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1 Biyouki F et al. Bispectrum analysis of surface EMG signal to assess muscle fatigue during isometric contraction.
2 Biyouki F et al. Differentiation between migraine without aura and chronic tensiontype headache based on HOS analysis of sEMG signals.
3 Biyouki F et al. Bispectral analysis of needle EMG signals to detect differential patterns of muscle activity in radiculopathy patients.
4 Biyouki F et al. Nonlinear analysis of surface EMG signal to assess muscle fatigue during isometric contraction.
5 Collan L et al. The biomechanics of the first metatarsal bone in hallux valgus: a preliminary study utilizing a weight bearing extremity CT.
6 Flink A, Kangas J. Jalan ja nilkan alueen krooniset kiputilat.
7 Giordano S et al. Elevated serum bilirubin in assessing the likelihood of perforation in acute appendicitis: A diagnostic meta-analysis.
8 Gunn JM et al. Comparison of the osteoconductive properties of three particulate bone fillers in a rabbit model: Allograft, calcium carbonate (BiocoralR) and S53P4 bioactive glass.
9 Hietala P et al. Perioperative myocardial infarctions are common and often unrecognized in patients undergoing hip fracture surgery.
10 Jalava-Karvinen P et al. Yersinia enterocolitica infection ofa a prosthetic knee joint. Case report and review of the literature on deep sited infections caused by Y. enterocolitica .
11 Junnila M et al. Hip resurfacing arthroplasty versus large-diameter head metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty: comparison of three designs from the Finnish Arthroplasty Register.
12 Kohonen I et al. Does computed tomography add information on radiographic analysis in detecting periprosthetic osteolysis after total ankle arthroplasty?
13 Kohonen I et al. Total ankle arthroplasty: optimizing computed tomography imaging protocol.
14 Kostensalo I et al. Effect of femoral head size on risk of revision for dislocation after total hip arthroplasty.
15 Kotkansalo T et al. Dupuytrenin kontraktuuran kollagenaasi-injektiohoidon vaikuttavuus, turvallisuus ja kustannukset.
16 Kukkonen J. Degenerative Rotator Cuff Tear. Results and Prognostic Factors of Arthroscopic Repair.
17 Kukkonen J et al. Operatively treated traumatic versus non-traumatic rotator cuff ruptures: A registry study.
18 Kukkonen J et al. The effect of glenohumeral osteoarthritis on the outcome of isolated operatively treated supraspinatus tears .
19 Kukkonen J et al. The effect of waiting time on operatively treated non-traumatic rotator cuff tears.
20 Kukkonen J et al. Investigating minimal clinically important difference for Constant score in patients undergoing rotator cuff surgery.
21 Kukkonen J et al. The effect of biceps procedure on the outcome of rotator cuff reconstruction.
22 Lankinen P. PET Imaging of Osteomyelitis. Feasibility of 18F-FDG, 68Ga-Chloride and 68Ga-DOTAVAP-P1 Tracers in Staphylococcal Bone Infections.
23 Marsich E et al. Biological responses of silver-coated thermosets: An in vitro and in vivo study.
24 Merivirta R et al. Postoperative fentanyl patch versus subacromial bupivacaine infusion in arthroscopic shoulder surgery.
25 Mokka J et al. Adverse reaction to metal debris after ReCap-M2A-Magnum large-diameter-head metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty.
26 Mokka J et al. Experience of structural onlay allografts for the treatment of bone deficiency in revision total hip arthroplasty.
27 Mokka J et al. Cementless total hip arthroplasty with large diameter metal-on-metal heads: short-term survivorship of 8059 hips from the finnish arthroplasty register.
28 Pamilo K et al. Is hospital volume associated with length of stay, re-admissions and reoperations for total hip replacement? A population-based register analysis of 78 hospitals and 54,505 replacements.
29 Pääkkönen M et al. Significance of negative cultures in the treatment of acute hematogenous bone and joint infections in children.
30 Pääkkönen M et al. C-reactive protein versus erythrocyte sedimentation rate, white blood cell count and alkaline phosphatase in diagnosing bacteraemia in bone joint infections.
31 Pääkkönen M et al. Repeated serum alkaline phosphatase measurements in the treatment of childhood acute bone and joint infections with high doses of antibiotics.
32 Pääkkönen M, Peltola H. Treatment of acute septic arthritis.
33 Pääkkönen M, Peltola H. Bone and joint infections.
34 Saltychev M et al. Return to work after traumatic brain injury: Systematic review.
35 Saltychev M et al. Vocational rehabilitation evaluation and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF).
36 Saltychev M et al. Associations between rehabilitants' functional limitations and conclusions made by a multidisciplinary team during vocational rehabilitation evaluation: Turku ICF study.
37 Saltychev M et al. Associations between ICF categories found amongst participants in vocational rehabilitation evaluation due to chronic musculoskeletal disorders: Turku ICF study: A short communication.
38 Saltychev M et al. Relationship between participants' pre-treatment individual characteristics and change in perceived work ability after a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program.
39 Saltychev M, Laimi K. Meta-analysis amplifies the conclusions of a systematic review. Comment on the systematic review of Vancampfort et al. . ‘Progressive muscle relaxation in persons with schizophrenia: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials’ .
40 Saltychev M et al. How well the ICF concepts of functioning, capacity and performance are known amongst the finnish specialists in physical and rehabilitation medicine?
41 Saltychev M et al. Toimintakyvyn ja suorituskyvyn käsitteet ICF-luokituksen valossa.
42 Saltychev M et al. Does perceived work ability improve after a multidisciplinary preventive program in a population with no severe medical problems - the Finnish Public Sector Study .
43 Saltychev M et al. Ammatillisesti syvennettyyn lääketieteelliseen kuntoutukseen (ASLAK) pääsy 2000-luvulla.
44 Saltychev M et al. Selecting an optimal abbreviated ICF set for clinical practice among rehabilitants with subacute stroke: retrospective analysis of patient records .
45 Syvänen J et al. Recessive MED with auricular swelling due to compound heterozygosity Arg279Tpr/Thr512Lys in the SLC26A2 gene.
46 Tirkkonen K et al. Electronic medical records for appropriate timing of arthroplasty.
47 Tiusanen H et al. The effect of different bearing surfaces on metal ion levels in urine following 28 mm metal-on-metal and 28 mm metal-on-polyethylene total hip arthroplasty.
48 Ylä-Soininmäki A et al. Characterization of porous glass fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) implant structures: porosity and mechanical properties.
49 Ylä-Soininmäki A et al. Quantitative characterization of porous commercial and experimental bone graft substitutes with microcomputed tomography.
50 Äärimaa V et al. Olkanivelen epävakauden leikkaushoito TYKS:n kokemusten valossa.

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