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Julkaisut 2010
Publications 2010

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1 Aittokallio J. Kohti erikoislääkärien kurjuutta?
2 Aalto N, Lempiäinen S. Potilastapauksia: Diagnostiikassa käytetty apuna ultraäänitutkimusta.
3 Aaltonen J. Early Nutritional Determinants in Cardio-Metabolic Programming - A Prospective Randomized Controlled Dietary Intervention Stydy .
4 Aaltonen J et al. Impact of maternal diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding on infant metabolic programming: a prospective randomized controlled study.
5 Aaltonen V, Peltonen J. PKCalpha/beta I inhibitor Go6976 induces dephosphorylation of constitutively hyperphosphorylated Rb and G1 arrest in T24 cells.
6 Aantaa R. Näitä et löydä oppikirjoista!
7 Aantaa R et al. Suolaa, suolaa, enemmän suolaa...
8 Aatola H et al. Lifetime risk factors and arterial pulse wave velocity in adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
9 Aatola H et al. Lifetime fruit and vegetable consumption and arterial pulse wave velocity in adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
10 Abdalla FBE et al. Image DNA cytometry in FNABs of Libyan breast disease.
11 Ackermann L et al. Contact sensitization to methylisothiazolinone in Finland - a multicentre study.
12 Ahmed N et al. Implementation and outcome of thrombolysis with alteplase 3 - 4,5 h after an acute stroke: an updated analysis from SITS-ISTR.
13 Ahola TL et al. Positive change in the utilization of antihypertensive and lipid-lowering drugs among adult CHD patients in Finland: results from a large national database between 2000 and 2006.
14 Ahonen S, Kivelä S-L. Toiminnallisten ja kognitiivisten hoitomenetelmien vaikutukset iäkkäiden primaariseen unettomuuteen.
15 Ahtiainen P et al. Enhanced LH action in transgenic female mice expressing hCGbeta-subunit induces pituitary prolactinomas; the role of high progesterone levels.
16 Airaksinen KE et al. How to manage antithrombotic treatment during percutaneous coronary interventions in patients receiving long-term oral anticoagulation: to "bridge" or not to "bridge"? .
17 Airaksinen KEJ et al. Usefulness of outpatient bleeding risk index to predict bleeding complications in patients with long-term oral anticoagulation undergoing coronary stenting .
18 Airas L. Kuinka arvioida puutumisoireita?
19 Airas L et al. Breast-feeding, postpartum and prepregnancy disease activity in multiple sclerosis.
20 Airas L et al. Central nervous system immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS) after hemapoietic SCT.
21 Aitamaa E et al. Ethical problems in nursing management: the role of codes of ethics.
22 Ala-Nissilä S et al. Tension-free vaginal tape - a suitable procedurefor patients with recurrent stress urinary incontinence.
23 Alakurtti K et al. Reproducibility of striatal and thalamic dopamine D2 receptor binding using (11C)raclopride with high-resolution positron emission tomography.
24 Alatupa S et al. School performance as a predictor of adulthood obesity: a 21-year follow-up study.
25 Alhola P et al. Estrogen + progestin therapy and cognition: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study.
26 Alivuotila L et al. Speech characteristics in neurofibromatosis type 1.
27 Alivuotila L et al. Perception and imitation of acoustic diferences by patients with neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1).
28 Alm J, Aro HT. Female patients with low systemic BMD.
29 Alm JJ et al. In vivo testing of a biodegradable woven fabric made of bioactive glass fibers and PLGA80--a pilot study in the rabbit.
30 Alm JJ et al. Circulating plastic adherent mesenchymal stem cells in aged hip fracture patients.
31 Andersen F et al. Recruitment methods in Alzheimer's disease research: general practice versus population based screening by mail.
32 Andersson A-M et al. Proceedings of the 5th Copenhagen workshop on endocrine disrupters: Ubiquitous endocrine disrupters and possible human health effects.
33 Andriole GL et al. Effect of dutasteride on the risk of prostate cancer.
34 Annala A-P et al. Long-term safety of drug-eluting in patients on warfarin treatment .
35 Antila HM et al. Tubeless anaesthesia with sevoflurane and propofol in adult laryngeal surgery.
36 Anttalainen U et al. Diagnosis and initiation of nasal continuous positive airway pressure therapy for OSAS without a preceding sleep study.
37 Anttalainen U et al. Is "MILD" sleep-disordered breathing in women really mild?
38 Anttalainen U et al. Reimbursed drugs in patients with sleep-disordered breathing: A static-charge-sensitive bed study.
39 Anttila I et al. Prognostic implications of quantitative ST-segment characteristics and T-wave amplitude for cardiovascular mortality in a general population from the Health 2000 Survey .
40 Anttila P et al. Lasten päänsärky.
41 Anttila V-J et al. Hoitoon liittyvien infektioiden torjunta.
42 Anttonen V, Yli-Urpo H. Lasten hampaiden tila tänään.
43 Arkkila P et al. Diabeetikon käsi- ja nivelmuutokset .
44 Arkkola T et al. Relationship of maternal weight status and weight gain rate during pregnancy to the development of advanced beta cell autoimmunity in the offspring: a prospective birth cohort study.
45 Arnold SA et al. Lack of host SPARC enhances vascular function and tumor spread in an orthotopic murine model of pancreatic carcinoma.
46 Authors/Task Force Members et al. ESC Guidelines for the management of grown-up congenital heart disease (new version 2010) . The task force on the management of grown-up congenital heart disease of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
47 Autio A et al. PET imaging of inflammation and adenocarcinoma xenografts using vascular adhesion protein 1 targeting peptide 68Ga-DOTAVAP-P1: comparison with 18F-FDG.
48 Auvinen J et al. Male participation and prevention of human immunodefiency virus (HIV) mother-to-child transmission in Africa.
49 Avoranta T et al. The expression and distribution of group IIA phospholipase A2 in human colorectal tumours.
50 Axelin A. Parents as Pain Killers in the Pain Management of Preterm Infants.
51 Axelin A et al. Effects of pain management on sleep in preterm infants.
52 Axelin A et al. Mothers' different styles of involvement in preterm infant pain care.
53 Bakris GL et al. Renal outcomes with different fixed-dose combination therapies in patients with hypertension at high risk for cardiovascular events (ACCOMPLISH): a prespecified secondary analysis of a randomised controlled trial .
54 Barker J et al. In memoriam Ulpu Saarialho-Kere (1960-2009).
55 Bendardaf R et al. MMP-9 (gelatinase B) expression is associated with disease-free survival and disease-specific survival in colorectal cancer patients.
56 Bengel FM et al. Cardiac neurotransmission imaging: Positron emission tomography .
57 Biancari F et al. Preoperative warfarin treatment and outcome of coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
58 Block SL et al. The efficacy of live attenuated influenza vaccine against influenza-associated acute otitis media in children.
59 Boccardi M et al. Abnormal hippocampal shape in offenders with psychopathy .
60 Bois C et al. Age- and cell-related gene expression of aromatase and estrogen receptors in the rat testis.
61 Bojsen-Møller J et al. Muscle use during double poling evaluated by positron emission tomography.
62 Bojsen-Møller J et al. Intermuscular force transmission between human plantarflexor muscles in vivo.
63 Bonde JP, Toppari J. Prevention of male infertility: Environmental and systemic disease effects on male fertility.
64 Bota PC et al. Biomaterial topography alters healing in vivo and monocyte/macrophage activation in vitro.
65 Bradshaw AC et al. Requirements for receptor engagement during infection by adenovirus complexed with blood coagulation factor X.
66 Breivik H et al. Nordic guidelines for neuraxial blocks in disturbed haemostasis from the Scandinavian society of anaesthesiology and intensive care medicine.
67 Brunstein Klomek A et al. The association of suicide and bullying in childhood to young adulthood: a review of cross-sectional and longitudinal research findings.
68 Bry M et al. Vascular endothelial growth factor-B acts as a coronary growth factor in transgenic rats without inducing angiogenesis, vascular leak, or inflammation .
69 Bucci M et al. Intrapericardial, but not extrapericardial, fat is an independent predictor of impaired hyperemic coronary perfusion in coronary artery disease.
70 Buhmeida A et al. Nuclear morphometry in prognostication of breast cancer in Saudi Arabian patients: comparison with European and African breast cancer.
71 Böhm M et al. Erectile dysfunction predicts cardiovascular events in high-risk patients receiving telmisartan, rampril, or both: (ONTARGET/TRANSCEND) Trials .
72 Bösze P, Syrjänen K. Tissue-based classification of HPV infections of the uterine cervix and vagina (mucosal HPV infections).
73 Calder PC et al. Essential fats for future health. Proceedings of the 9 th unilever nutrition symposium, 26-27 may 2010.
74 Carlsson M, Knuuti J. Myocardial perfusion SPECT and PET.
75 Chambers M et al. Nurses' attitudes to mental illness: A comparison of a sample of nurses from five European countries.
76 Chang SM et al. Efficacy and safety of angiotensin receptor blockade are not mobified by aspirin in patients with chronic heart failure: a cohort study from the Candesartan in Heart failure--Assessment of Reduction in Mortality and morbidity (CHARM) programme .
77 Charalambous A et al. Individualised care and the professional practice environment: nurses' perceptions.
78 Chen T et al. Serological evidence of Merkel cell polyomavirus primary infections in childhood .
79 Chumaeva N et al. Early atherosclerosis and cardiac autonomic responses to mental stress: a population-based study of the moderating influence of impaired endothelial function.
80 Chumaeva N et al. Sex differences in the combined effect of chronic stress with impaired vascular endothelium functioning and the development of early atherosclerosis: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns study.
81 Clemons KV et al. Molecular epidemiology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in an immunocompromised host unit.
82 Collado MC et al. Effect of mother`s weight on infant`s microbiota acquisition composition, and activity during early infancy; a prospective follow-up study initiated in early pregnancy.
83 Cowpe J et al. Profile and competences for the graduating European dentist - update 2009.
84 Crassous PA et al. Identification of a novel 12-nucleotide insertion polymorphism in the promoter region of ADRA2B: full linkage with the 9-nucleotide deletion in the coding region and influence on transcriptional activity.
85 CURRENT-OASIS 7 investigators et al. Dose comparisons of clopidogrel and aspirin in acute coronary syndromes .
86 Dagvadorj A et al. N-terminal truncation of Stat5a/b circumvents PIAS3-mediated transcriptional inhibition of Stat5 in prostate cancer cells.
87 de Jong MC et al. CD44 expression predicts local recurrence after radiotherapy in larynx cancer.
88 Dean PB. Comments and response on the USPSTF recommendation on screening for breast cancer .
89 Dechat T et al. Nuclear lamins.
90 Denayer E et al. Legius syndrome in fourteen families.
91 Depypere H T et al. A 60-month non-comparative study on bleeding profiles with the levonorgestrel intrauterine system from the late transition period to estrogen supplemented menopause.
92 Dias J et al. Multimodal approach using oncolytic adenovirus, cetuximab, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in HNSCC low passage tumour cell cultures.
93 Diener H-C et al. Dabigatran compared with warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation and previous transient ischaemic attack or stroke: a subgroup analysis of the RE-LY trial .
94 Doepel M et al. Headache: short- and long-term effectiveness of a prefabricated appliance compared to a stabilization appliance.
95 Duarte CS et al. Child mental health problems and obesity in early adulthood.
96 Dugravot A et al. Do socioeconomic factors shape weight and obesity trajectories over the transition from midlife to old age? Results from the French GAZEL cohort study.
97 Dunder U et al. Early initiation of enzyme replacement therapy improves metabolic correction in the brain tissue of aspartylglycosaminuria mice.
98 Eastell R et al. Effect of once-yearly zoledronic acid on the spine and hip as measured by quantitative computed tomography. results of the HORIZON Pivotal Fracture Trial.
99 Ekblad M et al. Sikiöaikainen tupakka-altistus lisää nuorten psykiatrista sairastavuutta.
100 Ekblad M et al. Prenatal smoking exposure and the risk of psychiatric morbidity into young adulthood.
101 Ekblad M et al. Maternal smoking during pregnancy and regional brain volumes in preterm infants.
102 Elo LL et al. Early suppression of immune response pathways characterizes children with prediabetes in genome-wide gene expression profiling.
103 Elonheimo H. Nuorisorikollisuuden esiintyvyys, taustatekijät ja sovittelu.
104 Elonheimo H et al. Generic and crime type spesific correlates of youth crime: a Finnish population-based study.
105 Eloranta S et al. Home care from the perspective of older clients and their professional carers.
106 Eloranta S et al. Perceptions of the psychological well-being and care of older home care clients: clients and their carers.
107 Elovaara I et al. MS-taudin diagnoosi, lääkehoito ja kuntoutus.
108 Elovainio M et al. Organisational justice and markers of inflammation: the Whitehall II study.
109 Elovainio M et al. Does organisational justice protect from sickness absence following a major life event? A Finnish public sector study.
110 Elovainio M et al. Lipid trajectories as predictors of depressive symptoms: The Young Finns Study.
111 Erkinjuntti T et al., toim. Muistisairaudet.
112 Erkkola M et al. Age at the introduction of solid foods during the first year and allergic sensitization at age 5 years.
113 Erkkola R et al. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over pilot study on the use of a standardized hop extract to alleviate menopausal discomforts.
114 Ezekowitz MD et al. Dabigatran and warfarin in vitamin K antagonist-naive and -experienced cohorts with atrial fibrillation .
115 Fagerholm V et al. Assessment of islet specificity of dihydrotetrabenazine radiotracer binding in rat pancreas and human pancreas.
116 Fears R et al. Drug-resistant tuberculosis in the European Union: Opportunities and challenges for control.
117 Feldt T et al. Development of sense of coherence in adulthood: a person-centered approach. The population-based HeSSup cohort study.
118 Fietze I et al. Management of obstructive sleep apnea in Europe .
119 Flinkman M et al. Nurses' intention to leave the profession: integrative review.
120 Fukumoto N et al. Sexually dimorphic effect of the Val66Met polymorphism of BDNF on susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease: New data and meta-analysis.
121 Fyhrquist F et al. Telomere length and progression of diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 1 diabetes .
122 Gardberg M et al. Characterization of Diaphanous-related formin FMNL2 in human tissues.
123 Giefing M et al. High resolution arrayCGH and expression profiling identifies PRPRD and PCDH17/PCH68 as tumor suppressor gene candidates in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
124 Gimeno D et al. Justice at work and metabolic syndrome: the Whitehall II study.
125 Giongo A et al. Toward defining the autoimmune microbiome for type 1 diabetes.
126 Gorin N-C et al. Higher incidence of relapse in patients with acute myelocytic leukemia infused with higher doses of CD34+ cells from leukapheresis products autografted during the first remission .
127 Grenman R. Principles and techniques of neck dissection.
128 Grenman R, Aitasalo K. Korvan, kaulan ja kurkunpään vammat.
129 Grenman R et al. Treatment of head and neck cancer in the elderly. European Concensus (panel 6) at the EUFOS Congress in Vienna 2007.
130 Grenman R et al. Korva-, nenä- ja kurkkutautien osaston infektioiden torjunta.
131 Grenman S. Promoting female reproductive and sexual health: The importance of attitude.
132 Grenman S. Scandinavian spirit and important decisions at the NFOG 2010 congress: more support available for research and improving clinical skills.
133 Grze´skowiak L et al. Manufacturing process influences properties of probiotic bacteria.
134 Grönholm-Nyman P et al. Learning and forgetting new names and objects in MCI and AD.
135 Grönlund J et al. Effect of telithromycin on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral oxycodone.
136 Grönlund J et al. Exposure to oral oxycodone in increased by concomitant inhibition of CYP2D6 and 3A4 pathways, but not by inhibition of CYP2D6 alone.
137 Grönlund J et al. Effect of inhibition of cytochrome P450 enzymes 2D6 and 3A4 on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous oxycodone: A randomized, three-phase, crossover, placebo-controlled study.
138 Grönlund J et al. Miconazole oral gel increases the exposure to oral oxycodone by inhibition of CYP2D6 and CYP3A4.
139 Grönroos JM. Clinical success of ERCP procedures in nonagenarian patients with bile duct stones.
140 Grönroos JM. Clinical suspicion of acute appendicitis - is the time ripe for more conservative treatment?
141 Grönroos JM et al. Endoscopic palliation of malignant obstructive jaundice in extremely elderly patients: plastic stent is enough.
142 Grönroos JM et al. Feasibility of ERCP procedures in patients 90 years of age and older.
143 Grönroos JM et al. Double-guidewire-assisted biliary cannulation: experiences from a single tertiary referral center.
144 Grénman R, Rönnemaa T. Vuoden 2010 Matti Äyräpään palkinto professori Jorma Viikarille .
145 Gu L et al. Stat5 promotes metastatic behavior of human prostate cancer cells in vitro and in vivo.
146 Gu L et al. Activating mutation (V617F) in the tyrosine kinase JAK2 is absent in locally-confined or castration-resistant prostate cancer.
147 Guedes AC et al. Short-term outcome of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2: considerations for management strategies and reproducibility of diagnosis.
148 Guise V et al. A mixed-mode approach to data collection: combining web and paper questionnaires to examine nurses' attitudes to mental illness.
149 Gunell M. Salmonella enterica - Mechanisms of Fluoroquinolone and Macrolide Resistance .
150 Gunell M et al. In vitro activity of azithromycin against nontyphoidal Salmonella enterica .
151 Gupta AK et al. Metabolic syndrome, independent of its components, is a risk factor for stroke and death but not for coronary heart disease among hypertensive patients in the ASCOT-BPLA .
152 Gupta S et al. FZD4 as a mediator of ERG oncogene-induced WNT signaling and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in human prostate cancer cells.
153 Gyllenberg D et al. Childhood predictors of later psychiatric hospital treatment: findings from the Finnish 1981 birth cohort study.
154 Haapasalo-Pesu K-M. Psykoosilääkkeet nuoruusikäisen skitsofreniapotilaan hoidossa.
155 Haapasalo-Pesu K-M. Sijaishuollossa oleville nuorille oma psykiatrinen poliklinikka.
156 Haataja L et al. Five-year follow-up of prematurely born children with postnatally developing caudothalamic cysts.
157 Haavisto LE et al. A follow-up study with acoustic rhinometry in children using nasal insulin.
158 Hadler-Olsen E et al. Stromal impact on tumor growth and lymphangiogenesis in human carcinoma xenografts.
159 Hagelberg N. Ajankohtaista kivun tutkimuksesta ja hoidosta.
160 Hagelberg N. Kivunhoidon klassikko on uudistunut.
161 Hagelberg N. Ensitietoa kivusta.
162 Hagelberg N, Olkkola K. Oksikodoni - jotain uutta, jotain vanhaa.
163 Hagelberg NM. Social work in a pain clinic.
164 Hagelberg NM, Olkkola KT. Fentanyl for breakthrough cancer pain - what´s new?
165 Hagelberg NM et al. Clarithromycin, a potent inhibitor of CYP3A, greatly increases exposure to oral S-ketamine.
166 Hakala M et al. Onset of neuropsychiatric symptoms after psychological trauma may result in erroneous diagnostic bias.
167 Hakala PT et al. Computer-associated health complaints and sources of ergonomic instructions in computer-related issues among Finnish adolescents: A cross-sectional study.
168 Hakanen M et al. Dietary and lifestyle counselling reduces the clustering of overweight-related cardiometabolic risk factors in adolescents.
169 Halme P et al. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty with an ultrasound scalpel or laser: is there a difference?
170 Halme P et al. LUPP relieves partial upper airway obstruction during sleep in patients with velopharyngeal narrowing.
171 Haltia LT et al. Acute hormonal changes following intravenous glucose challenge in lean and obese human subjects.
172 Hankey GJ et al. Effect of clopidogrel on the rate and functional severity of stroke among high vascular risk patients .
173 Hannukainen JC et al. Liver and pancreatic fat content and metabolism in healthy monozygotic twins discordant physical activity .
174 Hannukainen JC et al. Higher free fatty acid uptake in visceral than in abdominal subcutaneous fat tissue in men.
175 Harjola V-P et al. The type of acute heart failure and costs of hospitalization .
176 Harju M et al. Change in optic nerve head topography in healthy volunteers: an 11-year follow-up.
177 Hartiala P et al. TLR2 utilization of borrelia does not induce p38- and IFN-beta autocrine loop-dependent expression of CD38, resulting in poor migration and weak IL-12 secretion of dendritic cells.
178 Hautamäki M et al. Osteoblast response to polymethyl methacrylate bioactive glass composite.
179 Hawkins NM et al. Baseline characteristics and outcomes of patients with heart failure receiving bronchodilators in the CHARM programme .
180 Healy E et al. Forty years of the European Society for Dermatological Research as European dermatology goes from strength to strength .
181 Hedman L et al. Dating of human bocavirus infection with protein-denaturing IgG-avidity assays - secondary immune activations are ubiquitous in immunocompetent adults.
182 Heervä E et al. Osteoclasts in neurofibromatosis type 1 display enhanced resorption capacity, aberrant morphology, and resistance to serum deprivation.
183 Heid IM et al. Meta-analysis identifies 13 new loci associated with waist-hip ratio and reveals sexual dimorphism in the genetic basis of fat distribution.
184 Heikkinen K et al. Ambulatory orthopaedic surgery patients knowledge with Internet-based education.
185 Heikkinen K et al. Ambulatory orthopaedic surgery patient education and cost of care.
186 Heikkinen K et al. The creation and evaluation of an ambulatory orthopedic surgical patient education web site to support empowerment.
187 Heikkinen PT et al. Hypoxic conversion of SMAD7 function from an inhibitor into a promoter of cell invasion.
188 Heikkinen PT et al. Hypoxia-activated Smad3-specific dephosphorylation by PP2A.
189 Heikkinen T. Lasten influenssan hoito oseltamiviirilla on hyödyllistä.
190 Heikkinen T et al. Äkillinen välikorvatulehdus.
191 Heino M et al. Yhtenäisten kiireettömän hoidon perusteiden vaikutus keuhkosairauksien lähetteisiin.
192 Heinonen I. The Regulation of Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle Blood Flow in Humans.
193 Heinonen I et al. Comparison of exogenous adenosine and voluntary exercise on human skeletal muscle perfusion and perfusion heterogeneity .
194 Heinonen IH et al. Regulation of human skeletal muscle perfusion and its heterogeneity during exercise in moderate hypoxia.
195 Heinonen P et al. Trocar-guided polypropylene mesh for pelvic organ prolapse surgery - perioperative morbidity and short-term outcome of the first 100 patients.
196 Heinonen S et al. Effectiveness of inactivated influenza vaccine in children aged 9 months to 3 years: an observational cohort study.
197 Heinonen S et al. Feasibility of diagnosing influenza within 24 hours of sympotom onset in children 1-3 years of age.
198 Heinonen S et al. Early oseltamivir treatment of influenza in children 1-3 years of age: A randomized controlled trial.
199 Heiskanen M et al. Polymorphism in the IL10 promoter region and early markers of atherosclerosis: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
200 Helenius I, Pajulo O. Lapsen selkäkipu.
201 Helenius I et al. Lasten luunmurtumien leikkaushoito yleistyy nopeasti.
202 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Pattern of statin use among 10 cohorts of new users from 1995 to 2004: A Register-Based Nationwide Study.
203 Heliövaara-Peippo S et al. The effect of hysterectomy or levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on lower urinary tract symptoms:a 10-year follow-up study of a randomised trial.
204 Helle L et al. Do prior knowledge, personality and visual perceptual ability predict student performance in microscopic pathology.
205 Hellsten KS et al. Human locus coeruleus neurons express the GABA A receptor gamma2 subunit gene and produce benzodiazepine binding.
206 Heponiemi T et al. Association of contractual and subjective job insecurity with sickness presenteeism among public sector employees.
207 Hernesniemi JA et al. Interleukin-18 gene polymorphism and markers of subclinical atherosclerosis. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
208 Hieta N et al. Makea lupiini - uusi ruoka-allergeeni.
209 Hilli J et al. NCT01110291: induction of CYP3A activity and lowered exposure to docetaxel in patients with primary breast cancer.
210 Hiltunen-Back E et al. Sukupuolitautien diagnostiikka ja hoito.
211 Hintsa T et al. Do pre-employment influences explain the association between psychosocial factors at work and coronary heart disease? The Whitehall II study.
212 Hintsanen M et al. A prospective cohort study of deficient maternal nurturing attitudes predicting adulthood work stress independent of adulthood hostility and depressive symptoms.
213 Hirvensalo M et al. Suomalaisten naisten arjessa enemmän askeleita kuin miehillä .
214 Hirvonen J, Hietala J. Dysfunctional brain networks and genetic risk for schizophrenia: specific neurotransmitter systems.
215 Hirvonen J et al. Effects of antidepressant drug treatment and psychotherapy on striatal and thalamic dopamine D2/3 receptors in major depressive disorder studied with (11C)raclopride PET.
216 Hirvonen J et al. Human biodistribution and radiation dosimetry of (11)C-(R)-PK11195, the prototypic PET ligand to image inflammation.
217 Hirvonen MM et al. COMT Val158Met genotype doe not alter cortical or striatal dopaminen D2 receptor availability in vivo.
218 Hogberg T et al. Sequential adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy in endometrial cancer-results from two randomised studies.
219 Hollmén M, Elenius K. Potential of ErbB4 antibodies for cancer therapy.
220 Honkinen P-L. Lapsuusiän käytöshäiriöt ennustavat elämänhallinnan ongelmia nuoruudessa.
221 Huang J-X et al. Relationship between COX-2 and cell cycle-regulatory proteins in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
222 Huang Y-H et al. Janus head: the dual role of HLA-G in CNS immunity.
223 Huber VC et al. Contribution of vaccine-induced immunity toward either the HA or the NA component of influenza viruses limits secondary bacterial complications.
224 Huhtinen K. Molecular Profiling of Human Endometrium and Endometriosis.
225 Huovinen R et al. Rintasyövän diagnostiikka ja seulonta.
226 Hupa L et al. Comparison of bioactive glasses in vitro and in vivo .
227 Huttunen R et al. Smoking and the outcome of infection.
228 Huttunen S, Kivelä S-L. Muistelun ja muisteluterapian vaikutukset depressiota sairastavien ikääntyvien ja iäkkäiden hoidossa: järjestelmällinen katsaus.
229 Hynninen V-V. Sepelvaltimotauti ja anestesia.
230 Hyytiä H et al. Development of an immunoassay for the detection of cystatin C dimmers .
231 Hämäläinen M et al. ETS-related gene ERG expression in AML patients is significantly associated with NPM1 mutation status.
232 Hämäläinen S et al. Serum amino-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in hematological patients with neutropenic fever: a prospective comparison with C-reactive protein.
233 Hänninen A et al. Characterization of CD4+ T cells specific for glutamic acid decarboxylase (CAD65) and proinsulin in a patient with stiff-person syndrome but without type 1 diabetes .
234 Hänninen MR et al. Comparison of home and ambulatory blood pressure measurement in the diagnosis of masked hypertension .
235 Hätönen H. Patient Education to Support the Self-Management of Pateints with Mental Illness.
236 Hätönen H et al. Patient education practices in psychiatric hospital wards: A national survey in Finland.
237 Hätönen H et al. Patients' perceptions of patient education on psychiatric inpatient wards: a qualitative study.
238 Ibrahim F et al. Probiotics and immunosenescence: cheese as a carrier.
239 Iirola T, Jokinen M. Society of cardiovascular anesthesiologists 15th annual update on cardiopulmonary bypass.
240 Iirola T et al. Highly variable pharmacokinetics of dexmedetomidine during intensive care: a case report.
241 Iivanainen E, Elenius K. ErbB targeted drugs and angiogenesis.
242 Illman H. Lihasrelaksaation hallinta.
243 Illman H et al. Reversal of neuromuscular blockade by sugammadex does not affect eeg derived indices of depth of anesthesia.
244 Illman H et al. The duration of residual neuromuscular block after administration of neostigmine or sugammadex at two visible twitches during train-of-four monitoring.
245 Illman HL et al. Effect of nitrous oxide on cisatracurium infusion demands: a randomized controlled trial.
246 Ilmonen J et al. Impact of dietary counselling and probiotic intervention on maternal anthropometric measurements during and after pregnancy: A randomized placebo-controlled trial .
247 Ilonen T et al. Differentiating adolescents at clinical high risk psychosis from psychotic to non-psychotic patients with the Rorschach.
248 Ilva T . Sensitive Troponin Assays: Diagnostic and Prognostic Use in Cardiology .
249 Ilva TJ et al. The etiology and prognostic significance of cardiac troponin I elevation in unselected emergency department patients .
250 Immonen-Räihä P et al. Regional care chain in the management of breast tumour patients in South-West Finland.
251 Immonen-Räihä P et al. Tasavertaisuutta ja tukea raiskauksen uhreille.
252 Iozzo P et al. Fatty acid metabolism in the liver, measured by positron emission tomography, is increased in obese individuals .
253 Isolauri E et al. Probiotics and the allergic response.
254 Issakainen J et al. Deep, respiratory tract and ear infections caused by Pseudallescheria (Scedosporium) and Microascus (Scopulariopsis) in Finland. A 10-year retrospective multi-center study.
255 Ivanova MY et al. Preschool psychopathology reported by parents in 23 societies: testing the seven-syndrome model of the child behavior checklist for ages 1.5-5. .
256 Jaakkola E et al. ERCC6 founder mutation identified in Finnish patients with COFS syndrome.
257 Jaakkola U et al. The Leu7Pro polymorphism of the signal peptide of neuropeptide Y (NPY) gene is associated with increased levels of inflammatory markers preceding vascular complications in patients with type 2 diabetes.
258 Jaakola M-L. Morbidin obeesi synnyttäjä.
259 Jahnukainen T et al. Clinical outcome and occurrence of uveitis in children with idiopathic tubulointerstitial nephritis.
260 Jalanko T et al. Operative treatment of isthmic spondylolisthesis in children: a long-term, retrospective comparative study with matched cohorts.
261 Jalanko T et al. Hemivertebra resection for congenital scoliosis in yong children: comparison of clinical radiographic, and health-related quality of life outcomes between the anteroposterior and posterolateral approaches.
262 Jalava-Karvinen P et al. Metastasis in the temporal bone mimicking temporal arteritis.
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