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Publications 2016 (preliminary)

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1 Albergo JI et al. Ewing’s sarcoma.
2 Contreras-Muñoz P et al. A New Surgical Model of Skeletal Muscle Injuries in Rats Reproduces Human Sports Lesions.
3 Frilander H et al. Obesity in early adulthood predicts knee pain and walking difficulties among men: A life course study.
4 Göransson H et al. Patient outcome after surgical management of the spinal accessory nerve injury: A long-term follow-up study.
5 Havulinna J et al. Keyhole Revascularization for Treatment of Coronal Plane Fracture of the Lunate in Kienböck Disease.
6 Hopkins C et al. Critical review on the socio-economic impact of tendinopathy.
7 Huttunen TT et al. Trends in the Incidence of Clavicle Fractures and Surgical Repair in Sweden: 2001-2012.
8 Jokihaara J et al. Phosphate Binding with Sevelamer Preserves Mechanical Competence of Bone Despite Acidosis in Advanced Experimental Renal Insufficiency.
9 Kannus P et al. Declining incidence of fall-induced ankle fractures in elderly adults: Finnish statistics between 1970 and 2014.
10 Kannus P et al. Fall-induced fractures of the calcaneus and foot in older people: nationwide statistics in Finland between 1970 and 2013 and prediction for the future.
11 Kannus P et al. Low-trauma knee fractures in older Finnish women between 1970 and 2013.
12 Kivistö JE et al. Hospitalizations due to allergic reactions in Finnish and Swedish children during 1999-2011.
13 Kolu P et al. Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of a Cluster-Randomized Prenatal Lifestyle Counseling Trial: A Seven-Year Follow-Up.
14 Kääriäinen M et al. Utilization of Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Preoperative Virtual Planning and Manufacturing in Maxillary and Mandibular Reconstruction with a Microvascular Fibula Flap.
15 Kääriäinen T et al. The effect of decompressive surgery on lumbar paraspinal and biceps brachii muscle function and movement perception in lumbar spinal stenosis: a 2-year follow-up.
16 Laimi K et al. Iskianpotilas - konservatiivinen vai operatiivinen hoito?
17 Launonen A et al. Levytykselllä hoidettujen lapaluun murtumien esiintyvyys - 16 vuoden kansallinen seurantatutkimus.
18 Launonen AP et al. Do Treatment Policies for Proximal Humerus Fractures Differ among Three Nordic Countries and Estonia? Results of a Survey Study.
19 Launonen AP, Mattila VM. No differences between operative and non-operative treatments of proximal humerus fractures.
20 Laurila J et al. Sääriluun varsimurtumien ilmaantuvuus Suomessa vv. 1997-2014.
21 Leppänen M et al. Knee control and jump-landing technique in young basketball and floorball players.
22 Leppänen O et al. Suture configurations and biomechanical properties of flexor tendon repairs by 16 hand surgeons in Finland.
23 Linnanmäki L et al. Validity of parameters in static linear testing of flexor tendon repair.
24 Lopez J et al. Cytokine-Rich Adipose Tissue Extract Production from Water-Assisted Lipoaspirate: Methodology for Clinical Use.
25 Mattila VM et al. Changes in rates of arthroscopy due to degenerative knee disease and traumatic meniscal tears in Finland and Sweden.
26 Parkkari J et al. Injury deaths in the adolescent population of Finland: a 43-year secular trend analysis between 1971 and 2013.
27 Parry MC et al. Osteosarcoma of the pelvis.
28 Parry MC et al. Osteosarcoma of the pelvis.
29 Parry MC et al. Osteosarcoma of the pelvis.
30 Patil R et al. Effects of Vitamin D and Exercise on the Wellbeing of Older Community-Dwelling Women: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
31 Patil R et al. Cost-effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation and exercise in preventing injurious falls among older home-dwelling women: findings from an RCT.
32 Patil R et al. Response to Aycicek and Colleagues.
33 Rade M et al. In Vivo MRI Measurement of Spinal Cord Displacement in the Thoracolumbar Region of Asymptomatic Subjects with Unilateral and Sham Straight Leg Raise Tests.
34 Rade M et al. Correlation analysis of demographic and anthropometric factors, hip flexion angle and conus medullaris displacement with unilateral and bilateral straight leg raise.
35 Raittinen L et al. The Effect of Norepinephrine and Dopamine on Radial Forearm Flap Partial Tissue Oxygen Pressure and Microdialysate Metabolite Measurements: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
36 Ratasvuori M. Surgically Treatment Non-Spinal Skeletal Metastaties. Survival and complication s.
37 Ratasvuori M et al. Venous thromboembolism after surgical treatment of non-spinal skeletal metastases - An underdiagnosed complication.
38 Ratasvuori M et al. Surgery of non-spinal skeletal metastases in renal cell carcinoma.
39 Rousi E et al. Clinical and Pathological Aspects of Melanoma among Children in Finland.
40 Rönkkö H et al. Comparison of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration with Side-to-side, End-to-side, and End-to-end Repairs: An Experimental Study.
41 Rönkkö H et al. Effect of Axonal Trauma on Nerve Regeneration in Side-to-side Neurorrhaphy: An Experimental Study.
42 Shacklock M et al. Slump Test: Effect of Contralateral Knee Extension on Response Sensations in Asymptomatic Subjects and Cadaver Study.
43 Sorimachi Y et al. Effect of Obesity and Being Overweight on Disability and Pain After Lumbar Fusion: An Analysis of 805 Patients.
44 Suni JH et al. Neuromuscular exercise and back counselling for female nursing personnel with recurrent non-specific low back pain: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial (NURSE-RCT).
45 Suomalainen P et al. Traumakäsikirja, Vaikeasti vammautuneen potilaan hoito Taysissa 2016.
46 Sätilä H et al. Hirayaman tauti.
47 Taulaniemi R et al. Reliability of Musculoskeletal Fitness Test and Movement Control Impairment Test Battery in Female Health-Care Personnel with Re-Current Low Back Pain.
48 Vähätupa M et al. T-cell-expressed proprotein convertase FURIN inhibits DMBA/TPA-induced skin cancer development.
49 Vähätupa M et al. Lack of R-Ras Leads to Increased Vascular Permeability in Ischemic Retinopathy.

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