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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Aaltonen J et al. Production of 235Np, 236 Pu and 237Pu via nuclear reactions on 235,236,238U and 237 Np targets.
2 Aaltonen M et al. Asphyxia aggravates systemic hypotension but not pulmonary hypertension in piglets with meconium aspiration.
3 Aantaa R. Perinteiset tulehduskipulääkkeet ja koksibit perioperatiivisen kivun hoidossa.
4 Aarnisalo J et al. Development of antibodies against cytomegalovirus, varicella zoster virus and herpes simplex virus in Finland during the first eight years of life: a prospective study.
5 Aho AJ et al. Remodeling of the tibia after grafting of a large cavity with particulate bioactive glass-hydroxylapatite - case report on treatment of fibrous dysplasia with 13 years' follow-up.
6 Aho H. Ruumiinavausten merkitys lääketieteen kehityksessä.
7 Aho VV. Group IIA phospholipase A2 in tears of healthy and diseased eyes.
8 Aho VV et al. Group IIA phospholipase A2 content in tears of patients having photorefractive keratectomy.
9 Aho VV et al. Diurnal variation in group IIa phospholipase A2 content in tears of contact lens wearers and normal controls.
10 Ahonen M et al. Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-3 induces apoptosis in melanoma cells by stabilization of death receptors.
11 Ahonen TJ et al. Inhibition of transcription factor Stat5 induces cell death of human prostate cancer cells.
12 Aitasalo K. Lateraalinen keskikasvomurtuma - yleisin hoitoa vaativa kasvomurtuma.
13 Aittokallio T et al. Prediction of inspiratory flow shapes during sleep with a mathematic model of upper airway forces.
14 Aittokallio T et al. Electrophoretic signal comparison applied to mRNA differential display analysis.
15 Ajwani S et al. Oral health status, C-reactive protein and mortality - a 10 year follow-up study.
16 Alanen M. Onkologisen hoidon kehitys on parantanut lasten syöpien ennustetta.
17 Alaranta H et al. Fysiatria 3. p.
18 Anttila M et al. Bioavailability of dexmedetomidine after extravascular doses in healthy subjects.
19 Arkkila PET et al. Biochemical markers of types I and III collagen and limited joint mobility in type 1 diabetic patients.
20 Asumalahti K et al. Psoriasis susceptibility locus on 18p revealed by genome scan in Finnish families not associated with PSORS1.
21 Auranen A et al. Lisääntyykö vai väheneekö syöpävaara estrogeenihoidolla?
22 Autti H et al. Ongelmalähtöinen diagnostiikka.
23 Auvinen M, Kaivosoja M. Kun huoltoriita komplisoituu.
24 Barreiro ML et al. Developmental, stage-specific, and hormonally regulated expression of growth hormone secretagogue receptor messenger RNA in rat testis.
25 Bendardaf R. Prognostic and predictive markers in advanced colorectal carcinoma.
26 Bendardaf R et al. Low collagenase-1 (MMP-1) and MT1-MMP expression levels are favourable survival markers in advanced colorectal carcinoma.
27 Bendardaf R et al. Apoptotic index and bcl-2 expression as prognostic factors in colorectal carcinoma.
28 Bergström K, Någren K. Radiolääkkeet.
29 Bettinardi V et al. Implementation and evaluation of an ordered subsets reconstruction algorithm for transmission PET studies using median root prior and inter-update median filtering.
30 Björkstrand B et al. Feasibility of fludarabine added to VAD during induction therapy in multiple myeloma: a randomised phase II-study.
31 Borgenström M et al. Sulfated derivatives of escherichia coli K5 polysaccharides as modulators of fibroblast growth factor signaling.
32 Borgfeldt C et al. High tumor tissue concentration of urokinase plasminogen activator receptor is associated with good prognosis in patients with ovarian cancer.
33 Brunila T et al. The two part picture in detection of visuospatial neglect.
34 Brust P et al. Positron emission tomography imaging of the serotonin transporter in the pig brain using (11C)(+)-McN5652 and S-((18F)fluoromethyl)-(+)-McN5652.
35 Büller HR et al. Subcutaneous fondaparinux versus intravenous unfractionated heparin in the initial treatment of pulmonary embolism.
36 Carlsson S et al. Assessment of alcohol consumption by mailed questionnaire in epidemiological studies: Evaluation of misclassification using a dietary history interview and biochemical markers.
37 Chen M et al. Uropathogenic Escherichia coli toxins induce caspase-independent apoptosis in renal proximal tubular cells via ERK signaling.
38 Chen T et al. Bacterial components in the synovial tissue of patients with advanced Rheumtoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis: Analysis with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and pan-bacterial polymerase chain reaction.
39 Chonmaitree T et al. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the effect of antihistamine or corticosteroid treatment in acute otitis media.
40 Cometta A et al. Vancomycin versus placebo for treating persistent fever in patients with neutropenic cancer receiving Piperacillin-Tazobactam monotherapy.
41 Devereux RB et al. Effects of losartan or atenolol in hypertensive patients without clinically evident vascular disease: A stubstudy of the LIFE randomized trial.
42 Dreger P et al. Treatment-related mortality and graft-versus-leukemia activity after allogeneic stem cell transplantation for chronic lymhocytic leukemia using intensity-reduced conditioning.
43 Ebert OE et al. Oncolytic vesicular stomatitis virus for treatment of orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma in immune-competent rats.
44 Elomaa L. Research Evidence Implementation and its Reguirements in Nursing Education.
45 Elzagheid A, Collan Y. Fine needle aspiration biopsy of the breast.
46 Elzagheid A et al. Apocrine change in fine-needle aspiration biopsy: nuclear morphometry and DNA image cytometry.
47 Elzagheid AI. Application of E-cadherin immunostaining, morphometry, and DNA cytometry in diagnosis and prognosis of breast lesions.
48 Engstad T et al. Impaired motor speed, visuospatial episodic memory and verbal fluency characterize cognition in long-term stroke survivors:the Tromso Study.
49 Engstad T et al. Predictors of death among long-term stroke survivors.
50 Erkkola R. Folic acid and zinc during pregnancy.
51 Erkkola R. Response of uterine and umbilical circulations to physical exercise.
52 Erkolahti R et al. Self-image of adolescents with diabetes mellitus type-I and rheumatoid arthritis.
53 Erkolahti R et al. Self-image and depressive symptoms among adolescents in a non-clinical sample.
54 Eskelin S et al. A prognostic model and staging for metastatic uveal melanoma.
55 Ewalds-Kvist SBM et al. The response of the Finnish man to vasectomy.
56 Executive Steering Committee on behalf of the SPORTIF III investigators. Stroke prevention with the oral direct thrombin inhibitor ximelagatran compared with warfarin in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation (SPORTIF III): randomised controlled trial.
57 Frang H et al. Nonradioactive GTP binding assay to monitor activation of G protein-coupled receptors.
58 Fujimoto T et al. Skeletal muscle glucose uptake response to exercise in trained and untrained men.
59 Ge H et al. Alpha2B-Adrenoceptor levels govern agonist and inverse agonist responses in PC12 cells.
60 Ge H et al. Constitutive precoupling to Gi and increased agonist potency in the alpha2B-adrenoceptor.
61 Godard B et al. Provision of genetic services in Europe: current practices and issues.
62 Gombos Z et al. Androgen receptor gene exon 1 CAG repeat polymorphism in Finnish patients with childhood-onset type 1 diabetes.
63 Grandell-Niemi H et al. Medication calculation skills of nurses in Finland.
64 Granger CB et al. Effects of candesartan in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left-ventricular systolic function intolerant to angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors: the CHARM-alternative trial.
65 Gratwohl A et al. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for hematological malignancies in Europe.
66 Grönlund J et al. Adder bites. A report of 68 cases.
67 Grönroos JM et al. Is male gender a risk factor for bile duct injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy?
68 Guo TB et al. Evidence for a role of glycogen synthase kinase-3beta in rodent spermatogenesis.
69 Haapaniemi H et al. Hoitotieteellinen vanhustutkimus; Analyysi vuosina 1979-2000 Suomessa tehdyistä opinnäytetöistä.
70 Haaparanta M et al. Microdialysis and 2-(18F)fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose (FDG): a study on insulin action on FDG transport, uptake and metabolism in rat muscle, liver and adipose tissue.
71 Haapasalo-Pesu KM et al. National prescribing practices of adolescent psychiatrists for psychotropic medications in outpatient care in Finland.
72 Haarala C et al. Effects of a 902 MHz mobile phone on cerebral blood flow in humans: a PET study.
73 Haataja L et al. Application of a scorable neurologic examination in healthy term infants aged 3 to 8 months.
74 Haavisto A et al. Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts among child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients in Finland.
75 Haavisto TE et al. Effects of 4-tert-octylphenol, 4-tert-butylphenol, and diethylstilbestrol on prenatal testosterone surge in the rat.
76 Hagelberg N et al. Altered dopamine D2 receptor binding in atypical facial pain.
77 Hagelberg N et al. Striatal dopamine D1 and D2 receptors in burning mouth syndrome.
78 Hagelberg N, Rautakorpi P. Kanyloinnista kausalgia?
79 Hahl J et al. A simulation model for estimating direct costs of type 1 diabetes prevention.
80 Haikonen J et al. Does skin fibroblast radiosensitivity predict squamous cancer cell radiosensitivity of the same individual?
81 Hakanen A et al. Fluoroquinolone resistance in campylobacter jejuni isolates in travelers returning to Finland: Association of ciprofloxacin resistance to travel destination.
82 Hakanen AJ et al. Multidrug resistance in Campylobacter jejuni strains collected from Finnish patients during 1995-2000.
83 Halldin C, Någren K. PET-radiopharmaceuticals - C11 compounds of clinical value.
84 Hallikainen T et al. Ethanol consumption and DRD2 gene TaqI a polymorphism among socially drinking males.
85 Halperin JL et al. Ximelagatran compared with warfarin for prevention of thromboembolism in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: Rationale, objectives, and design of a pair of clinical studies and baseline patient characteristics (SPORTIF III and V).
86 Hannuksela M, Kalimo K. Ihoallergian tutkiminen.
87 Hannuksela M et al. Ekseemat ja ihon välittömät kosketusreaktiot.
88 Hannuksela M et al. Nokkosihottumat ja muut tulehdukselliset ihottumat.
89 Hannula L. Imetysnäkemykset ja imetyksen toteutuminen. Suomalaisten synnyttäjien seurantatutkimus.
90 Happonen R-P, Bergenholtz G. Apical periodontitis.
91 Harvala H et al. Pathogenesis of coxsackievirus A9 in mice: role of the viral arginine-glycine-aspartic acid motif.
92 He Q et al. Bordetella pertussis protein pertactin induces type-specific antibodies: one possible explanation for the emergence of antigenic variants?
93 Heikkinen J et al. Phenotypic characterization of human decidual macrophages.
94 Heikkinen T. Mitä uutta flunssasta?
95 Heikkinen T. Hengitysteiden virusinfektioiden spesifinen lääkehoito.
96 Heikkinen T. Influenza in children: The unrecognized burden.
97 Heikkinen T, Chonmaitree T. Importance of respiratory viruses in acuta otitis media .
98 Heikkinen T et al. Pharmacokinetics of fluoxetine and norfluoxetine in pregnancy and lactation.
99 Heikkinen T. Antidepressant drugs in pregnancy and lactation with special reference to citalopram and fluoxetine.
100 Heikkinen T, Järvinen A. The common cold.
101 Heikkinen T et al. Incidence of influenza in Finnish children.
102 Heikkonen S. Moniammatillinen hoito ja kuntoutus.
103 Heikkonen S. Kipupotilaan motivoiminen hoitoon ja kuntoutukseen.
104 Heinimaa M et al. PROD-screen - a screen for prodromal symptoms of psychosis.
105 Heinonen P. A three amino acid deletion variant in the alpha2B-adrenergic receptor. Indentification and clinical association studies.
106 Heinrich MC et al. Kinase mutations and imatinib response in patients with metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
107 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Focusing on changing clinical practice to enhance rational prescribing - collaboration and networking enable comprehensive approaches.
108 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Heavy users of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: a nationwide prescription database study in Finland.
109 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Keitä ovat tulehduskipulääkkeiden suurkäyttäjät?
110 Hemling N et al. Herpesviruses in brains in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.
111 Hermann R et al. Temporal changes in the frequencies of HLA genotypes in patients with type 1 diabetes - indication of an increased environmental pressure?
112 Hermann R et al. HLA DR-DQ-encoded genetic determinants of childhood-onset type 1 diabetes in Finland: An analysis of 622 nuclear families.
113 Hersh AI et al. A cost-effectiveness analysis of universal versus selective immunization with Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette-Guérin in Finland.
114 Hieta N et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-19 expression in dermal wounds and by fibroblasts in culture.
115 Hietaharju A et al. Okulofaryngeaalista lihasdystrofiaa Suomessakin.
116 Hietala J et al. Regional brain morphology and duration of illness in never-medicated first-episode patients with schizophrenia.
117 Hiltunen K et al. A 5-year follow-up of signs and symptoms of TMD and radiographic findings in the elderly.
118 Hirvonen J et al. Measurement of striatal and thalamic dopamine D2 receptor binding with 11C-raclopride.
119 Holmberg M. Neuroanatomical studies on alpha2-adrenoceptors. With special reference to the C-subtype in rat striatum and the central nervous system of alpha2C-adrenoceptor transgenic mice.
120 Holmberg M et al. Regional distribution of alpha2C-adrenoceptors in brain and spinal cord of control mice and transgenic mice overexpressing the alpha2C-subtype: an autoradiographic study with [3H]RX821002 and [3H]-rauwolscine.
121 Holmberg-Marttila D et al. Bone turnover markers during lactation, postpartum amenorrhea and resumption of menses.
122 Holopainen IE, Laurén HB. Neuronal activity regulates GABAA receptor subunit expression in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures.
123 Honkinen O. Lasten virtsatieinfektio.
124 Honkonen T et al. Schizophrenic patients in different treatment settings during the era of deinstitutionalization: three-year follow-up of the three discharge cohorts in Finland.
125 Huang T-G et al. Telomerase-dependent oncolytic adenovirus for cancer treatment.
126 Huhtala V et al. Low plasma cholecystokinin levels in colicky infants.
127 Huikuri HV et al. Prediction of sudden cardiac death after myocardial infarction in the beta-blocking era.
128 Hujala K et al. Endotracheal and bronchial laser surgery in the treatment of malign and benign lower airway obstructions.
129 Hukkanen R et al. Suicidal ideation and behaviour in children's homes.
130 Hurme T. Alaraajojen pituuserot ja niiden korjaaminen.
131 Huupponen R et al. Lääkeinformaatiopalvelut lääkärin tukena.
132 Huupponen R et al. Pharmacokinetics of deramciclane, a novel anxiolytic agent, after intravenous and oral administration.
133 Hällsten K et al. Insulin- and exercise-stimulated skeletal muscle blood flow and glucose uptake in obese men.
134 Hällsten U. Studies of physical processes generated by energetic ions in dense target gases.
135 Härkönen K et al. The polymorphic androgen receptor gene CAG repeat, pituitary-testicular function and andropausal symptoms in ageing men.
136 Härkönen R et al. Munuaisten ja virtsateiden isotooppitutkimukset.
137 Härtter S et al. Effects of caffeine intake on the pharmacokinetics of melatonin, a probe drug for CYP1A2 activity.
138 Ignatius E et al. Tietokonevälitteinen konsultaatio hammaslääkärin vastaanotolla.
139 Iivanainen E et al. Endothelial cell-matrix interactions.
140 Iivanainen E et al. Angiopoietin-regulated recruitment of vascular smooth muscle cells by endothelial-derived heparin binding EGF-like growth factor.
141 Ikpatt OF et al. Tubular differentiation in African breast cancer.
142 Immonen-Räihä P et al. Eleven-year trends of stroke in Turku, Finland.
143 Impola U et al. Matrix metalloproteinase-19 is expressed by proliferating epithelium but disappears with neoplastic dedifferentation .
144 Ingman K et al. Risperidone reduces limited access alcohol drinking in alcohol-preferring rats.
145 Ingman K et al. Selective delta-opioid receptor antagonist N,N(CH3)2-Dmt-Tic-OH does not reduce ethanol intake in alcohol-preferring AA rats.
146 Inki P, Tinkanen H. Mahdollisuudet säilyttää syöpäpotilaan hedelmällisyys.
147 Iozzo P et al. Insulin stimulates liver glucose uptake in humans: an 18F-FDG PET study.
148 Iozzo P et al. Effects of metformin and rosiglitazone monotherapy on insulin-mediated hepatic glucose uptake and their relation to visceral fat in type 2 diabetes.
149 Iozzo P et al. Insulin-mediated hepatic glucose uptake is impaired in type 2 diabetes: Evidence for a relationship with glycemic control.
150 Iozzo P et al. Liver uptake of free fatty acids in vivo in humans as determined with 14(R,S)-(18F)fluoro-6-thia-heptadecanoic acid and PET.
151 Irjala H et al. Mannose receptor (MR) and common lymphatic endothelial and vascular endothelial receptor (CLEVER)-1 direct the binding of cancer cells to the lymph vessel endothelium.
152 Irjala H et al. The same endothelial receptor controls lymphocyte traffic both in vascular and lymphatic vessels.
153 Ishizawa T et al. Colocalization of tau and alpha-synuclein epitopes in Lewy bodies.
154 Isolauri E. Probiotics for infectious diarrhoea.
155 Issakainen J et al. Relationships of Scopulariopsis based on LSU rDNA sequences.
156 Itälä A et al. Biologic significance of surface microroughing in bone incorporation of porous bioactive glass implants.
157 Itälä A et al. Molecular biologic comparison of new bone formation and resorption on microrough and smooth bioactive glass microspheres.
158 Jahnukainen T, Rönnholm K. Mitä teen, kun lapsella on virtsassa verta.
159 Jalonen J. Verensiirtohoidosta leikkauspotilailla.
160 Jalonen J. Ovatko anestesiologien temput vaarallisia?
161 Janatuinen T. Coronary artery disease risk factors and myocardial blood flow in young adults. With special reference to statin treatment.
162 Janatuinen T et al. Plasma asymmetric demethylarginine modifies the effect of pravastatin on myocardial blood flow in young adults.
163 Jantunen E et al. High-dose therapy supported by autologous stem cell transplantation in patients with enteropathy-associated T-cell lymphoma.
164 Jantunen E et al. Low-dose or intermediate-dose cyclophosphamide plus granulocyte colony-stimulating factor for progenitor cell mobilisation in patients with multiple myeloma.
165 Jartti L. Markers of Subclinical Atherosclerosis. A Study of Middle-Aged Male Twins Discordant for Migration from Finland to Sweden.
166 Jartti L et al. Higher prevalence of Chlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity in Finnish twins compared with co-twins living in Sweden: relationships with markers of subclinical atherosclerosis.
167 Joensuu H et al. Boron neutron capture therapy of brain tumors: clinical trials at the Finnish facility using boronphenylalanine.
168 Johansson K et al. Need for change in patient education: a Finnish survey from the patient´s perspective.
169 Jokimaa V. Molecular features of the human endometrium and placenta.
170 Jokinen V et al. Papillaarinen fibroelastooma - harvinainen sydänkasvain.
171 Jokinen V et al. Temporal changes in cardiovascular autonomic regulation in type II diabetic patients: association with coronary risk variables and progression of coronary artery disease.
172 Jong EMGJ de et al. The combination of calcipotriol and methotrexate compared with methotrexate and vehicle in psoriasis: results of a multicentre placebo-controlled randomized trial.
173 Joyal CC et al. The amygdala and schizophrenia: a volumetric magnetic resonance imaging study in first-episode, neuroleptic-naive patients.
174 Juhila J et al. The alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist atipamezole reduces the development and expression of D-amphetamine-induced behavioural sensitization.
175 Julius S et al. VALUE trial: Long-term blood pressure trends in 13,449 patients with hypertension and high cardiovascular risk.
176 Julkunen L et al. Rehabilitation of chronic post-stroke visual field defect with computer-assisted training. A clinical and neuropsychological study.
177 Junttila TT et al. Identification of patients with transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder overexpressing ErbB2, ErbB3, or specific ErbB4 isoforms: Real-time reverse transcription-PCR analysis in estimation of ErbB receptor status from cancer patients.
178 Juntunen M et al. Gut microflora changes and probiotics in children in day-care centers.
179 Juven T et al. Symptoms and signs of community-acquired pneumonia in children.
180 Jyrkkiö S et al. PET-tutkimus syövän hoidon suunnittelussa ja hoitovasteen seurannassa.
181 Järvenpää T. Monozygotic twins and cognitive decline with emphasis on Alzheimer's disease. A study of brain imaging changes and alcohol consumption among a population-based twin cohort.
182 Järvenpää T et al. A 90-year-old monozygotic female twin pair discordant for Alzheimer's disease.
183 Järvenpää T et al. Regional cerebral glucose metabolism in monozygotic twins discordant for Alzheimer's disease.
184 Järvinen TAH et al. Reply (to Ectopic expression of tenascin-C).
185 Järvinen TAH et al. Mechanical loading regulates the expression of tenascin-C in the myotendinous junction and tendon but does not induce de novo synthesis in the skeletal muscle.
186 Järvisalo M. Arterial changes related to early atherosclerosis in children and adolescents. A high-resolution ultrasound study.
187 Järvisalo M, Raitakari O. Ateroskleroosin varhaismuutokset lapsilla ja nuorilla.
188 Järvisalo MJ et al. Enhanced endothelium-dependent vasodilation in subjects with Proline7 substitution in the signal peptide of neuropeptide Y.
189 Jääskeläinen SK et al. Sevoflurane is epileptogenic in healthy subjects at surgical levels of anesthesia.
190 Kaasinen V et al. Extrastriatal dopamine D2 receptors in Parkinson's disease: a longitudinal study.
191 Kairisto V et al. Verenkuvan uudet suomalaiset viitearvot.
192 Kairisto V et al. Perusverenkuvan uudet suomalaiset viitearvot.
193 Kaisti KK et al. Effects of sevoflurane, propofol, and adjunct nitrous oxide on regional cerebral blood flow, oxygen consumption, and blood volume in humans.
194 Kaitosaari T et al. Effect of 7-year infancy-onset dietary intervention on serum lipoproteins and lipoprotein subclasses in healthy children in the prospective, randomized special Turku coronary risk factor intervention project for children (STRIP) study.
195 Kakko S et al. Candidate locus analysis of familial ascending aortic aneurysms and dissections comfirms the linkage to the chromosome 5q13-14 in Finnish families.
196 Kaleva M, Toppari J. Genetics and hormones in testicular descent.
197 Kalimo H. Pathology and pathogenesis of muscle diseases.
198 Kalimo H. Does chronic brain edema explain the consequences of celebral small-vessel disease?
199 Kallio J et al. Changes in diurnal sympathoadrenal balance and pitiutary hormone secretion in subjects with Leu7Pro polymorphismm in the prepro-neuropeptide Y.
200 Kalliokoski K et al. Muscle fractal vascular branching pattern and microvascular perfusion heterogeneity in endurance-trained and untrained men.
201 Kalliokoski K et al. Muscle oxygen extraction and perfusion heterogeneity during continuous and intermittent static exercise.
202 Kalliokoski KK et al. Perfusion distribution between and within muscles during intermittent isometric exercise in endurance-trained and untrained men.
203 Kalliomäki M, Isolauri E. Role of intestinal flora in the development of allergy.
204 Kalliomäki M et al. Probiotics for prevention of atopic disease?
205 Kalliomäki M et al. Probiotics and prevention of atopic disease: 4-year follow-up of a randomised placebo-controlled trial.
206 Kaltiala-Heino R et al. Reasons for using seclusion and restraint in psychiatric inpatient care.
207 Kaltiala-Heino R et al. Involuntary medication in psychiatric inpatient treatment.
208 Kangas T et al. Monipistoshoidon luonnollisin malli - perusinliinina NPH-useana annoksena tai pitkävaikutteinen insuliinijohdos ja ateriainsuliinina pikainsuliini.
209 Kankaanpää P et al. Homogenates derived from probiotic bacteria provide down-regulatory signals for peripheral blood mononuclear cells .
210 Kansagra K et al. Total parenteral nutrition adversely affects gut barrier function in neonatal piglets.
211 Kantele A et al. P fimbria-specific B cell responses in patients with urinary tract infection.
212 Kantola I. Apnea del Sueño e Hipertensión.
213 Kantola I. Muuttuuko kohonneen verenpaineen lääkehoito uusien tutkimustuloksien mukaan?
214 Kantola I. Kohoneen verenpaineen lääkehoito.
215 Karikumpu A et al. Päivystyksen ylläpidon kustannukset yliopistosairaaloissa.
216 Karjalainen S et al. Frequent exposure to invasive medical care in early childhood and operative dental treatment associated with dental apprehension of children at 9 years of age.
217 Kauppila M, Mäkipernaa A. Miksi mies on mustelmilla sahattuaan saunapuita?
218 Kawashima S et al. Absence of facial type differences among preschool children with sleep-related breathing disorder.
219 Keinonen T et al. Pharmaceutical industry´s barriers and preferences to conduct clinical drug trials in Finland: a qualitative study.
220 Keinonen T et al. Investigator barriers and preferences to conduct clinical drug trials in Finland: A Qualitative study.
221 Kemppainen J. Skeletal muscle metabolism and perfusion in healthy men and patients with dilated cardomyopathy. With special reference to the effects of training.
222 Kemppainen J et al. Exercise training improves insulin stimulated skeletal muscle glucose uptake independent of changes in perfusion in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.
223 Kemppainen J et al. Insulin signalling and resistance in patients with chronic heart failure.
224 Kemppainen N et al. Hippocampal dopamine D2 receptors correlate with memory functions in Alzheimer's disease.
225 Kentala E, Perttilä J. Ylipainehappihoito häkämyrkytyksen hoidossa.
226 Kentala E, Perttilä J. Häkämyrkytyksen ylipainehappihoito - kokemuksia Salt Lake Citystä ja Turusta .
227 Keränen T et al. Economic burden and quality of life impairment increase with severity of Parkinson´s disease (PD).
228 Ketola I et al. Transcription factor GATA-6, cell proliferation, apoptosis, and apoptosis-related proteins Bcl-2 and bax in human fetal testis.
229 Kinnunen I. Postischemic reactive hyperemia as a method to assess hemodynamics in a rat groin flap model.
230 Kirjavainen PV et al. Probiotic bacteria in the management of atopic disease: underscoring the importance of viability.
231 Kirla RM et al. Low expression of p27 indicates a poor prognosis in patients with high-grade astrocytomas.
232 Kirveskari P. Temporomandibular disorders.
233 Kirveskari P. Purentafysiologia.
234 Kivelä S-L. Vanhusten depressioiden ja niiden seurausten ehkäisy.
235 Kivelä T et al. Bleomycin, vincristine, lomustine and dacarbazine (BOLD) in combination with recombinant interferon alpha-2b for metastatic uveal melanoma.
236 Klemi P et al. Response of estrogen receptor-positive intraabdominal fibromatosis to aromatase inhibitor therapy.
237 Klemi PJ et al. Significant improvement in breast cancer survival through population-based mammography screening.
238 Knuuti J. Sydämen toiminnan tutkimukset positroniemissiotomografialla (PET).
239 Koillinen H. Molecular genetics of non-syndromic cleft palate and Van der Woude syndrome.
240 Koillinen H et al. Linkage and linkage disequilibrium searched for between non-syndromic clett palate and four candidate loci.
241 Koistinen J et al. Supraventrikulaarisen takykardian aiheuttama sydämen vajaatoiminta.
242 Kokkola A et al. Spontaneous disappearance of Helicobacter pylori antibodies in patients with advanced atrophic corpus gastritis.
243 Konttinen YT et al. Suulääketiede.
244 Koponen S, Taiminen T. Aivovamman jälkeiset neuropsykiatriset häiriöt 30 vuoden seurannassa.
245 Korhonen K et al. Meconium induces only localized inflammatory lung injury in piglets.
246 Korkeila J. Työssä jaksaminen erikoislääkärin keinoin.
247 Korkeila J et al. Missä psykiatrit ovat?
248 Korkeila J et al. Establishing a set of mental health indicators for Europe.
249 Korkeila J et al. Missä psykiatrit ovat?
250 Korkeila JA et al. Burnout and self-perceived health among Finnish psychiatrists and child psychiatrists: a national survey.
251 Koskenvuo JW et al. Correlation of transthoracic Doppler echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging in measuring left anterior descending artery flow velocity and time-course of dipyridamole-induced coronary flow increase.
252 Kotilainen P. Vierasesineinfektiot.
253 Kotilainen P et al. Elimination of epidemic methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus from a university hospital and district institutions, Finland.
254 Koulu L. Ihon pigmenttimuutokset.
255 Krams M et al. Acute stroke therapy by inhibition of neutrophils (ASTIN). An adaptive dose-response study of UK-279,276 in acute ischemic stroke.
256 Kronqvist P et al. Effect of freezing on histologic grading of invasive ductal breast cancer.
257 Kukko M et al. Signs of beta-cell autoimmunity and HLA-defined diabetes susceptibility in the Finnish population: the sib cohort from the type 1 diabetes prediction and prevention study.
258 Kumar R et al. BRAF mutations in metastatic melanoma: A possible association with clinical outcome.
259 Kuokkanen L. Nurse Empowerment. A Model of Individual and Endoviranmental Factors.
260 Kuokkanen L et al. Nurse empowerment, job-related satisfaction, and organizational commitment.
261 Kupila A. Type 1 Diabetes Prediction and Prevention. Feasibility and Early Findings in a Population-based Study .
262 Kupila A et al. Intranasally administered insulin intended for prevention of type 1 diabetes - a safety study in healthy adults.
263 Kupila L et al. Aetiological diagnosis of brain abscesses and spinal infections: application of broad range bacterial polymerase chain reaction analysis.
264 Kuttila S. Secondary aural symptoms in relation to cranio-cervical and general disordes.
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