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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Ahonen S et al. Reinken ödeeman ja äänihuulihalvauksen aiheuttaman hengenahdistuksen ylipainehengityshoito.
2 Dunkel J et al. Prognostic markers in stage I oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma.
3 Gardberg M et al. FHOD1, a formin upregulated in epithelial-mesenchymal transition, participates in cancer cell migration and invasion.
4 Gunn JM et al. Comparison of the osteoconductive properties of three particulate bone fillers in a rabbit model: Allograft, calcium carbonate (BiocoralR) and S53P4 bioactive glass.
5 Haavisto L et al. Physical exercise increases nasal patency in asthmatic and atopic preschool children.
6 Haavisto L, Sipilä J. Acoustic rhinometry, rhinomanometry and visual analogue scale before and after septal surgery: a prospective 10-year follow-up.
7 Hakelius M et al. Keratinocytes and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells regulate urokinase-type plasminogen activator and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in fibroblasts.
8 Härkönen S et al. Tarkistuslista helpottaa lääkehoidon ohjausta.
9 Jarmuz-Szymczak M et al. Heterogeneity of 11q13 region arrangements in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma analyzed by microarray platforms and fluorescence in situ hybridization.
10 Keuschnigg J et al. Plasticity of blood- and lymphatic endothelial cells and marker identification.
11 Kokkonen J et al. Lasten kuulovikojen seulonta.
12 Kücüksezer UC et al. Triggering of specific Toll-like receptors and proinflammatory cytokines breaks allergen-specific T-cell tolerance in human tonsils and peripheral blood.
13 Laban S et al. Sorafenib sensitizes head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells to ionizing radiation.
14 Lonka E et al. The mismatch negativity (MMN) brain response to sound frequency changes in adult cochlear implant recipients: a follow-up study.
15 Nijkamp MM et al. Low phosphorylated AKT expression in laryngeal cancer: indications for a higher metastatic risk.
16 Saker J et al. Inactivation of HNSCC cells by 90Y-labeled cetuzimab strictly depends on the number of induced DNA double-strand breaks.
17 Salonen J. Hearing Impairment and Tinnitus in the Elderly.
18 Salonen J et al. Hearing aid compliance in the elderly.
19 Stegeman H et al. Combining radiotherapy with MEK1/2, STAT5 or STAT6 inhibition reduces survival of head and neck cancer lines.
20 Suojalehto H et al. MicroRNA profiles in nasal mucosa of patients with allergic and nonallergic rhinitis and asthma.
21 Teppo S et al. The hypoxic tumor microenvironment regulates invasion of aggressive oral carcinoma cells.
22 van de Schootbrugge C et al. aB-crystallin stimulates VEGF secretion and tumor cell migration and correlates with enhanced distant metastasis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
23 Wilson GD et al. Isolation and genomic characterization of stem cells in head and neck cancer.
24 Ylä-Soininmäki A et al. Characterization of porous glass fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) implant structures: porosity and mechanical properties.

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