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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Bonnycastle LL et al. Autosomal dominant diabetes arising from a Wolfram syndrome 1 mutation .
2 Heervä E et al. Neurofibromatosis 1-related osteopenia often progresses to osteoporosis in 12 years .
3 Kivisaari A, Kähäri V-M. Molekylära mekanismer vid skivepitelcancer i huden.
4 Kivisaari A, Kähäri V-M. Squamous cell carcinoma of the skin: Emerging need for novel biomarkers.
5 Laine A et al. Senescence sensitivity of breast cancer cells is defined by positive feedback loop between CIP2A and E2F1 .
6 Leivonen S-K et al. TGF-beta-elicited induction of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-3 expression in fibroblasts involves complex interplay between Smad3, p38alfa, and ERK1/2.
7 Liippo J et al. Patch testing and sensitization to multiple drugs.
8 Linnamaa P et al. Black currant seed oil supplementation of mothers enhances IFN- and suppresses IL-4 production in breast milk.
9 Mattila K et al. Influence of psoriasis on work.
10 Mustonen A et al. The costs of psoriasis medications.
11 Peltonen S et al. Barriers of peripheral nerve.
12 Peltonen S, Kankuri-Tammilehto M. Brooke-Spiegler syndrome associated with ulcerative rectosigmoiditis.
13 Raiko L. Regulation of Epidermal Tight Junctions by Calcium ATPases and p38.
14 Ranta K et al. Evaluation of fungal extracts for immunomodulatory properties.

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