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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Alakurtti K et al. Rostrocaudal gradients of dopamine D2/3 receptor binding in striatal subregions measured with [(11)C]raclopride and high-resolution positron emission tomography.
2 Arola OJ et al. Feasibility and cardiac safety of inhaled Xenon in combination with therapeutic hypothermia following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
3 Brandstack N et al. Quantitative diffusion-tensor tractography of long association tracts in patients with traumatic brain injury without associated findings at routine MR imaging.
4 Dimitrov M et al. Iäkkäiden hoidossa vältettävät lääkkeet.
5 Dimitrow MS et al. Iäkkäillä vältettävät lääkkeet: katsaus kriteeristöihin.
6 Ellfolk U et al. Brain volumetric correlates of memory in early Parkinson's disease.
7 Jalkanen A et al. Increased thyroid autoimmunity among women with multiple sclerosis in the postpartum setting.
8 Joutsa J, Kaasinen V. Parkinsonin taudin impulssikontrollihäiriöt.
9 Joutsa J et al. Reduced striatal dopamine synthesis capacity is associated with symptoms of depression in patients with de novo unmedicated Parkinson's disease.
10 Kaasinen V et al. Normal dopamine transporter SPECT in neuropathologically confirmed corticobasal degeneration.
11 Kaasinen V et al. Brain glucose metabolism in neuropathologically confirmed multiple system atrophy.
12 Kytö V et al. The effects of gender and age on occurence of clinically suspected myocarditis in adulthood.
13 Kytövuori L et al. WFS1 variants in Finnish patients with diabetes mellitus, sensorineural hearing impairment or optic atrophy, and in suicide victims.
14 Kämppi L et al. Analysis of the delay components in the treatment of status epilepticus.
15 Leinonen V et al. Positron emission tomography with [18F]flutemetamol and [11C]PiB for in vivo detection of cerebral cortical amyloid in normal pressure hydrocephalus patients.
16 Lepänluoma M et al. Surgical safety checklist is associated with improved operating room safety culture, reduced wound complications, and unplanned readmissions in a pilot study in neurosurgery.
17 Luoto TM et al. Who gets recruited in mild traumatic brain injury research?
18 Martikainen MH et al. Impaired information-processing speed and working memory in leukoencephalopathy with brainstem and spinal cord involvement and elevated lactate (LBSL) and DARS2 mutations: a report of three adult patients.
19 Martikainen MH et al. Statin-induced myopathy in a patient with previous poliomyelitis.
20 Martikainen MH et al. Detection of human herpesvirus 7 DNA from the CSF in association with neurosarcoidosis.
21 Martikainen MH et al. Juvenile parkinsonism, hypogonadism and Leigh-like MRI changes in a patient with m.4296G>A mutation in mitochondrial DNA.
22 Martikainen MH, Majamaa K. Novel GJB1 mutation causing adult-onset Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in a female patient.
23 Martikainen MH et al. Prevalence of mitochondrial diabetes in southwestern Finland: a molecular epidemiological study.
24 Mosconi L et al. Amyloid and metabolic positron emission tomography imaging of cognitively normal adults with Alzheimer's parents.
25 Posti JP et al. A polymorphism in the protein kinase C gene PRKCB is associated with alpha2-adrenoceptor-mediated vasoconstriction.
26 Pöyry T et al. Acute assessment of brain injuries in ground-level falls.
27 Rissanen E et al. Adenosine A2A receptors in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: a11C TJMSX brain PET study.
28 Ruuskanen J et al. Multippeliskleroosi ja raskaus.
29 Saltychev M et al. Return to work after traumatic brain injury: Systematic review.
30 Saltychev M et al. Selecting an optimal abbreviated ICF set for clinical practice among rehabilitants with subacute stroke: retrospective analysis of patient records .
31 Soilu-Hänninen M et al. Progressiivinen multifokaalinen leukoenkefalopatia natalitsumabihoidon komplikaationa.
32 Soinila S, Kauppinen R. Kompuroiva kirvesmies - osa 1.
33 Soinila S, Kauppinen R. Kompuroiva kirvesmies - osa 2.
34 Soinila S, Kauppinen R. Kompuroiva kirvesmies - tapauksen ratkaisu.
35 Tallus J et al. Transcranial magnetic stimulation-electroencephalography responses in recovered and symptomatic mild traumatic brain injury.
36 Tenorio-Laranga J et al. Alteration of prolyl oligopeptidase and activated alpha-2-macroglobulin in multiple sclerosis subtypes and in the clinically isolated syndrome.
37 Tosetti P et al. Toward an international initiative for traumatic brain injury research.
38 Utriainen KT et al. Unrecognised obstructive sleep apnoea is common in severe peripheral arterial disease.
39 Vaapio S et al. Unilääkevieroituksen tulokset ovat kohtalaisen pysyviä.
40 Vaapio S et al. Iäkkäiden unilääkevieroituksen tulokset ovat kohtalaisen pysyviä.
41 Virta JJ et al. Midlife sleep characteristics associated with late life cognitive function.
42 Virta JJ et al. Midlife cardiovascular risk factors and late cognitive impairment.
43 Ylönen S et al. Variations of mitochondrial DNA polymerase gamma in patients with Parkinson's disease.

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