Julkaisut 2017
Publications 2017

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1 Boman E et al. Importance of deformable image registration and biological dose summation in planning of radiotherapy retreatments.
2 Boman E et al. The robustness of dual isocenter VMAT radiation therapy for bilateral lymph node positive breast cancer.
3 Boman E et al. The validity of Acuros BV and TG-43 for high-dose-rate brachytherapy superficial mold treatments.
4 Ilvesmäki T et al. Automated Pipeline for Brain ROI Analysis with Results Comparable to Previous Freehand Measures in Clinical Settings. Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological Engineeriing Conference EMBEC 2017.
5 Kapanen M et al. Effects of multiple breath hold reproducibility on treatment localization and dosimetric accuracy in radiotherapy of left-sided breast cancer with voluntary deep inspiration breath hold technique.
6 Koivula L et al. Intensity-based dual model method for generation of synthetic CT images from standard T2-weighted MR images - Generalized technique for four different MR scanners.
7 Loimu V et al. Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of salivary gland function in head and neck cancer patients treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy.
8 Mendez M et al. Detection of the Sleep Stages Throughout Non-Obtrusive Measures of Inter-Beat Fluctuations and Motion: Night and Day Sleep of Female Shift Workers.
9 Niemelä J et al. Measurement and properties of the dose-area product ratio in external small-beam radiotherapy.
10 Partanen M et al. Comparison of two Monte Carlo-based codes for small-field dose calculations in external beam radiotherapy.
11 Perez-Macias J et al. Time characteristics of prolonged partial obstruction periods using an Emfit mattress.
12 Tenhunen M et al. Detection and assessment of sleep-disordered breathing with emfit mattress .
13 Wu X et al. Diffusion-weighted MRI Provides a Useful Biomarker for Evaluation of Radiotherapy Efficacy in Patients with Prostate Cancer.
14 Wu X et al. Correlation between apparent diffusion coefficient value on diffusion weighted MR imaging and Gleason score in prostate cancer.

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