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1 Arola OJ et al. Feasibility and cardiac safety of inhaled Xenon in combination with therapeutic hypothermia following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
2 Frechen S et al. A semiphysiological population pharmacokinetic model for dynamic inhibition of liver and gut wall cytochrome P450 3A by voriconazole.
3 Hagelberg NM et al. Ticlopidine inhibits both O-demethylation and renal clearance of tramadol, increasing the exposure to it, but itraconazole has no marked effect on the ticlopidine-tramadol interaction.
4 Heinonen I et al. Bone blood flow and metabolism in humans: effect of muscular exercise and other physiological perturbations.
5 Heinonen I et al. Inhibition of alpha-adrenergic tone disturbs the distribution of blood flow in the exercising human limb.
6 Hellevuo H et al. Deeper chest compression - more complications for cardiac arrest patients?
7 Kaskinoro K. The Effects of Anesthetic Induced Loss of Consciousness on Quantitative Electroencephalogram, and Bispectral and Spectral Entropy Indices.
8 Keski-Nisula J et al. Methylprednisolone in neonatal cardiac surgery: reduced inflammation without improved clinical outcome.
9 Kuusniemi K et al. Comparison of two spinal needle types to achieve a unilateral spinal block.
10 Lepänluoma M et al. Surgical safety checklist is associated with improved operating room safety culture, reduced wound complications, and unplanned readmissions in a pilot study in neurosurgery.
11 Merivirta R et al. Postoperative fentanyl patch versus subacromial bupivacaine infusion in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.
12 Nisula S et al. Incidence, risk factors and 90-day mortality of patients with acute kidney injury in Finnish intensive care units: the FINNAKI study.
13 Nisula S et al. Six-month survival and quality of life of intensive care patients with acute kidney injury.
14 Olkkola KT et al. Does the pharmacology of oxycodone justify its increasing use as an analgesic?
15 Peltoniemi M. Effects of Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Inhibitors and Inducers on the Metabolism of S-Ketamine.
16 Poukkanen M et al. Acute kidney injury in patients with severe sepsis in Finnish Intensive Care Units.
17 Poukkanen M et al. Hemodynamic variables and progression of acute kidney injury in critically ill patients with severe sepsis: data from the prospective observational FINNAKI study.
18 Saarikoski T et al. Rifampicin markedly decreases the exposure to oral and intravenous tramadol.
19 Sainio M et al. Real-time audiovisual feedback system in a physician-staffed helicopter emergency medical service in Finland: the quality results and barriers to implementation.
20 Sainio M et al. Association of arterial blood pressure and CPR quality in a child using three different compression technigues, a case report.
21 Siirala W. Motoneuronitautiin liittyvä hengitysvajaus: hengitystoiminnan ja energiaaineenvaihdunnan mittaaminen.
22 Siirala W et al. Is the effect of non-invasive ventilation on survival in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis age-dependent?
23 Siirala W et al. Response to Value of indirect calorimetry in non-invasive ventilation.
24 Sperlich B et al. Squeezing the muscle: compression clothing and muscle metabolism during recovery from high intensity exercise.
25 Tirkkonen J et al. Vital dysfunctions after intensive care discharge: prevalence and impact on patient outcome.
26 Tirkkonen J et al. Factors associated with delayed activation of medical emergency team and excess mortality: An utstein-style analysis.
27 Utriainen KT et al. Unrecognised obstructive sleep apnoea is common in severe peripheral arterial disease.
28 Valjakka AL et al. The association between physicians` attitudes to psychosocial aspects of low back pain and reported clinical behaviour: A complex issue.

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