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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Hynninen J et al. A prospective comparison of integrated FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT and contrast-enhanced CT for pretreatment imaging of advanced eipthelial ovarian cancer.
2 Hynninen J et al. Is perioperative visual estimation of intra-abdominal tumor spread reliable in ovarian cancer surgery after neoadjuvant chemotherapy?
3 Kokki M et al. The influence of timing on the effectiveness of epidural blood patches in parturients.
4 Kokki M et al. Intravenous racemic ketoprofen induces more injection pain than dexketoprofen.
5 Kücüksezer UC et al. Triggering of specific Toll-like receptors and proinflammatory cytokines breaks allergen-specific T-cell tolerance in human tonsils and peripheral blood.
6 Nuutila K et al. Gene expression profiling of negative-pressure-treated skin graft donor site wounds.
7 Oksa S. Toremifene in Premenstrual Mastalgia.
8 Pessi T et al. Bacterial signatures in thrombus aspirates of patients with myocardial infarction.
9 Pessi T et al. Response to letters regarding article, "Bacterial signatures in thrombus aspirates of patients with myocardial infarction".
10 Poukkanen M et al. Acute kidney injury in patients with severe sepsis in Finnish Intensive Care Units.

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