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Julkaisut 2017
Publications 2017

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1 Ahola R et al. Patients with resected, histologically re-confirmed pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) can achieve long-term survival despite T3 tumour or nodal involvement. The Finnish Register Study 2000-2013.
2 Ahola R et al. Effect of centralization on long-term survival after resection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
3 Auvinen A et al. A randomized trial of early detection of clinically significant prostate cancer (ProScreen): study design and rationale.
4 Brunner C et al. Alcohol consumption and prostate cancer incidence and progression: A Mendelian randomisation study.
5 Granberg K et al. Strong FGFR3 staining is a marker for FGFR3 fusions in diffuse gliomas.
6 Hovi S, Kholová I. Vascular Proliferation of the Thyroid: Potential Histopathological Pitfalls as a Consequence of Fine Needle Aspiration.
7 Huuskonen C et al. Surgical acute volume-overload impacts early on myocardium - an experimental study.
8 Jokela M et al. Gluteus maximus hypertrophy: A diagnostic clue in four and a half LIM domain 1-mutated reducing body myopathy.
9 Kaustio M et al. Damaging heterozygous mutations in NFKB1 lead to diverse immunologic phenotypes.
10 Kholová I. Uudet elinkohtaiset luokitukset sytologian alalla: Papanicolaoun-luokkien loppu?
11 Kholová I et al. Pariisin luokitus - uusi virtsan sytologian luokitusjärjestelmä.
12 Kilpeläinen T et al. Estimate of Opportunistic Prostate Specific Antigen Testing in the Finnish Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer.
13 Kimpimäki T et al. Increased Incidence of Cutaneous Vasculitic Ulcers: 30-year Results from a Population-based Retrospective Study.
14 Kuittinen T et al. Paclitaxel, Carboplatin and 1,25-D3 Inhibit Proliferation of Endometrial Cancer Cells In Vitro.
15 Laakso M et al. Re-organizing inpatient care saves legs in patients with diabetic foot infections.
16 Laitinen M et al. High blood metal ion levels in 19 of 22 patients with metal-on-metal hinge knee replacements.
17 Latonen L et al. In Vivo Expression of miR-32 Induces Proliferation in Prostate Epithelium.
18 Lehtinen B et al. Clinical association analysis of ependymomas and pilocytic astrocytomas reveals elevated FGFR3 and FGFR1 expression in aggressive ependymomas.
19 Lehtovirta L et al. Analysis of bearing wear, whole blood and synovial fluid metal ion concentrations and histopathological findings in patients with failed ASR hip resurfacings.
20 Lemma S et al. Integrin alpha 10, CD44, PTEN, cadherin-11 and lactoferrin expressions are potential biomarkers for selecting patients in need of central nervous system prophylaxis in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
21 Leppänen O et al. Outcomes After Flexor Tendon Repair Combined With the Application of Human Amniotic Membrane Allograft.
22 Ludvikova M et al. Molecular aspects of tyroid tumors with emphasis on microrna and teir clinical implications.
23 Luukkainen A et al. Low lymphatic vessel density associates with chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps.
24 Metso S et al. Aivolisäkekasvainten diagnostiikka.
25 Mäkelä K. Expression of Tumor Microenvironment Related Molecules C4d, Hsp27, Polysialic Acid and NCAM in Astrocytic Gliomas.
26 Nyberg R et al. Can vascular endothelial growth factor C expression be of use in predicting surgical stage or prognosis in vulvar cancer ?
27 Oksala N et al. Synergistic Expression of Histone Deacetylase 9 and Matrix Metalloproteinase 12 in M4 Macrophages in Advanced Carotid Plaques.
28 Thesleff T et al. Cranioplasty with Adipose-Derived Stem Cells, Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Granules and Supporting Mesh: Six-Year Clinical Follow-Up Results.
29 Törmänen S et al. Endothelin A receptor blocker and calcimimetic in the adenine rat model of chronic renal insufficiency.
30 Urbanucci A et al. Androgen Receptor Deregulation Drives Bromodomain-Mediated Chromatin Alterations in Prostate Cancer.

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