Julkaisut 2018 (alustava)
Publications 2018 (preliminary)

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1 Boman E et al. Monte Carlo investigation on the effect of air gap under bolus in post-mastectomy radiotheraphy.
2 Boman E et al. Dosimetric comparison of surface mould HDR brachytherapy with VMAT.
3 Chaikc A et al. Dosimetrical and radiobiological approach to manage the dosimetric shift in the transition of dose calculation algorithm in radiation oncology: how to improve high quality treatment and avoid unexpected outcomes?
4 Hietanen T et al. Natural Killer Cell Viability After Hyperthermia Alone or Combined with Radiotherapy with or without Cytokines.
5 Himanen SL et al. Prolonged partial obstruction during sleep is a NREM phenomenon.
6 Koivumäki T et al. Dosimetric evaluation of modern radiation therapy techniques for left breast in deep-inspiration breath-hold.
7 Nora T et al. Stimulation Induced Electrographic Seizures in Deep Brain Stimulation of the Anterior Nucleus of the Thalamus Do Not Preclude a Subsequent Favorable Treatment Response.
8 Perez-Macias J et al. Detection of Snores Using Source Separation on an Emfit Signal.
9 Rossi M et al. Dosimetric effects of anatomical deformations and positioning errors in VMAT breast radiotherapy.
10 Vanhanen A et al. Localization accuracy of two electromagnetic tracking systems in prostate cancer radiotheraphy: A comparison with fiducial marker based kilovoltage imaging.
11 Wu X et al. Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging as a Prognostic Tool in Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: Correlation with PSA and Clinical Stage.

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