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Julkaisut 2017
Publications 2017

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1 Berg van Den M et al. Discovery of novel heart rate-associated loci using the Exome Chip.
2 Aatola H et al. Influence of Child and Adult Elevated Blood Pressure on Adult Arterial Stiffness: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
3 Agrawal N et al. Structural characterization of core-bradavidin in complex with biotin.
4 Ahola-Olli A et al. Genome-wide Association Study Identifies 27 Loci Influencing Concentrations of Circulating Cytokines and Growth Factors.
5 Amin V et al. Gene-environment interactions between education and body mass: Evidence from the UK and Finland.
6 Ampuja M. BMP4 in Breast Cancer Growth and Metastasis with Insights into Transcriptional Regulation.
7 Ampuja M et al. Integrated RNA-seq and DNase-seq analyses identify phenotype-specific BMP4 signaling in breast cancer.
8 Aschard H et al. Evidence for large-scale gene-by-smoking interaction effects on pulmonary function.
9 Aspatwar A et al. ß-CA-specific inhibitor dithiocarbamate Fc14–584B: a novel antimycobacterial agent with potential to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis.
10 Auer S et al. Stable immobilisation of His-tagged proteins on BLI biosensor surface using cobalt.
11 Auvinen A et al. A randomized trial of early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer (ProScreen): study design and rationale.
12 Barker H et al. Role of carbonic anhydrases in skin wound healing.
13 Bova GS. Cancer genomics: Human metastases under scrutiny.
14 Brunner C et al. Alcohol consumption and prostate cancer incidence and progression: A Mendelian randomisation study.
15 Buscot M et al. Bayesian hierarchical piecewise regression models: a tool to detect trajectory divergence between groups in long-term observational studies.
16 Böckerman P et al. Does higher education protect against obesity? Evidence using Mendelian randomization.
17 Böckerman P et al. Stature and long-term labor market outcomes: Evidence using Mendelian randomization.
18 Böger CA et al. NFAT5 and SLC4A10 Loci Associate with Plasma Osmolality.
19 Camacho N et al. Appraising the relevance of DNA copy number loss and gain in prostate cancer using whole genome DNA sequence data.
20 Christophersen I et al. Large-scale analyses of common and rare variants identify 12 new loci associated with atrial fibrillation.
21 CKDGen Consortion et al. SOS2 and ACP1 Loci Identified through Large-Scale Exome Chip Analysis Regulate Kidney Development and Function.
22 Colijn J et al. Prevalence of Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Europe: The Past and the Future.
23 Ding M et al. Dairy consumption, systolic blood pressure, and risk of hypertension: Mendelian randomization study.
24 Elovainio M et al. Psychosocial environment in childhood and body mass index growth over 32years.
25 Gorski M et al. 1000 Genomes-based meta-analysis identifies 10 novel loci for kidney function.
26 Graff M et al. Genome-wide physical activity interactions in adiposity - A meta-analysis of 200,452 adults.
27 Granberg K et al. Strong FGFR3 staining is a marker for FGFR3 fusions in diffuse gliomas.
28 Grönroos T et al. Overexpression of PTP4A3 in ETV6-RUNX1 acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
29 Hankaniemi M et al. Optimized production and purification of Coxsackievirus B1 vaccine and its preclinical evaluation in a mouse model.
30 Hernesniemi JA et al. Cohort Description for MADDEC - Mass Data in Detection and Prevention of Serious Adverse Events in Cardiovascular Disease. EMBEC & NBC 2017 : Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference .
31 Hinney A et al. Evidence for three genetic loci involved in both anorexia nervosa risk and variation of body mass index.
32 Hytönen V. Optimized Streptavidin for Fluorescent Labeling of Biotinylated Targets.
33 Ijäs P et al. Haptoglobin Hp2 Variant Promotes Premature Cardiovascular Death in Stroke Survivors.
34 Joshi P et al. Genome-wide meta-analysis associates HLA-DQA1/DRB1 and LPA and lifestyle factors with human longevity.
35 Justice A et al. Genome-wide meta-analysis of 241,258 adults accounting for smoking behaviour identifies novel loci for obesity traits.
36 Jämsä P et al. Risk factors associated with acute kidney injury in a cohort of 20,575 arthroplasty patients.
37 Järvinen P et al. Carbonic anhydrase II: a novel biomarker for pseudomyxoma peritonei.
38 Kaikkonen J et al. Metabolic profiling of fatty liver in young and middle-aged adults: Cross-sectional and prospective analyses of the Young Finns Study.
39 Karlsson Linnér R et al. An epigenome-wide association study meta-analysis of educational attainment.
40 Kazokaite J et al. Fluorinated benzenesulfonamide anticancer inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase IX exhibit lower toxic effects on zebrafish embryonic development than ethoxzolamide(Article) .
41 Kazokaité J et al. An update on anticancer drug development and delivery targeting carbonic anhydrase IX.
42 Kiiski J et al. FANCM mutation c.5791C>T is a risk factor for triple-negative breast cancer in the Finnish population.
43 Kivinummi K et al. The expression of AURKA is androgen regulated in castration-resistant prostate cancer.
44 Klemettilä JP et al. Association study of arcuate nucleus neuropeptide Y neuron receptor gene variation and serum NPY levels in clozapine treated patients with schizophrenia.
45 Kollerits B et al. Plasma Concentrations of Afamin Are Associated With Prevalent and Incident Type 2 Diabetes: A Pooled Analysis in More Than 20,000 Individuals.
46 Kuittinen T et al. Paclitaxel, Carboplatin and 1,25-D3 Inhibit Proliferation of Endometrial Cancer Cells In Vitro.
47 Kumar M et al. Mixture of PLA-PEG and biotinylated albumin enables immobilization of avidins on electrospun fibers.
48 Kumar M et al. PLA-HPC fibrous membranes for temperature-responsive drug release.
49 Laaksonen J et al. Blood pathway analyses reveal differences between prediabetic subjects with or without dyslipidaemia. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
50 Lallukka T et al. Early work-related physical exposures and low back pain in midlife: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
51 Latonen L et al. In Vivo Expression of miR-32 Induces Proliferation in Prostate Epithelium.
52 Lehtinen B et al. Clinical association analysis of ependymomas and pilocytic astrocytomas reveals elevated FGFR3 and FGFR1 expression in aggressive ependymomas.
53 Lehtinen L et al. PLA2G7 associates with hormone receptor negativity in clinical breast cancer samples and regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cultured breast cancer cells.
54 Lepik K et al. C-reactive protein upregulates the whole blood expression of CD59 - an integrative analysis.
55 Leppiniemi J et al. 3D-Printable Bioactivated Nanocellulose-Alginate Hydrogels.
56 Mack S et al. A genome-wide association meta-analysis on lipoprotein (a) concentrations adjusted for apolipoprotein (a) isoforms.
57 Mack S et al. Evaluating the Causal Relation of ApoA-IV with Disease-Related Traits - A Bidirectional Two-sample Mendelian Randomization Study.
58 Macé A et al. CNV-association meta-analysis in 191,161 European adults reveals new loci associated with anthropometric traits.
59 Maddock J et al. Vitamin D and cognitive function: A Mendelian randomisation study.
60 Manning A et al. A Low-Frequency Inactivating AKT2 Variant Enriched in the Finnish Population Is Associated With Fasting Insulin Levels and Type 2 Diabetes Risk.
61 Mantere T et al. Case-control analysis of truncating mutations in DNA damage response genes connects TEX15 and FANCD2 with hereditary breast cancer susceptibility.
62 Marouli E et al. Rare and low-frequency coding variants alter human adult height.
63 Marques F et al. Experimental and Human Evidence for Lipocalin-2 (Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin [NGAL]) in the Development of Cardiac Hypertrophy and heart failure.
64 Mozaffarian D et al. Genome-wide association meta-analysis of fish and EPA+DHA consumption in 17 US and European cohorts.
65 Määttä K et al. Germline EMSY sequence alterations in hereditary breast cancer and ovarian cancer families.
66 Nath A et al. An interaction map of circulating metabolites, immune gene networks, and their genetic regulation.
67 Ncd RISK Factor Collaboration et al. Worldwide trends in body-mass index, underweight, overweight, and obesity from 1975 to 2016: a pooled analysis of 2416 population-based measurement studies in 128·9 million children, adolescents, and adults.
68 Ncd RISK Factor Collaboration et al. Worldwide trends in blood pressure from 1975 to 2015: a pooled analysis of 1479 population-based measurement studies with 19·1 million participants.
69 Nelson C et al. Association analyses based on false discovery rate implicate new loci for coronary artery disease.
70 Nevalainen T et al. Obesity accelerates epigenetic aging in middle-aged but not in elderly individuals.
71 Niemi RJ et al. Urinary Polyamines as Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer.
72 Nikkari S et al. Minor variant of rs 16827043 in the iron regulator hemojuvelin gene (HJV) contributes to hypertension: The TAMRISK study.
73 Nikkola J et al. The Long-term Prospective Follow-up of Pancreatic Function After the First Episode of Acute Alcoholic Pancreatitis: Recurrence Predisposes One to Pancreatic Dysfunction and Pancreatogenic Diabetes.
74 Nolte I et al. Genetic loci associated with heart rate variability and their effects on cardiac disease risk.
75 Nuotio J et al. Prediction of Adult Dyslipidemia Using Genetic and Childhood Clinical Risk Factors: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
76 Ojala B et al. Does perceived work ability improve after a cognitive behavioral intervention program?(.
77 Ojala B et al. Effects of a nine-month occupational intervention on health-related quality of life.
78 Oksala N et al. Synergistic Expression of Histone Deacetylase 9 and Matrix Metalloproteinase 12 in M4 Macrophages in Advanced Carotid Plaques.
79 Patrikainen M et al. Identification and characterization of a novel zebrafish (Danio rerio) pentraxin-carbonic anhydrase.
80 Pehkonen J et al. Genetic endowments, parental resources and adult health: Evidence from the Young Finns Study.
81 Pehkonen J et al. The challenges of GxE research: A rejoinder.
82 Pertovaara M et al. Anti-carbonic anhydrase antoantibodies and serum beta-2 microglobulin correlate with the ClinESSDAI score in patients with Sjögren´s syndrome.
83 Piesanen J et al. Genetic variation in bone morphogenetic proteins family members (BMPs 2 and 4) and hypertension risk in middle-aged men: The TAMRISK study.
84 Pulkki-Råback L et al. Positive Psychosocial Factors in Childhood Predicting Lower Risk for Adult Type 2 Diabetes: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study, 1980-2012.
85 Puolakka E et al. Childhood Socioeconomic Status and Arterial Stiffness in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
86 Pälve K et al. Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Risk of Fatty Liver: The Young Finns Study.
87 Rahikainen R et al. Mechanical stability of talin rod controls cell migration and substrate sensing.
88 Rinne P et al. Melanocortin 1 Receptor Signaling Regulates Cholesterol Transport in Macrophages.
89 Romania P et al. Identification of a Genetic Variation in ERAP1 Aminopeptidase that Prevents Human Cytomegalovirus miR-UL112-5p-Mediated Immunoevasion.
90 Rovio S et al. Cardiovascular Risk Factors From Childhood and Midlife Cognitive Performance:The Young Finns Study.
91 Saarikoski L et al. Low serum adiponectin levels in childhood and adolescence predict increased intima-media thickness in adulthood. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
92 Salo P et al. Genome-Wide Association Study Implicates Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Rather Than B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in the Regulation of Blood Pressure in the General Population.
93 Seppälä I. Genetic determinants of endogenous arginine derivatives and their role in cardiometabolic diseases.
94 Seppälä I et al. The biomarker and causal roles of homoarginine in the development of cardiometabolic diseases: an observational and Mendelian randomization analysis.
95 Serlachius A et al. The Association Between Social Support, Body Mass Index and Increased Risk of Prediabetes: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
96 Serlachius A et al. Does high optimism protect against the inter-generational transmission of high BMI? The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
97 Seyednasrollah F et al. Prediction of Adulthood Obesity Using Genetic and Childhood Clinical Risk Factors in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
98 Solismaa A et al. Histaminergic gene polymorphisms associated with sedation in clozapine-treated patients.
99 Sulkava M et al. Differentially expressed genes and canonical pathway expression in human atherosclerotic plaques - Tampere Vascular Study.
100 Sulkava M et al. Differentially expressed genes and canonical pathways in the ascending thoracic aortic aneurysm - The Tampere Vascular Study.
101 Taylor A et al. Investigating the possible causal role of coffee consumption with prostate cancer risk and progression using Mendelian randomization analysis.
102 Toimela T et al. Intra-laboratory validated human cell-based in vitro vasculogenesis/angiogenesis test with serum-free medium.
103 Tornroosa M et al. Reciprocal relationships between psychosocial work characteristics and sleep problems: A two-wave study.
104 Urbanucci A et al. Androgen Receptor Deregulation Drives Bromodomain-Mediated Chromatin Alterations in Prostate Cancer.
105 Valkonen M et al. Analysis of spatial heterogeneity in normal epithelium and preneoplastic alterations in mouse prostate tumor models.
106 Vistbakka J et al. Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers in progressive multiple sclerosis.
107 Vuorinen E et al. Search for KPNA7 cargo proteins in human cells reveals MVP and ZNF414 as novel regulators of cancer cell growth.
108 Wain LV et al. Genome-wide association analyses for lung function and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease identify new loci and potential druggable targets.
109 Wang W et al. Synergistic enhancement via plasmonic nanoplate-bacteria-nanorod supercrystals for highly efficient SERS sensing of food-borne bacteria.
110 Warren H et al. Genome-wide association analysis identifies novel blood pressure loci and offers biological insights into cardiovascular risk.
111 Weng L et al. Genetic Interactions with Age, Sex, Body Mass Index, and Hypertension in Relation to Atrial Fibrillation: The AFGen Consortium.
112 Wesolowska K et al. Fasting Glucose and the Risk of Depressive Symptoms: Instrumental-Variable Regression in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
113 Wild PS et al. Large-scale genome-wide analysis identifies genetic variants associated with cardiac structure and function.
114 Willems SM et al. Large-scale GWAS identifies multiple loci for hand grip strength providing biological insights into muscular fitness.
115 Yuan Y et al. The molecular basis of talin2's high affinity toward ß1-integrin.
116 Zhang K et al. Oncogenic K-Ras upregulates ITGA6 expression via FOSL1 to induce anoikis resistance and synergizes with aV-Class integrins to promote EMT.

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