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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Aaltonen M et al. Inhaled nitric oxide treatment inhibits neuronal injury after meconium aspiration in piglets.
2 Aaltonen R et al. Local inflammatory response in choriodecidua induced by Ureaplasma urealyticum.
3 Aaltonen V. PKC and neurofibromin in the molecular pathology of urinary bladder carcinoma. The effect of PKC inhibitors on carcinoma cell junctions, movement and death.
4 Aaltonen V et al. PKC inhibitor Go6976 induces mitosis and enhances doxorubicin-paclitaxel cytotoxicity in urinary bladder carcinoma cells.
5 Aantaa R. Operatiiviset päivät ja SAY:n vuosikokous.
6 Aantaa R. Oikeanlainen tieto vähentää ahdistusta.
7 Aantaa R. Mitä koksibikohun jälkeen?
8 Ahto M et al. Stronger symptoms of depression predict high coronary heart disease mortality in older men and women.
9 Airaksinen J. Iäkkään potilaan sepelvaltimotaudin hoito.
10 Airaksinen KEJ, Koistinen MJ. ECG findings in fatal flecainide intoxication.
11 Airas L et al. Mechanism of action of IFN-beta in the treatment of multiple sclerosis. A special reference to CD73 and adenosine.
12 Airas L et al. Postpartum-activation of multiple sclerosis is associated with down-regulation of tolerogenic HLA-G.
13 Aitasalo KMJ, Peltola MJ. Bioactive glass hydroxyapatite in fronto-orbital defect reconstruction.
14 Akkanen J. Inpatient Hospital Care and Its Costs Among Type 1 Diabetic Patients in Finland - a Nationwide Longitudinal Study.
15 Aktan-Collan K et al. Direct contact in inviting high-risk members of hereditary colon cancer families to genetic counselling and DNA testing.
16 Ala-Houhala M et al. Vesikoureteraalisen refluksin merkitys lasten virtsatieinfektiossa.
17 Alanen SI et al. Evaluation of current care effectiveness: a survey of hypertension quideline implementation in Finnish health centres.
18 Alderisio M et al. Interlaboratory quality control in gynecologic cytopathology using the novel CONQUISTADOR software.
19 Alhola P. Cognitive Performance and Menopause.
20 Allander T et al. Human bocavirus and acute wheezing in children.
21 Ankelo M et al. Antibody responses to deamidated gliadin peptide show high specificity and parallel antibodies to tissue transglutaminase in developing coeliac disease.
22 Annunen-Rasila J et al. Cytoskeletal structure in cells harboring two mutations: R133C in NOTCH3 and 5650G>A in mitochondrial DNA.
23 Annunen-Rasila J et al. Proteome and cytoskeleton responses in osteosarcoma cells with reduced OXPHOS activity.
24 Anttalainen U et al. CPAP adherence and partial upper airway obstruction during sleep.
25 Anttalainen U et al. Gender differences in age and BMI distributions in partial upper airway obstruction during sleep.
26 Anttila V-J et al. A retrospective nationwide case study on the use of a new antifungal agent: patients treated with caspofungin during 2001-2004 in Finland.
27 Aqeilan RI et al. Association of Wwox with ErbB4 in breast cancer.
28 Arokoski J et al. Polvi- ja lonkkanivelrikon hoito. Käypä hoito -suositus.
29 Aronen HJ et al. Diffusion and perfusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging techniques in stroke recovery .
30 Arrich J, The ERC HACA Registry Study Group. Clinical application of mild therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest.
31 Aspegren K et al. Validation of the PHEEM instrument in a Danish hospital setting.
32 Auranen A et al. Prognostic factors of ovarian granulosa cell tumor: a study of 35 patients and review of the literature.
33 Backman T. User Satisfaction, Efficacy and Safety of the Levonorgestrel Intrauterine Contraceptive System. A Nation-Wide Surveillance Study of a Cohort of 17 360 Finnish Women.
34 Ballo AM et al. Load bearing capasity of bone anchored fiber-reinforced composite device.
35 Bax JJ et al. Diagnostic and clinical perspectives of fusion imaging in cardiology: is the total greater than the sum of its parts?
36 Bay K et al. Insulin-like factor 3 levels in cord blood and serum from children: Effects of age, postnatal hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis activation, and cryptorchidism.
37 Beauchamp NJ et al. Glycogen storage disease type IX: High variability in clinical phenotype.
38 Belt E et al. Reumakirurgian tavoitteet ja periaatteet.
39 Belt E et al. Jalkateräleikkaukset.
40 Belt E et al. Rannenivelen puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
41 Belt E et al. Rannenivelen koko- ja osaluudutus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
42 Belt E et al. Rannenivelen tekonivelleikkaus ja kuntouminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
43 Belt E et al. Sormien jänteiden sekä nivelten korjausleikkaukset ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
44 Belt E et al. Sormien jänteiden sekä nivelten puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
45 Belt E et al. Sorminivelten tekonivelleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
46 Belt E et al. Kyynärnivelleikkaukset ja leikkauksiin liittyvä kuntoutuminen.
47 Belt E et al. Olkanivelen puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
48 Belt E et al. Olkanivelen tekonivelleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
49 Belt E et al. Lonkan tekonnivelleikkaukset ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
50 Belt E et al. Lonkkanivelen puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
51 Belt E et al. Polvinivelen puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
52 Belt E et al. Polven tekonivelleikkaus ja kuntotuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
53 Belt E et al. Nilkkanivelen puhdistusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
54 Belt E et al. Nilkkanivelen tekonivelleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
55 Belt E et al. Nilkkanivelen luudutusleikkaus ja kuntoutuminen leikkauksen jälkeen.
56 Bendardaf R et al. MMP-1 (collagenase-1) expression in the primary colorectal cancer and its metastases.
57 Bendardaf R et al. Thymidylate synthase expression in primary colorectal tumours is correlated with its expression in metastases.
58 Bendardaf R et al. Mismatch repair status is a predictive factor of tumour response to 5-fluorouracil and irinotecan chemotherapy in patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
59 Bhatt DL et al. Patients with prior myocardial infarction, stroke, or symptomatic peripheral arterial disease in the CHARISMA trial.
60 Bielinska M et al. GATA-4 is required for sex steroidogenic cell development in the fetal mouse.
61 Blanco G et al. Virtsaelinten syöpä.
62 Blomqvist L et al. Images of loneliness: using art as an educational method in professional training.
63 Bogale N et al. Usefulness of either or both left and right bundle branch block at baseline or during follow-up for predicting death in patients following acute myocardial infarction.
64 Borgenström M et al. O-sulfated bacterial polysaccharides with low anticoagulant activity inhibit metastasis.
65 Boström PJ, Soloway MS. Secondary cancer after radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Should we be more aware of the risk?
66 Boström PJ, Soloway MS. Upper urinary tract cancer - challenges for the urologist.
67 Botzenhart EM et al. Townes-Brocks syndrome: twenty novel SALL1 mutations in sporadic and familial cases and refinement of the SALL1 hot spot region.
68 Branca M et al. Up-regulation of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) is closely associated with high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) and progression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN), but does not predict disease outcome in cervical cancer.
69 Bravin A et al. High-resolution CT by diffraction-enhanced x-ray imaging: mapping of breast tissue samples and comparison with their histo-pathology.
70 Bäcklund T et al. Activation of protective and damaging components of the cardiac renin-angiotensin system after myocardial infarction in experimental diabetes.
71 Böhm M et al. Sexual function, satisfaction, and association of erectile dysfunction with cardiovascular disease and risk factors in cardiovascular high-risk patients. Substudy on the ONgoing Telmisartan Alone and in Combination with Ramipril Global Endpoint Trial/Telmisartan Randomized AssessmeNT Study in ACE-INtolerant Subjects with Cardiovascular Disease (ONTARGET/TRANSCEND).
72 Böök A. Vaikea astma ja sen uudet hoitomuodot.
73 Carlsson L et al. Myotilin - a prominent marker of myofibrillar remodelling.
74 Chapman N et al. Effect of spironolactone on blood pressure in subjects with resistant hypertension.
75 Collado MC et al. Intestinal integrity and Akkermansia muciniphila, a mucin-degrading member of the intestinal microbiota present in infants, adults, and the elderly.
76 Collings A et al. Associations between connexin37 gene polymorphism and markers of subclinical atherosclerosis: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
77 Contijo RC et al. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infections as risk factors for cytological and histological abnormalities in baseline PAP smear-negative women followed-up for 2 years in the LAMS study.
78 Costa S et al. Human papillomavirus (HPV) test and PAP smear as predictors of outcome in conservatively treated adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS) of the uterine cervix.
79 Dagvadorj A et al. Autocrine prolactin promotes prostate cancer cell growth via janus kinase-2-signal transducer and activator of transcription-5a/b signaling pathway.
80 Damgaard IN et al. Cryptorchidism and maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
81 Dargie HJ et al. A randomized, placebo-controlled trial assessing the effects of rosiglitazone on echocardiographic function and cardiac status in type 2 diabetic patients with New York heart association functional class I or II heart failure.
82 de Carvalho JJM et al. Identification of males at increased risk for genital human papillomavirus (HPV) infection among patients referred for urological consultation.
83 de Leon MJ et al. Imaging and CSF studies in the preclinical diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.
84 de Voogt W et al. No evidence of automatic atrial overdrive pacing efficacy on reduction of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.
85 Dekki N et al. Type 1 diabetic serum interferes with pancreatic beta-cell Ca2+ -handling.
86 Del Vecchio L et al. The QUEST initiative anemia study in ESRD: rationale and study protocol.
87 Desai AS et al. Incidence and predictors of hyperkalemia in patients with heart failure.
88 Domanskyi A et al. Expression and localization of androgen receptor-interacting protein-4 in the testis.
89 Edelman K et al. Immunity to pertussis 5 years after booster immunization during adolescence.
90 Eklund KK et al. Serum IL-1beta levels are associated with the presence of erosions in recent onset rheumatoid arthritis.
91 El-Metwally A et al. Risk factors for development of non-specific musculoskeletal pain in preteens and early adolescents: a prospective 1-year follow-up study .
92 Ellilä H. Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Care in Finland.
93 Ellilä H et al. Ideology of nursing care in child psychiatric inpatient treatment.
94 Elomaa A et al. Population dynamics of Bordetella pertussis in Finland and Sweden, neighbouring countries with different vaccination histories.
95 Elonheimo H et al. Police-registered offenses and psychiatric disorders among young males. The Finnish "From a boy to a man" birth cohort study.
96 Elovainio M et al. Depressive symptoms as predictors of discontinuation of treatment of menorrhagia by levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system.
97 Elzagheid A et al. Immunohistochemical detection of cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor p27 does not have prognostic significance in breast cancer.
98 Erjala K et al. Concurrent use of vinorelbine and gefitinib induces supra-additive effect in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines.
99 Erjala K et al. Concomitant chemoirradiation with vinorelbine and gefitinib induces additive effect in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cell lines in vitro.
100 Eskelinen A et al. Lonkan pinnoitetekonivelleikkaus vs. perinteinen sementitön lonkan tekonivelleikkaus metalli-metalli liukupinnalla . Väestötason pysyvyystulosten vertailu Suomen endoproteesirekisteristä.
101 Eskelinen S et al. Biochemical reference intervals for sex hormones with a new AutoDelfia method in aged men.
102 Eskelinen SI et al. Associations of sex hormone concentrations with health and life satisfaction in elderly men.
103 Eskelinen SI et al. Associations of thyroid-stimulating hormone and free thyroxine concentrations with health and life satisfaction in elderly adults.
104 Eskola MJ et al. Detection of proximal coronary occlusion in acute coronary syndrome: A feasibility study using computerized electrocardiographic analysis.
105 Fan M et al. CYBA C242T gene polymorphism and flow-mediated vasodilation in a population of young adults: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
106 Felker GM et al. Red cell distribution width as a novel prognostic marker in heart failure.
107 Forssell H et al. Differences and similarities between atypical facial pain and trigeminal neuropathic pain.
108 Giuliani L et al. Human papillomavirus infections in lung cancer. Detection of E6 and E7 transcripts and review of the literature.
109 Giuliani L et al. Detection of oncogenic viruses (SV40, BKV, JCV, HCMV, HPV) and p53 codon 72 polymorphism in lung carcinoma.
110 Gratwohl A et al. Results of the EBMT activity survey 2005 on haematopoietic stem cell transplantation: focus on increasing use of unrelated donors.
111 Grenman R et al. Pään ja kaulan syövät.
112 Griggs R et al. Zaspopathy in a large classic late-onset distal myopathy family.
113 Grönholm P et al. Neural correlates of naming newly learned objects in MCI.
114 Grönlund M-M et al. Maternal breast-milk and intestinal bifidobacteria guide the compositional development of the Bifidobacterium microbiota in infants at risk of allergic disease.
115 Grönroos JM. Unsuccessful endoscopic stenting in iatrogenic bile duct injury. Remember rendezvous procedure.
116 Grönroos JM. Mirizzi syndrome: consider endoscopic stone removal.
117 Grönroos M et al. Vastasyntyneen hyperbilirubinemian hoitokaaviot.
118 Grönroos MH et al. Long-term renal function following bone marrow transplantation.
119 Grönroos P, Lehtonen O-P. Mitkä laboratoriotulokset tarvitaan kiireellisesti terveyskeskuksissa?
120 Grönroos P et al. Influence of apolipoprotein E polymorphism on serum lipid and lipoprotein changes: a 21-year follow-up study from childhood to adulthood. The cardiovascular risk in young Finns study.
121 Grönroos T. [18F]-fluoroerythronitroimidazole, tumour hypoxia and positron emission tomography.
122 Grönroos T, Minn H. Imaging of tumour hypoxia using PET and 18F-labelled tracers: biology meets technology.
123 Guedes AC et al. p16ink4a expression does not predict the outcome of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 2.
124 Gueimonde M et al. Breast milk: A source of bifidobacteria for infant gut development and maturation?
125 Gueimonde M et al. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the bifidobacterial microbiota in the colonic mucosa of patients with colorectal cancer, diverticulitis and inflammatory bowel disease.
126 Guiducci L et al. Biodistribution of the fatty acid analogue 18F-FTHA: Plasma and tissue partitioning between lipid pools during fasting and hyperinsulinemia.
127 Gustafsson I et al. Unrecognized glycometabolic disturbance as measured by hemoglobin A1c is associated with a poor outcome after acute myocardial infarction.
128 Haanperä M et al. Identification of alpha-hemolytic streptococci by pyrosequencing the 16S rRNA gene and by use of VITEK 2.
129 Hagelberg N. Monitieteinen kivun hoidon opintojakso.
130 Hagelberg N, Aaponen E. Potilasvakuutuskeskus - kipu korvausperusteena.
131 Hagelberg N, Pertovaara A. Opioidit.
132 Hagelberg N et al. Kivunhoidon alueellisen palvelujärjestelmän kehittäminen Varsinais.Suomen sairaanhoitopiisissä.
133 Hallander H et al. Bordetella pertussis strains circulating in Europe in 1999 to 2004 as determined by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.
134 Halmesmäki K et al. The effect of hysterectomy or levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system on sexual functioning among women with menorrhagia: a 5-year randomised controlled trial.
135 Haltia LT et al. Effects of intravenous glucose on dopaminergic function in the human brain in vivo.
136 Haltia LT et al. Brain white matter expansion in human obesity and the recovering effect of dieting.
137 Hammes LS et al. Value of the international federation for cervical pathology and colposcopy (IFCPC) terminology in predicting cervical disease.
138 Hammes LS et al. Macrophages, inflammation and risk of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) profression - Clinicopathological correlation.
139 Handolin L, Elomaa T. The Finnish Forward Surgical Team experience during EUFOR operation RD Congo in 2006.
140 Hannukainen JC et al. Myocardial and peripheral vascular functional adaptation to exersice training.
141 Hannukainen JC et al. Increased physical activity decreases hepatic free fatty acid uptake: a study in human monozygotic twins.
142 Harila-Saari AH et al. Scholastic achievements of childhood leukemia patients: A nationwide, register-based study.
143 Hautala L et al. Syömishäiriöriskin arviointi kouluterveydenhuollossa ilman syömishäiriöseulaa ja SCOFF-syömishäiriöseulaa käyttäen.
144 Havu-Aurén K et al. Uptake of 4-borono-2-(18F)fluoro-L-phenylalanine in sporadic and neurofibromatosis 2-related schwannoma and meningioma studied with PET.
145 Hawkins NM et al. Prevalence and prognostic impact of bundle branch block in patients with heart failure.
146 Hedlund E et al. Migration and coronary heart disease: A study of Finnish twins living in Sweden and their co-twins residing in Finland.
147 Heikinheimo K et al. Genetic changes in sporadic keratocystic odontogenic tumors (odontogenic keratocysts).
148 Heikinheimo O et al. Intrauterine release of progesterone antagonist ZK230211 is feasible and results in novel endometrial effects: a pilot study.
149 Heikkinen A. Privacy in Occupational Health Care - Ethical Examination.
150 Heikkinen A et al. Sensitivity towards patient needs in the occupational health consultation.
151 Heikkinen AM et al. Privacy in occupational health practice; promoting and impeding factors.
152 Heikkinen AM et al. Privacy and dual loyalties in occupational health practice.
153 Heikkinen E et al. Comparative genomics of bordetella pertussis reveals progressive gene loss in finnish strains.
154 Heikkinen K et al. Ambulatory orthopaedic surgery patients' knowledge expectations and perceptions of received knowledge.
155 Heikkinen R. 4th Mediterranean emergency medicine congress.
156 Heikkinen T. Milloin influenssaa kannattaa hoitaa?
157 Heikkinen T. Influenssa.
158 Heikkinen T et al. Suositus lasten influenssarokotuksista - ei sittenkään niin hataralla pohjalla.
159 Heino R. Agricola ja me.
160 Heino R. ATEK.
161 Heino R. Tärkeitä päivämääriä.
162 Heino R. Mitallin toinen puoli.
163 Heino R. Uuden päätoimittajan valinta.
164 Heino R. 3rd International Baltic congress of anaesthesiology and intensive care.
165 Heinonen I et al. Role of adenosine in regulating the heterogeneity of skeletal muscle blood flow during exercise in humans.
166 Heiro M. Infective Endocarditis in a Finnish Teaching Hospital. 25 Years of Expercience of Adult Patients.
167 Heiro M. Infektiivisen endokardiitin muuttuva kirjo.
168 Heiro M et al. Short-term and one-year outcome of infective endocarditis in adult patients treated in a Finnish teaching hospital during 1980-2004.
169 Held C et al. Glucose levels predict hospitalization for congestive heart failure in patients at high cardiovascular risk .
170 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Risk of serious upper gastrointestinal events with concurrent use of NSAIDs and SSRIs: a case-control study in the general population.
171 Helin-Salmivaara A et al. Risk of upper gastrointestinal events with the use of various NSAIDs: A case-control study in a general population.
172 Heponiemi T et al. Cardiac autonomic reactivity and recovery in predicting carotid atherosclerosis: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
173 Hiekkanen H et al. MRI changes and ApoE genotype, a prospective 1-year follow-up of traumatic brain injury: A pilot study.
174 Hietala J, Syvälahti E. Psykoosien hoitoon tarkoitetut lääkeaineet.
175 Hietarinta M. MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease, sekamuotoinen sidekudostauti).
176 Hietarinta M. Myosiitit.
177 Hiissa M et al. Towards automated classification of intensive care nursing narratives.
178 Hilli J et al. Genetic polymorphism of cytochrome P450s and P-glycoprotein in the Finnish population.
179 Hilska M et al. Prognostic significance of matrix metalloproteinases-1, -2, -7 and -13 and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases-1, -2, -3 and -4 in colorectal cancer.
180 Hintsanen M et al. Effort-reward imbalance, heart rate, and heart rate variability: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
181 Hintsanen M et al. Neuregulin-1 genotype moderates the association between job strain and early atherosclerosis in young men.
182 Hirvonen J et al. Measurement of serotonin 5-HT1A receptor binding using positron emission tomography and (carbonyl-11C)WAY-100635 - considerations on the validity of cerebellum as a reference region.
183 Honkanen H et al. Isolation, purification and expansion of myelination-competent, neonatal mouse Schwann cells.
184 Honkanen P et al. Comparison of two vaccination programmes in preventing influenza-related hospitalization among the elderly during two consecutive seasons.
185 Honkonen T et al. Employment predictors for discharged schizophrenia patients.
186 Hou Mi. Preservation of Male Fertility in Childhood Acute Leukemia. An experimental study addressing novel strategies and putative risks.
187 Hurskainen R et al. Diagnosis and treatment of menorrhagia.
188 Huupponen R. Inotrooppiset lääkkeet.
189 Huupponen R. Lääkkeen annos, pitoisuus ja vaste.
190 Huupponen R. Ruoansulatuskanavan lääkkeet.
191 Huupponen R, Laitinen JT. Kannabinoidit - muutakin kuin huumetta.
192 Huupponen R, Raunio H. Farmakokinetiikka.
193 Huupponen R, Rouru J. Tietoruutu: Insuliini.
194 Huurre A. The Hygiene Hypothesis: Reinforcing Health Counselling against Allergy in Early Infancy.
195 Hynninen V-V et al. Effect of voriconazole on the pharmacokinetics of diclofenac.
196 Hynninen V-V et al. Vorikonatsolin ja mikonatsoligeelin vaikutus etorikoksibin farmakokinetiikkaan.
197 Hämäläinen H et al. Lapsena sydänvian vuoksi leikattujen elämäntilanne aikuisiässä.
198 Härkki P et al. Pitääkö kaikki endometriumpolyypit poistaa?
199 Ibe W et al. Cardiomyocyte apoptosis is related to left ventricular dysfunction and remodelling in dilated cardiomyopathy, but is not affected by growth hormone treatment.
200 Ihalainen S et al. Proteome analysis of cultivated vascular smooth muscle cells from a CADASIL patient.
201 Iirola T. Uusi painos sydänanestesiologian käsikirjasta.
202 Iirola T. Turvallisesta anestesiakulttuurista ja lääketieteen opettamisesta.
203 Iivanainen E et al. Intra- and extracellular signaling by endothelial neuregulin-1.
204 Ikonen TS et al. Ligation of ameroid-stenosed coronary artery leads to reproducible myocardial infarction - A pilot study in a porcine model.
205 Illman H et al. Typpioksiduulin vaikutus rokuronin infuusionopeuteen.
206 Ilmonen J et al. Ravitsemusneuvonta koetaan tärkeäksi neuvolatyössä.
207 Ilveskoski E et al. Improvement of myocardial blood flow by lipid-lowering therapy with pravastatin is modulated by apolipoprotein E genotype.
208 Ingman K. Pharmacological Modulation of the Alcohol Drinking of AA rats, an Animal Model of High-alcohol Drinking.
209 Innis RB et al. Consensus nomenclature for in vivo imaging of reversibly binding radioligands.
210 Iozzo P et al. Quantification of liver glucose metabolism by positron emission tomography: validation study in pigs.
211 Isolauri E. Probiotics in preterm infants: a controversial issue.
212 Issakainen J et al. Occurrence of Scopulariopsis and Scedosporium in nails and keratinous skin. A 5-year retrospective multi-center study.
213 Itälä A et al. Successful canine patellar tendon reattachment to porous tantalum.
214 Itälä M, Vilpo J. Krooninen lymfaattinen leukemia ja muut lymfosytoosit.
215 Jaakola M-L. Koeputkihedelmöityshoitoihin liittyviä komplikaatioita.
216 Jaatinen PT et al. Incidence of hip fractures among the elderly in Satakunta, Finland.
217 Jahnukainen T et al. Lasten akuutti tubulointerstitiaalinefriitti.
218 Jahnukainen T, Nuutinen M. Lapsen virtsatieinfektion tutkimukset ja hoito.
219 Jamerson K et al. Exceptional early blood pressure control rates: The ACCOMPLISH trial.
220 Jantunen E et al. Hematologiset erityiskysymykset muiden sairauksien yhteydessä.
221 Jartti T et al. Efficacy of prednisolone in children hospitalized for recurrent wheezing.
222 Jartti T et al. Atopic characteristics of wheezing children and responses to prednisolone.
223 Jartti T et al. Enemmän huomiota uuden kohtauksen riskiin lapsen bronkioliitin hoidossa.
224 Jartti T, Vanto T. Inhaloitava kortikosteroidi vai montelukasti lasten astman aloituslääkkeeksi?
225 Joensuu H et al. Rintasyöpä.
226 Joensuu H, Roberts P. Gastrointestinaalinen stroomatuumori GIST.
227 Joensuu H, Roberts PJ. Gastrointestinaalinen stroomatuumori eli GIST.
228 Joensuu H et al., toim. Syöpätaudit 3. p.
229 Johansson K et al. Empowering orthopaedic patients through preadmission education: results from a clinical study.
230 Jokela M et al. Body mass index in adolescence and number of children in adulthood.
231 Jokinen MJ et al. Pharmacokinetics of ropivacaine in patients with chronic end-stage liver disease.
232 Julkunen L. Rehabilitation of Somatosensory and Visual Field Deficits after Stroke. A Clinical, Neurophysiological and Functional Imaging Study.
233 Junttila MR et al. p38alfa and p38delta mitogen-activated protein kinase isoforms regulate invasion and growth of head and neck squamous carcinoma cells.
234 Junttila MR et al. CIP2A inhibits PP2A in human malignancies.
235 Juonala M et al. Brachial artery flow-mediated dilation and asymmetrical dimethylarginine in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
236 Juslin A. Alignment of Cardiac Structures in (15O)H2O Perfusion PET Studies.
237 Juslin A et al. Alignment of 3-dimensional cardiac structures in O-15-labeled water PET emission images with mutual information.
238 Juutilainen A et al. Retinopathy predicts cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetic men and women.
239 Juutilainen A et al. Retinopathy predicts cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetic men and women (in response).
240 Juutilainen V, Niemi T. Uusia ajatuksia ja välineitä haavan hoitoon.
241 Jyrkkiö S et al. Follikulaarisen lymfooman hoito.
242 Järveläinen H, Lahtela J. Insuliinihoito tänään.
243 Järvinen M et al. Kirurgian professorit: Selvityshenkilöiltä varsin radikaaleja ehdotuksia erikoislääkärikoulutuksesta.
244 Järvinen TAH et al. Muscle injuries: optimising recovery.
245 Jääskeläinen S. Onko neuropaattisen kivun diagnostiikka vaikeaa?
246 Kaaja R et al. Effects of sympatholytic therapy on insulin sensitivity indices in hypertensive postmenopausal women.
247 Kainulainen L et al. Bacteria and viruses in maxillary sinuses of patients with primary hypogammaglobulinemia.
248 Kaitosaari T. Serum Lipids, Lipoproteins, LDL Particle Size and Insulin Resistance in Healthy 7- To 11-Year-Old Children.
249 Kajanne R et al. EGF-R regulates MMP function in fibroblasts through MAPK and AP-1 pathways.
250 Kallio K et al. Tobacco smoke exposure is associated with attenuated endothelial function in 11-year-old healthy children.
251 Kalliokoski KK et al. Contraction-induced (18F)-fluoro-deoxy-glucose uptake can be measured in human calf muscle using high-resolution PET.
252 Kalliomäki M et al. Kaksivuotiaan kalpeus ja väsymys - hoidon puutetta vai sen seuraus? Vinkistä vihiä.
253 Kalliomäki M et al. Probiotics during the first 7 years of life: A cumulative risk reduction of eczema in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial.
254 Kankaanranta L et al. Boron neutron capture therapy in the treatment of locally recurred head and neck cancer.
255 Kantola I. Sydän- ja verisuonitautien riskitekijät: Kohonnut verenpaine.
256 Kantola I, Kettunen R. AT-salpaaja vai ACE:n estäjä verenpainelääkkeeksi?
257 Kantola I, Koulu M. Verepainetaudin, sepelvaltimotaudin ja sydämen vajaatoiminnan lääkehoito.
258 Kaplas N et al. Dietary counseling and probiotic supplementation during pregnancy modify placental phopholipid fatty acids.
259 Karjalainen P. Clinical Outcome and Complications of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions with Special Reference to Warfarin Treatment and Stent Type.
260 Karjalainen PP et al. Safety and efficacy combined antiplatelet-warfarin therapy after coronary stenting.
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