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Julkaisut 2018 (alustava)
Publications 2018 (preliminary)

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1 Akbaraly T et al. Association of circulating metabolites with healthy diet and risk of cardiovascular disease: analysis of two cohort studies.
2 Barrios C et al. Circulating metabolic biomarkers of renal function in diabetic and non-diabetic populations.
3 Bhosale S et al. Serum Proteomic Profiling to Identify Biomarkers of Premature Carotid Atherosclerosis.
4 Bihlmeyer NA et al. ExomeChip-Wide Analysis of 95 626 Individuals Identifies 10 Novel Loci Associated With QT and JT Intervals.
5 Campbell M et al. Impact of Ideal Cardiovascular Health in Childhood on the Retinal Microvasculature in Midadulthood: Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
6 Choudhary M et al. Effect of present versus previous smoking on non-invasive haemodynamics.
7 Davies G et al. Study of 300,486 individuals identifies 148 independent genetic loci influencing general cognitive function.
8 Demenais F et al. Multiancestry association study identifies new asthma risk loci that colocalize with immune-cell enhancer marks.
9 Erhart G et al. Genetic Factors Explain a Major Fraction of the 50% Lower Lipoprotein(a) Concentrations in Finns.
10 Evangelou E et al. Genetic analysis of over 1 million people identifies 535 new loci associated with blood pressure traits.
11 Feitosa M et al. Novel genetic associations for blood pressure identified via gene-alcohol interaction in up to 570K individuals across multiple ancestries.
12 Hernesniemi J et al. Aortic sinus diameter in middle age is associated with body size in young adulthood.
13 Huang T et al. Dairy Consumption and Body Mass Index Among Adults: Mendelian Randomization Analysis of 184802 Individuals from 25 Studies.
14 Jackson V et al. Meta-analysis of exome array data identifies six novel genetic loci for lung function.
15 Jiang X et al. Genome-wide association study in 79,366 European-ancestry individuals informs the genetic architecture of 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels.
16 Järvelä K et al. Hypertonic saline-hydroxyethyl starch solution attenuates fluid accumulation in cardiac surgery patients: a randomized controlled double-blind trial.
17 Kettunen J et al. Biomarker Glycoprotein Acetyls Is Associated With the Risk of a Wide Spectrum of Incident Diseases and Stratifies Mortality Risk in Angiography Patients.
18 Kivimäki M et al. Neighbourhood socioeconomic disadvantage, risk factors, and diabetes from childhood to middle age in the Young Finns Study: a cohort study.
19 Koivistoinen T et al. Pulse Wave Velocity Predicts the Progression of Blood Pressure and Development of Hypertension in Young Adults.
20 Kuismanen K et al. Functional Outcome of Human Adipose Stem Cell Injections in Rat Anal Sphincter Acute Injury Model.
21 Lauhkonen E et al. Impulse oscillometry at preschool age is a strong predictor of lung function by flow-volume spirometry in adolescence.
22 Lee J et al. Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment in 1.1 million individuals.
23 Lehtonen A et al. Electrocardiographic predictors of atrial fibrillation in nonhypertensive and hypertensive individuals.
24 Ligthart S et al. Genome Analyses of >200,000 Individuals Identify 58 Loci for Chronic Inflammation and Highlight Pathways that Link Inflammation and Complex Disorders.
25 Lin H et al. Common and Rare Coding Genetic Variation Underlying the Electrocardiographic PR Interval.
26 Malmberg P et al. Keuhkoputkien supistumisherkkyyden mittaus metakoliinialtistuksella. Suomen Kliinisen Fysiologian yhdistyksen ja Suomen Keuhkolääkäriyhdistyksen ja Suomen Lastenlääkäreiden Allergologiayhdistyksen suositus.
27 Mckeown NM et al. Sugar-sweetened beverage intake associations with fasting glucose and insulin concentrations are not modified by selected genetic variants in a ChREBP-FGF21 pathway: a meta-analysis.
28 Ozsait-Selcuk B et al. The rs2516839 variation of USF1 gene is associated with 4-year mortality of nonagenarian women: The Vitality 90+ study.
29 Parmar P et al. Association of maternal prenatal smoking GFI1-locus and cardio-metabolic phenotypes in 18,212 adults.
30 Prins B et al. Exome-chip meta-analysis identifies novel loci associated with cardiac conduction, including ADAMTS6.
31 Qi T et al. Identifying gene targets for brain-related traits using transcriptomic and methylomic data from blood.
32 Rimpelä J et al. Genome-wide association study of nocturnal blood pressure dipping in hypertensive patients.
33 Rinne P et al. Pro-opiomelanocortin and its Processing Enzymes Associate with Plaque Stability in Human Atherosclerosis - Tampere Vascular Study.
34 Rosselli C et al. Multi-ethnic genome-wide association study for atrial fibrillation.
35 Sliz E et al. NAFLD risk alleles in PNPLA3, TM6SF2, GCKR and LYPLAL1 show divergent metabolic effects.
36 Smith C et al. Genome-Wide Interactions with Dairy Intake for Body Mass Index in Adults of European Descent.
37 Sung Y et al. A Large-Scale Multi-ancestry Genome-wide Study Accounting for Smoking Behavior Identifies Multiple Significant Loci for Blood Pressure.
38 Taipale T et al. Fatty liver is associated with blood pathways of inflammatory response, immune system activation and prothrombotic state in Young Finns Study.
39 Taivainen H et al. Influence of cardiovascular risk factors on longitudinal motion of the common carotid artery wall.
40 Takeuchi F et al. Interethnic analyses of blood pressure loci in populations of East Asian and European descent.
41 Tapp R et al. Cardiometabolic Health Among Adult Offspring of Hypertensive Pregnancies: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
42 Tedja M et al. Genome-wide association meta-analysis highlights light-induced signaling as a driver for refractive error.
43 Tikkakoski A. Supine and upright hemodynamics using non-invasive methods. Findings in hypertensive versus normotensive subjects, description of novel functional phenotypes, and effects of nitroglycerin versus salbutamol.
44 Tikkakoski A et al. Salbutamol-induced Decrease in Augmentation Index is Related to the Parallel Increase in Heart Rate.
45 Tolonen S et al. Higher step count is associated with greater bone mass and strength in women but not in men.
46 Trajanoska K et al. Assessment of the genetic and clinical determinants of fracture risk: genome wide association and mendelian randomisation study.
47 Turcot V et al. Protein-altering variants associated with body mass index implicate pathways that control energy intake and expenditure in obesity.
48 Tynkkynen J et al. Association of branched-chain amino acids and other circulating.
49 Van Setten J et al. PR interval genome-wide association meta-analysis identifies 50 loci associated with atrial and atrioventricular electrical activity.
50 Vähämurto L et al. Geographic origin as a determinant of left ventricular mass and diastolic function - the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
51 Wu F et al. Both youth and long-term vitamin D status is associated with risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus in adulthood: a cohort study.
52 Xue A et al. Genome-wide association analyses identify 143 risk variants and putative regulatory mechanisms for type 2 diabetes.
53 Zhou A et al. Habitual coffee consumption and cognitive function: a Mendelian randomization meta-analysis in up to 415,530 participants.

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