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Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Advani A et al. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis analysis of Bordetella pertussis isolates circulating in Europe from 1998 to 2009.
2 Bergman A et al. The impact of endocrine disruption: a consensus statement on the state of the science.
3 Cabrera-Rubio R et al. Reply to Z Weizman.
4 Chapin RE et al. Assuring safety without animal testing: The case for the human testis in vitro.
5 Cheng J et al. Duodenal microbiota composition and mucosal homeostasis in pediatric celiac disease.
6 Chrusciel M et al. Transgenic GATA-4 expression induces adrenocortical tumorigenesis in C57Bl/6 mice.
7 Gröndahl-Yli-Hannuksela K et al. Increased risk of pertussis in adult patients with mannose-binding lectin deficiency.
8 Grönlund MM et al. Niveloireinen lapsi vastaanotolla.
9 Gunn ME et al. Potential gonadotoxicity of treatment in relation to quality of life and mental well-being of male survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
10 Haavisto L et al. Physical exercise increases nasal patency in asthmatic and atopic preschool children.
11 Hautero U et al. Proportions and concentrations of serum n-3 fatty acids can be increased by dietary counseling during pregnancy.
12 Heikkinen T et al. Effectiveness of intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccine against all-cause acute otitis media in children.
13 Heikkinen T et al. Vaccination of healthy children against seasonal influenza: a European perspective.
14 Hoberman A et al. Acute otitis media in children younger than 2 years.
15 Honkanen H et al. Human enterovirus 71 strains in the background population and in hospital patients in Finland.
16 Honkanen H et al. Human rhinoviruses including group C are common in stool samples of young Finnish children.
17 Hoppu U et al. Diet and blood lipids in 1-4 year-old children.
18 Horikoshi M et al. New loci associated with birth weight identify genetic links between intrauterine growth and adult height and metabolism.
19 Hynninen J et al. A prospective comparison of integrated FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT and contrast-enhanced CT for pretreatment imaging of advanced eipthelial ovarian cancer.
20 Ivaska L et al. Identification of respiratory viruses with a novel point-of-care multianalyte antigen detection test in children with acute respiratory tract infection.
21 Iwamoto T et al. Semen quality of 1559 young men from four cities in Japan: a cross-sectional population-based study.
22 Iwamoto T et al. Semen quality of fertile Japanese men: a cross-sectional population-based study of 792 men.
23 Jaakkola J. Individual dietary counselling during and after pregnancy: impact on diet and body weight.
24 Jaakkola J et al. Eating behavior influences diet, weight, and central obesity in women after pregnancy.
25 Jartti T et al. New molecular virus detection methods and their clinical value in lower respiratory tract infections in children.
26 Jula A et al. Primary and secondary human bocavirus 1 infections in a family, Finland.
27 Järvelä LS et al. Endothelial function in long-term survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Effects of a home-based exercise program.
28 Kainonen E et al. Immunological programming by breast milk creates an anti-inflammatory cytokine milieu in breast-fed infants compared to formula-fed infants.
29 Kalliomäki M. Ongelmakeskeinen oppimismenetelmä valmentaa lääkärintyöhön.
30 Kalliomäki M. Ruoka-allergia.
31 Karjalainen AK et al. Estimated intake levels for Finnish children of methylmercury from fish.
32 Karppinen S et al. Effects of rhinovirus infection on nasopharyngeal bacterial colonization in infants with wild or variant types of mannose-binding lectin and toll-like receptors 3 and 4 .
33 Kero AE et al. Cardiovascular morbidity in long-term survivors of early-onset cancer: A population-based study.
34 Korja M et al. Apolipoprotein E, brain injury and neurodevelopmental outcome of children.
35 Kücüksezer UC et al. Triggering of specific Toll-like receptors and proinflammatory cytokines breaks allergen-specific T-cell tolerance in human tonsils and peripheral blood.
36 Lagström H et al. Cohort profile: Steps to the healthy development and well-being of children (the STEPS Study).
37 Lehtoranta L et al. Maternal hyperglycemia leads to fetal cardiac hyperplasia and dysfunction in a rat model.
38 Lepomäki V et al. Preterm infants' early growth and brain white matter maturation at term age.
39 Lepomäki V et al. Effect of antenatal growth on brain white matter maturation in preterm infants at term using tract-based spatial statistics.
40 Leppänen M et al. Growth of extremely preterm infants born in 2001-2010.
41 Lohi O et al. Lapsuusiän leukemia.
42 Lukkarinen H et al. Neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia of infancy: a prospective follow-up of nine children.
43 Lukkarinen M et al. Prednisolone reduces recurrent wheezing after first rhinovirus wheeze: a 7-year follow-up.
44 Luoto R et al. Metabolic syndrome and obesity in children.
45 Luoto R et al. Reshaping the gut microbiota at an early age: functional impact on obesity risk?
46 Luoto R et al. Gross blood in stools of premature neonates, a clinical and microbiological follow-up study.
47 Lähteenmäki P, Minn H. Lasten solidit kasvaimet.
48 Madanat-Harjuoja LM et al. Stillbirth, early death and neonatal morbidity among offspring of female cancer survivors.
49 Marchisio P et al. Panel 7: Treatment and comparative effectiveness research.
50 Mejias A et al. Whole blood gene expression profiles to assess pathogenesis and disease severity in infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection.
51 Murphy TF et al. Panel 5: microbiology and immunology panel.
52 Mäkelä J et al. Hyperglycemia and lower diet quality in pregnant overweight women and increased infant size at birth and at 13months of age - STEPS study.
53 Mäkelä J et al. Response to the letter to the editor "Indices of insulin sensitivity and resistance: adequate logarithmic transformation are needed to keep mathematical equivalence" by Tomoyuki Kawada.
54 Mäkelä J et al. Breast milk fatty acid composition differs between overweight and normal weight women: the STEPS Study.
55 Nascimento-Carvalho CM et al. Respiratory viral infections among children with community-acquired pneumonia and pleural effusion.
56 Nermes M et al. Perinatal pet exposure, faecal microbiota, and wheezy bronchitis: Is there a connection.
57 Nermes M et al. Is there a role for probiotics in the prevention or treatment of food allergy?
58 Niela-Vilén H et al. Early physical contact between a mother and her NICU-infant in two university hospitals in Finland.
59 Nikula T et al. Genome-wide comparison of two RNA-stabilizing reagents for transcriptional profiling of peripheral blood.
60 Normia J et al. Impact of intrauterine and post-natal nutritional determinants on blood pressure at 4 years of age.
61 Nuolivirta K et al. Toll-like receptor-2 subfamily genotypes are not associated with severity of bronchiolitis or post-bronchiolitis wheezing in infants.
62 Nwaru BI et al. Timing of infant feeding in relation to childhood asthma and allergic diseases.
63 Nylund L et al. Microarray analysis reveals marked intestinal microbiota aberrancy in infants having eczema compared to healthy children in at-risk for atopic disease.
64 Olkinuora H et al. Syöpää sairastavien lasten immuunivajavuustila ja infektiot.
65 Oranta O et al. Infancy-onset dietary counseling of low-saturated-fat diet improves insulin sensitivity in healthy adolescents 15-20 years of age: The Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project (STRIP) study.
66 Pahkala K et al. Body mass index, fitness and physical activity from childhood through adolescence.
67 Pahkala K et al. Ideal cardiovascular health in adolescence: effect of lifestyle intervention and association with vascular intima-media thickness and elasticity (the Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project for Children [STRIP] study).
68 Pahkala K et al. Association of fitness with vascular intima-media thickness and elasticity in adolescence.
69 Pakkasjärvi N et al. Characteristics and associated anomalies in radial ray deficiencies in Finland--a population-based study.
70 Partty A et al. Infant distress and development of functional gastrointestinal disorders in childhood: is there a connection?
71 Peltola V et al. Human bocavirus infections.
72 Peltola V et al. Virus shedding after human rhinovirus infection in children, adults and patients with hypogammaglobulinaemia.
73 Perheentupa A et al. A cohort effect on serum testosterone levels in Finnish men.
74 Peräsaari J et al. HLA associations with tubulointerstitial nephritis with or without uveitis in Finnish pediatric population: a nation-wide study.
75 Phan TG et al. Novel human gammapapillomavirus species in a nasal swab.
76 Pärtty A. Infant Colic Crying and Gastrointestinal Tract - Causes, Consequences and Cure.
77 Pärtty A et al. Effects of early prebiotic and probiotic supplementation on development of gut microbiota and fussing and crying in preterm infants: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
78 Raaska H et al. Adopted children's language difficulties and their relation to symptoms of reactive attachment disorder: FinAdo Study.
79 Rahiala J et al. Human parvoviruses B19, PARV4 and bocavirus in pediatric patients with allogeneic hematopoietic SCT.
80 Rantakokko P et al. Association of placenta organotin concentrations with congenital cryptorchidism and reproductive hormone levels in 280 newborn boys from Denmark and Finland.
81 Rautava L et al. 5-year morbidity among very preterm infants in relation to level of hospital care.
82 Rautava P et al. A comparison of perinatal and infant mortality rates in British Columbia and Finland: Similarities and differences.
83 Rautava S et al. Reply: To PMID 23083673.
84 Ruohola A et al. Bacterial and viral interactions within the nasopharynx contribute to the risk of acute otitis media.
85 Ruuskanen O et al. Specific antibody deficiency in children with recurrent respiratory infections: a controlled study with follow-up.
86 Ruuskanen O et al. New aspects on human rhinovirus infections.
87 Setänen S et al. Predictive value of neonatal brain MRI on the neurodevelopmental outcome of preterm infants by 5 years of age.
88 Stolt S et al. The emergence of grammar in very-low-birth-weight Finnish children at two years of age.
89 Tommiska J et al. PROKR2 mutations in autosomal recessive Kallmann syndrome.
90 Toppari J. Carcinoma in situ -from clinical observation to a paradigm shift for testicular carcinogenesis.
91 Uitti JM et al. Symptoms and otoscopic signs in bilateral and unilateral acute otitis media.
92 Virtanen HE et al. Finland is following the trend -- sperm quality in Finnish men.
93 Vuononvirta J et al. Risk of repeated Moraxella catarrhalis colonization is increased in children with toll-like receptor 4 Asp299Gly polymorphism.
94 Vähämiko S et al. Weight status and dietary intake determine serum leptin concentrations in pregnant and lactating women and their infants.
95 Vähämiko S et al. The impact of dietary counselling during pregnancy on vitamin intake and status of women and their children.
96 Waris M et al. Comparison of sampling methods for the detection of human rhinovirus RNA.
97 Österback R et al. Simultaneous detection and differentiation of human rhino- and enteroviruses in clinical specimens by real-time PCR with locked nucleic Acid probes.

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