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Julkaisut 2015
Publications 2015

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1 Asadi AZARBAIJANI B et al. Effect of Previous Chemotherapy on the Quality of Cryopreserved Human Ovarian Tissue In Vitro.
2 Huttala O et al. Human vascular model with defined stimulation medium - a characterization study.
3 Jakobsson M et al. Neonatal outcomes after the obstetric near-miss events uterine rupture, abnormally invasive placenta and emergency peripartum hysterectomy – prospective data from the 2009–2011 Finnish NOSS study.
4 Joki-Erkkilä M. Child Sexual Abuse. Interpreting Medical Statement Conclusions and Biological Evidence Detection in the Criminal Legal Process.
5 Jokinen E et al. Hysterectomies in Finland in 1990-2012: comparison of outcomes between trainees and specialists.
6 Kaartinen IS et al. Reconstruction of the pelvic floor and the vagina after total pelvic exenteration using the transverse musculocutaneous gracilis flap.
7 Kaartinen N et al. Can repeated IVF-ICSI-cycles be avoided by using blastocysts developing from poor-quality cleavage stage embryos?
8 Kaartinen N et al. Male gender explains increased birthweight in children born after transfer of blastocysts.
9 Kirkinen P. Raskaana olevan umpilisäketulehdukseen liittyy erityisiä vaaroja.
10 Kolu P et al. Cost-Effectiveness of Physical Activity among Women with Menopause Symptoms: Findings from a Randomised Controlled Trial.
11 Lagerstedt M et al. Reduction in ERRa is associated with lichen sclerosus and vulvar squamous cell carcinoma.
12 Mansikkamäki K et al. Long-term effect of physical activity on health-related quality of life among menopausal women: a 4-year follow-up study to a randomised controlled trial.
13 Mattila A, Tinkanen H. Transsukupuolisuuden hoito Suomessa.
14 Mäenpää M et al. Implementing robotic surgery to gynecologic oncology: the first 300 operations performed at a tertiary hospital.
15 Nieminen K. Pienten synnytyssairaaloiden tulevaisuus.
16 Pokkinen SM et al. Less postoperative pain after laparoscopic hysterectomy than after vaginal hysterectomy.
17 Pokkinen SM et al. Persistent posthysterectomy pain: A prospective, observational study.
18 Polo P, Auranen A. Vaihdevuosien hormonihoidon räätälöinti.
19 Sainio S et al. Diagnosis and treatment of severe hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn: a 10-year nationwide retrospective study.
20 Salo T et al. A novel human leiomyoma tissue derived matrix for cell culture studies.
21 Tihtonen K. Raskausajan ongelmia.
22 Tinkanen H. Ensimmäinen raskaus pakastetun munasarjakudoksen takaisinsiirron jälkeen Suomessa .
23 Tinkanen H, Das P. Transsukupuolisten hormonihoidot.
24 Uotila J et al. Mittariston kehittäminen hoitoprosessin arvioimiseksi.
25 Valpas A et al. TVT versus laparoscopic mesh colposuspension: 5-year follow-up results of a randomized clinical trial.
26 Veijalainen O et al. High risk HPV testing in the triage of repeat ASC-US and LSIL.
27 Veskimäe K et al. Microarray analysis of differentially expressed genes in ovarian and fallopian tube epithelium from risk-reducing salpingo-oophorectomies.
28 Vilmi-Kerälä T et al. The risk of metabolic syndrome after gestational diabetes mellitus - a hospital-based cohort study.
29 Virkki M et al. Children as decision-makers in health care - an integrative review.

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