muscle magnetic resonance imaging abnormalities in X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy.
38 Mäki-Marttunen V et al. Enhanced attention capture by emotional stimuli in mild traumatic brain injury.
39 Möttönen T et al. Defining the anterior nucleus of the thalamus (ANT) as a deep brain stimulation target in refractory epilepsy: Delineation using 3 T MRI and intraoperative microelectrode recording.
40 Natarajan R et al. Adipsin Is Associated with Multiple Sclerosis: A Follow-Up Study of Adipokines.
41 Nenonen M et al. Possible confounding factors on cerebral diffusion tensor imaging measurements.
42 Newby R et al. When myopathy breaks the rules: a late-onset distal presentation.
43 Nordfors K et al. Twist predicts poor outcome of patients with astrocytic glioma.
44 Nurmela K et al. Identification of alcohol abuse and transition from long-term unemployment to disability pension.
45 Palmio J et al. Novel mutations in DNAJB6 gene cause a very severe early-onset limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 1D disease.
46 Palmio J, Udd B. Statiineihin liittyvät itsepintaiset lihasoireet.
47 Palmio J, Udd B. Lihaksen ja hermolihasliitoksen sairaudet.
48 Peltola J et al. Practical guidance and considerations for transitioning patients from oxcarbazepine or carbamazepine to eslicarbazepine acetate - Expert opinion.
49 Penttilä S et al. Late onset spinal motor neuronopathy is caused by mutation in CHCHD10.
50 Pitkänen A et al. Enhancing nurses' participation in implementing evidence-based practice.
51 Rannisto M et al. The use of goal attainment scaling in neuropsychological rehabilitation in multiple sclerosis.
52 Remes A et al. MS-tauti. Käypä hoito -suosituksen tiivistelmä.
53 Remes A, Elovaara I. MS-taudin hoidon kehittyminen lisää magneettikuvausten tarvetta.
54 Remes A, Elovaara I. MS-hoidon kehittyminen lisää magneettikuvausten tarvetta.
55 Rieckmann P et al. Achieving patient engagement in multiple sclerosis: A perspective from the multiple sclerosis in the 21st Century Steering Group.
56 Saarinen J. Diagnosis and Prognosis of Hyperacute Ischemic Stroke with Computed Tomography Angiography and Perfusion Imaging.
57 Salo P, Saunamäki T. Unihäiriöt.
58 Sandell S. DNAJB6 mutated LGMD1D - The clinical phenotype.
59 Saraste A et al. No cardiomyopathy in X-linked myopathy with excessive autophagy.
60 Saunamäki T et al. Do Sleep Parameters or Cognitive Level Predict CPAP Adherence in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome?
61 Saunamäki T, Jehkonen M. Neuropsykologinen tutkimus.
62 Savio S et al. Hemispheric asymmetry measured by texture analysis and diffusion tensor imaging in two multiple sclerosis subtypes.
63 Sikiö M et al. MR image texture in Parkinson's disease: a longitudinal study.
64 Sumelahti ML. MS-potilaan seuranta ja hoito .
65 Sun L et al. Human anterior thalamic nuclei are involved in emotion-attention interaction.
66 Thesleff T et al. Fatal cervical spine injuries: a Finnish nationwide register-based epidemiologic study on data from 1987 to 2010.
67 Vanhala A, Palomäki S. Muistutus institutionaalisena vuorovaikutuksena terveydenhuollossa.
68 Vartiainen MV et al. King-Devick test normative reference values for professional male ice hockey players.
69 Vilkki J, Saunamäki T. Toiminnan ohjauksen häiriöt.
70 Vuolanto P et al. Monitieteellisyyden ja moniammatillisuuden mastoissa - sosiaalityö ja hoitotiede kumppaneina.
71 Wäljas M et al. A Prospective Biopsychosocial Study of the Persistent Post-Concussion Symptoms following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

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