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1 Adu-Afarwuah S et al. Small-quantity, lipid-based nutrient supplements provided to women during pregnancy and 6 mo postpartum and to their infants from 6 mo of age increase the mean attained length of 18-mo-old children in semi-urban Ghana: a randomized controlled trial.
2 Ale F et al. Mothers screening for malnutrition by mid-upper arm circumference is non-inferior to community health workers: results from a large-scale pragmatic trial in rural Niger.
3 Alhonmäki A et al. Varhain epilepsiaan sairastuneiden lasten kognitiivinen ja akateeminen suoriutuminen kouluiässä.
4 Anderl I et al. Transdifferentiation and Proliferation in Two Distinct Hemocyte Lineages in Drosophila melanogaster Larvae after Wasp Infection.
5 Andrén Aronsson C et al. Gluten in infants and celiac disease risk.
6 Aronsson C et al. Effects of Gluten Intake on Risk of Celiac Disease: A Case-Control Study on a Swedish Birth Cohort.
7 Ashorn P. Maailman lapset.
8 Backman K et al. Long-term effects of pneumococcal colonization during early childhood wheezing.
9 Bendabenda J et al. The effect of providing lipid-based nutrient supplements on morbidity in rural Malawian infants and young children: a randomized controlled trial.
10 Bergroth E et al. Post-bronchiolitis Use of Asthma Medication: A Prospective 1-year Follow-up Study.
11 Blanton LV et al. Gut bacteria that prevent growth impairments transmitted by microbiota from malnourished children.
12 Blazevic V et al. Development and maturation of norovirus antibodies in childhood.
13 Borges IC et al. Natural Development of Antibodies against Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, and Moraxella catarrhalis Protein Antigens during the First 13 Years of Life.
14 Briend A, Berkley JA. Long term health status of children recovering from severe acute malnutrition.
15 Buscot M et al. The Combined Effect of Common Genetic Risk Variants on Circulating Lipoproteins Is Evident in Childhood: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
16 Chandrasiri UP et al. Association between malaria immunity and pregnancy outcomes among Malawian pregnant women receiving nutrient supplementation.
17 Charbonneau MR et al. Sialylated Milk Oligosaccharides Promote Microbiota-Dependent Growth in Models of Infant Undernutrition.
18 Cheng T et al. Predominantly nighttime feeding and weight outcomes in infants.
19 Cheng TS et al. Demographic Characteristics, Health Behaviors Before and During Pregnancy, and Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes in Mothers with Different Pregnancy Planning Status.
20 Cheung YBun et al. Gut microbiota in Malawian infants in a nutritional supplementation trial.
21 Cichon B et al. Children with moderate acute malnutrition have inflammation not explained by maternal reports of illness and clinical symptoms: a cross-sectional study in Burkina Faso.
22 de Leo C et al. I depositi intestinali degli anticorpi anti-transglutaminasi.
23 Di Niro R et al. Responsive population dynamics and wide seeding into the duodenal lamina propria of transglutaminase-2-specific plasma cells in celiac disease.
24 Eriksson K. Rolandisen epilepsian diagnostiikka, ennuste ja hoito.
25 Eriksson K, Rautiainen P. Status epilepticus.
26 Gondwe A et al. Investigating Preterm Care at the Facility Level: Stakeholder Qualitative Study in Central and Southern Malawi.
27 Gunn M et al. Quality of life and late-effects among childhood brain tumor survivors: a mixed method analysis.
28 Gunn ME et al. Use of endocrinological and neurological medication among 5-year survivors of young onset brain tumors.
29 Gupta S et al. Can HIV reverse transcriptase activity assay be a low-cost alternative for viral load monitoring in resource-limited settings.
30 Haataja P et al. Asthma and atopic dermatitis in children born moderately and late preterm.
31 Haghighi M et al. A Comparison of Rule-based Analysis with Regression Methods in Understanding the Risk Factors for Study Withdrawal in a Pediatric Study.
32 Hakanen T et al. Mothers with gestational diabetes are more likely to give birth to children who experience early weight problems.
33 Hakulinen C et al. Childhood Psychosocial Cumulative Risks and Carotid Intima-Media Thickness in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
34 Hamari S et al. Analyses of regulatory CD4(+) CD25(+) FOXP3(+) T cells and observations from peripheral T cell subpopulation markers during the development of type 1 diabetes in children.
35 Harjunmaa U et al. Nutrient supplementation may adversely affect maternal oral health--a randomised controlled trial in rural Malawi.
36 Hartiala O et al. Life-course risk factor levels and coronary artery calcification. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
37 Heikkila P, Korppi M. Nebulised hypertonic saline inhalations do not shorten hospital stays in infants with bronchiolitis.
38 Heikkilä P et al. High-flow oxygen therapy is more cost-effective for bronchiolitis than standard treatment-A decision-tree analysis.
39 Heinäniemi M et al. Transcription-coupled genetic instability marks acute lymphoblastic leukemia structural variation hotspots.
40 Helenius I et al. Gelatine matrix with human thrombin decreases blood loss in adolescents undergoing posterior spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis: a multicentre, randomised clinical trial.
41 Helminen M. Tavallisimmat primaarit immuunipuutokset.
42 Helminen M. Immuunipuutteisten lasten infektiot.
43 Helminen M, Nokso-Koivisto J. Akuutti epiglottiitti.
44 Helminen O et al. Continuous glucose monitoring and HbA1c in the evaluation of glucose metabolism in children at high risk for type 1 diabetes mellitus.
45 Hemsworth J et al. Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements Increase Energy and Macronutrient Intakes from Complementary Food among Malawian Infants.
46 Hervonen K et al. Dermatitis Herpetiformis Refractory to Gluten-free Dietary Treatment.
47 Hoppu K, Kuusela A-L. Pikkulasten myrkytysten hoito.
48 Huopio P et al. Clinical, Genetic, and Biochemical Characteristics of Early-Onset Diabetes in the Finnish Population .
49 Hutri-Kähönen N, Salo J. Rakkopunktio.
50 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Valtimon kanylointi.
51 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Luuydinontoleon kanylointi.
52 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Intubaatio.
53 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Kurkunpäänaamari eli larynksmaski.
54 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Hätäkrikotyreotomia.
55 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Pleuraontelon kanavointi.
56 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Virtsarakon katedrointi.
57 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Aivo-selkäydinnesteen otto.
58 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Mahahuuhtelu.
59 Hutri-Kähönen N et al. Pintalaskimon kanylointi.
60 Huvinen E et al. Heterogeneity of maternal characteristics and impact on gestational diabetes (GDM) risk-Implications for universal GDM screening?
61 Ilonen J et al. Genetic susceptibility to type 1 diabetes in childhood - estimation of HLA class II associated disease risk and class II effect in various phases of islet autoimmunity.
62 Immonen T et al. Earlier diagnosis and strict diets improve the survival rate and clinical course of long-chain 3-hydroxyacyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency.
63 Juonala M et al. Childhood Psychosocial Factors and Coronary Artery Calcification in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
64 Jussila M et al. Sleep apnea reduces the amount of computational deep sleep in the right frontopolar area in school-aged children.
65 Juusola M et al. Positivity for Zinc Transporter 8 Autoantibodies at Diagnosis Is Subsequently Associated With Reduced ?-Cell Function and Higher Exogenous Insulin Requirement in Children and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes.
66 Järvelä L et al. Residential mobility and the risk of childhood leukemia.
67 Järvelä L et al. Home-Based Exercise Training Improves Left Ventricle Diastolic Function in Survivors of Childhood ALL: A Tissue Doppler and Velocity Vector Imaging Study.
68 Jääskeläinen J et al. Diabeettisen ketoasidoosin hoito.
69 Kaikkonen JE et al. Longitudinal study of circulating oxidized LDL and HDL and fatty liver: the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
70 Kalliokoski S. Biological effects of coeliac disease patient antibodies in vivo.
71 Karukivi M et al. Is alexithymia associated with metabolic syndrome? A study in a healthy adult population.
72 Keskinen P, Niinikoski H. Insuliinipumppuhoitoon liittyvät päivystysajan ongelmat.
73 Keskinen P, Veijola R. Ihonalaisen insuliinihoidon aloitus diabetekseen sairastuneilla lapsilla.
74 Kilpeläinen T et al. Estimating bias in causes of death ascertainment in the Finnish Randomized Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer.
75 Klevor MK et al. A mixed method study exploring adherence to and acceptability of small quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements (SQ-LNS) among pregnant and lactating women in Ghana and Malawi.
76 Knip M et al. Diabetes.
77 Knip M et al. Role of humoral beta-cell autoimmunity in type 1 diabetes.
78 Korppi M. What are evidence-based guidelines and what are they not?
79 Korppi M. Asthma after bronchiolitis: The outcome and risk factors depend on the age definition of bronchiolitis.
80 Korppi M. Bronkioliitti.
81 Korppi M. Keuhkokuume.
82 Korppi M, Heikkilä P. Randomised controlled studies are needed to evaluate the use of high-flow nasal cannula therapy in bronchiolitis .
83 Korppi M, Heikkilä P. High-flow oxygen therapy: Don't forget warming, humidification and changed airway pressure.
84 Korppi M et al. Bronkioliitti.
85 Korppi M et al. Absence of Bordetella pertussis Among Infants Hospitalized for Bronchiolitis in Finland, 2008-2010.
86 Korppi M et al. Lastentautien päivystyskirja.
87 Korppi M et al. Keuhkokuume.
88 Korppi M, Seuri R. Milloin otan lapselta keuhkokuvan.
89 Koskenvuo M et al. Immunological Reconstitution in Children After Completing Conventional Chemotherapy of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is Marked by Impaired B-cell Compartment.
90 Koskinen MK et al. Reduced ß-cell function in early preclinical type 1 diabetes.
91 Kuitunen I et al. Äidin ja vastasyntyneen hoito potilashotellissa.
92 Kumwenda C et al. Factors associated with breast milk intake among 9-10-month-old Malawian infants.
93 Kunnamo A et al. Tonsillitis in children: unnecessary laboratory studies and antibiotic use.
94 Kurppa K et al. Novel diagnostic techniques for celiac disease.
95 Kylliäinen A, Rantanen K. Neuropsykologinen kuntoutus.
96 Kylökäs A et al. Type 1 and type 2 diabetes in celiac disease: prevalence and effect on clinical and histological presentation.
97 Kälviäinen R, Eriksson K. Mitä epilepsia on.
98 Kälviäinen R, Eriksson K. Epilepsian diagnosointi.
99 Kälviäinen R, Eriksson K. Epilepsiakohtauksen ensiapu ja pitkittyneen kohtauksen hoito.
100 Laaksonen N et al. Pneumococcal vaccinations effectively prevent blood culture-negative infections that resemble occult pneumococcal bacteraemia or bacteraemic pneumococcal pneumonia at one to 36 months of age.
101 Lahtinen M et al. Lääkkeetöntä kivunlievitystä edistävät ja estävät tekijät lasten sairaalahoidon aikana.
102 Laitaoja M et al. Redox-dependent disulfide bond formation in SAP30L corepressor protein: Implications for structure and function.
103 Lauhkonen E. Post-bronchiolitis lung function - Impulse oscillometry at preschool age after bronchiolitis in infancy .
104 Lauhkonen E et al. Following up infant bronchiolitis patients provided new evidence for and against the united airway disease hypothesis.
105 Lauhkonen E et al. Gene Polymorphism of Toll-Like Receptors and Lung Function at Five to Seven Years of Age after Infant Bronchiolitis.
106 Laurikka P et al. Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Celiac Disease Patients on a Long-Term Gluten-Free Diet.
107 Lehtinen P et al. Incidence of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Finland: An Environmental Study.
108 Lernmark B et al. Participant Experiences in the Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young Study: Common Reasons for Withdrawing.
109 Levin D et al. Fit to WHO weight standard of European infants over time.
110 Liu RS et al. Childhood Infections, Socioeconomic Status, and Adult Cardiometabolic Risk.
111 Lohi O et al. Lastentautien erikoislääkärikoulutuksen auditointi - kolmas vaihe.
112 Lohi O et al. Audits show that specialist paediatric training programmes are sensitive to medical, staffing and economic changes.
113 Lohi O, Vettenranta K. Lasten syöpätaudit.
114 Lähdeaho M-L, Luukkainen P. Lapsen ravitsemushoito sairauden aikana.
115 Magnussen C et al. Continuous and Dichotomous Metabolic Syndrome Definitions in Youth Predict Adult Type 2 Diabetes and Carotid Artery Intima Media Thickness: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
116 Metsola J et al. Lapsi vastaaanotolla.
117 Myllymäki H et al. The Zebrafish Breathes New Life into the Study of Tuberculosis.
118 Mäkinen M et al. Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations in Children Progressing to Autoimmunity and Clinical Type 1 Diabetes.
119 Mäntylä E et al. Promoter-Targeted Histone Acetylation of Chromatinized Parvoviral Genome Is Essential for the Progress of Infection.
120 Möttönen M et al. Onkologiset hätätilanteet.
121 Nevalainen O et al. Epilepsy, excess deaths and years of life lost from external causes.
122 Nikkilä A et al. Background radiation and childhood leukemia: A nationwide register-based case-control study.
123 Nuolivirta K et al. Post-bronchiolitis wheezing is associated with toll-like receptor 9 rs187084 gene polymorphism.
124 Nwaru B et al. Assisted reproductive technology and risk of asthma and allergy in the offspring: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.
125 Nylund L et al. The microbiota as a component of the celiac disease and nonceliac glutein sensitivity.
126 Oaks BM et al. Late-Pregnancy Salivary Cortisol Concentrations of Ghanaian Women Participating in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Prenatal Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements.
127 Oikonen M et al. Repeated Blood Pressure Measurements in Childhood in Prediction of Hypertension in Adulthood.
128 Oksanen KE et al. DNA vaccination boosts Bacillus Calmette-Guérin protection against mycobacterial infection in zebrafish.
129 Outinen T et al. Constant B cell lymphocytosis since early age in a patient with CARD11 mutation: A 20-year follow-up.
130 Paakkanen R et al. HLA-B*44 May Be a Marker for Orofacial Granulomatosis.
131 Paassilta M et al. Children who were treated with oral immunotherapy for cows' milk allergy showed long-term desensitisation seven years later.
132 Partanen M et al. Unettomuus. Käypä hoito-suosituksen päivitystiivistelmä.
133 Peltola T et al. Ravitsemus on osa hoitoa.
134 Piekkala A et al. Maitoallergisen lapsen välttämisruokavalion vaikutus kasvuun - järjestelmällinen katsaus.
135 Pietilä S et al. Electroretinography and Visual Evoked Potentials in Childhood Brain Tumor Survivors.
136 Pihkala J et al. Fate of fenestration in children treated with fontan operation.
137 Pitkänen N et al. Role of Conventional Childhood Risk Factors Versus Genetic Risk in the Development of Type 2 Diabetes and Impaired Fasting Glucose in Adulthood: The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
138 Popp A et al. Severe Alveolar Hemorrhage - What's in it for the Gastroenterologist?
139 Poutanen T et al. EKG lapsuusiässä - pikaopas päivystäjälle.
140 Prado E et al. Provision of Lipid-Based Nutrient Supplements from Age 6 to 18 Months Does Not Affect Infant Development Scores in a Randomized Trial in Malawi.
141 Prado EL et al. Linear Growth and Child Development in Burkina Faso, Ghana, and Malawi.
142 Prado EL et al. Effects of pre- and post-natal lipid-based nutrient supplements on infant development in a randomized trial in Ghana.
143 Prado EL et al. Effects of maternal and child lipid-based nutrient supplements on infant development: a randomized trial in Malawi.
144 Pöyhönen A et al. Population-level and Individual-level Bother of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Among 30- to 80-year-old Men.
145 Pöyhönen L. Immunity in Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Osteitis.
146 Pöyhönen L, Korppi M. Genetiikan menetelmät uudistavat rokotteiden ja infektioiden tutkimusta.
147 Pöyhönen L et al. Interferon-gamma-dependent Immunity in Bacillus Calmette-Guérin Vaccine Osteitis Survivors.
148 Pöyhönen L et al. Orthopedic Complications in Former Bacillus Calmette-GuErin Osteitis Patients.
149 Qvist E, Korppi M. Alle 3 kuukauden ikäinen vauva päivystysvastaanotolla.
150 Raitio A et al. Malrotation: Age-Related Differences in Reoperation Rate.
151 Raitoharju E et al. Blood hsa-miR-122-5p and hsa-miR-885-5p levels associate with fatty liver and related lipoprotein metabolism-The Young Finns Study.
152 Rajantie J et al. Lastentaudit 6 uud.p.
153 Rantala H, Eriksson K. Kouristava lapsi ja kuumekouristukset.
154 Renko M. Infektiodiagnostiikan perusteita ja erotusdiagnostiikkaa.
155 Renko M. Kuume ilman muita oireita.
156 Renko M. Rokkotaudit ja muut yleistyneet virusinfektiot.
157 Renko M. Ihoinfektiot.
158 Renko M. Kihomadot, täit ja syyhy.
159 Renko M. Mikrobilääkkeiden käyttö lapsilla.
160 Renko M. Eristyksen tarve infektioissa.
161 Renko M, Ashorn M. Akuutti gastroenteriitti.
162 Renko M, Heikinheimo M. Suutulehdus.
163 Renko M et al. Infektiotaudit.
164 Rovio SP et al. Cognitive performance in young adulthood and midlife: Relations with age, sex, and education-The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
165 Ruohola A, Renko M. Välikorvantulehdus.
166 Ruohola A, Renko M. Sivuontelotulehdus.
167 Ruuska T, Kalliomäki M. Tulehduksellisen suolistosairauden paheneminen.
168 Ruuska T et al. Efficacy and safety of granulocyte, monocyte/macrophage adsorptive in pediatric ulcerative colitis.
169 Salmi T et al. Serum transglutaminase 3 antibodies correlate with age at celiac disease diagnosis.
170 Salminen T, Rämet M. Pickle Flavors Relish in Drosophila Immunity.
171 Salmivesi S et al. Changes in biomarkers during a six-month oral immunotherapy intervention for cow's milk allergy.
172 Salo M, Fogelholm M. Lihavuus.
173 Santalahti K et al. Circulating Cytokines Predict the Development of Insulin Resistance in a Prospective Finnish Population Cohort.
174 Satomaa A et al. The adapted American Academy of Sleep Medicine sleep scoring criteria in one month old infants: A means to improve comparability?
175 Schmid M et al. Drosophila Larvae Links ird1 Function to Toll Signaling in the Fat Body and Hemocyte Motility.
176 Seppälä E et al. Human enterovirus and rhinovirus infections are associated with otitis media in a prospective birth cohort study.
177 Sharma A et al. Identification of Non-HLA Genes Associated with Celiac Disease and Country-Specific Differences in a Large, International Pediatric Cohort.
178 Shaw L et al. Distinguishing the Signals of Gingivitis and Periodontitis in Supragingival Plaque: a Cross-Sectional Cohort Study in Malawi.
179 Simre K et al. Exploring the risk factors for differences in the cumulative incidence of coeliac disease in two neighboring countries: the prospective DIABIMMUNE study.
180 Spichak T et al. Is the role of rhinoviruses as causative agents of pediatric community-acquired pneumonia over-estimated?
181 Suomela E et al. Childhood predictors of adult fatty liver. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
182 Suomi J et al. Quantitative risk assessment on the dietary exposure of Finnish children and adults to nitrite.
183 Suominen P, Eskola V. Hukuksiin joutunut ja hypoterminen lapsi.
184 Sutiman N et al. Pharmacogenetics of UGT1A4, UGT2B7 and UGT2B15 and Their Influence on Tamoxifen Disposition in Asian Breast Cancer Patients.
185 Suursalmi P. Outcomes of severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia at school age. Inflammation, growth, nutrition, lung and cardiac function.
186 Suursalmi P et al. Severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia, Growth, Nutrition, and Adipokines at School Age.
187 Swartling U et al. Parental Estimation of Their Child's Increased Type 1 Diabetes Risk During the First 2 Years of Participation in an International Observational Study: Results From the TEDDY study.
188 Sätilä H et al. Does Botulinum Toxin A Treatment Enhance the Walking Pattern in Idiopathic Toe-Walking.
189 Sätilä H et al. Synnynnäinen tyypin la glykosylaation häiriö.
190 Taavela J. Morphometry of duodenal mucosa in coeliac disease - Validation of morphometry and correlation to disease manifestations.
191 Taavela J et al. A Prospective Study on the Usefulness of Duodenal Bulb Biopsies in Celiac Disease Diagnosis in Children: Urging Caution.
192 Taavela J et al. Is There a Role for Duodenal Bulb Biopsies in Celiac Disease Diagnostics.
193 Taavela JV et al. Response to Kurien et al.
194 Tammela O, Korhonen P. Radiology of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia: From Preterm Birth to Adulthood.
195 Tapiainen T et al. Finnish guidelines for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and pertussis in children.
196 Tapiainen T et al. Finnish guidelines for the treatment of laryngitis, wheezing bronchitis and bronchiolitis in children.
197 Tapiainen T et al. Invasive Group A Streptococcal Infections in Children: A Nationwide Survey in Finland.
198 Teppo E et al. Single-centre study reports a 84% five-year overall survival rate for paediatric solid tumours.
199 Teppo S et al. Genome-wide repression of eRNA and target gene loci by the ETV6-RUNX1 fusion in acute leukemia.
200 Tuokkola J et al. Maternal dietary folate, folic acid and Vitamin D intakes during pregnancy and lactation and the risk of cows' milk allergy in the offspring.
201 Tuokkola J et al. Maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation and cow's milk allergy in offspring.
202 Törn C et al. Complement gene variants in relation to autoantibodies to beta cell specific antigens and type 1 diabetes in the TEDDY Study.
203 Unger H et al. Undernutrition and malaria in pregnancy – a dangerous dyad?
204 Unger HW et al. Maternal Malaria and Malnutrition (M3) initiative, a pooled birth cohort of 13 pregnancy studies in Africa and the Western Pacific.
205 Urbonas V et al. Population-Based Screening for Selective Immunoglobulin A (IgA) Deficiency in Lithuanian Children Using a Rapid Antibody-Based Fingertip Test.
206 Uusitalo U et al. Association of Early Exposure of Probiotics and Islet Autoimmunity in the TEDDY Study.
207 Vanha-Aho L et al. Cytokines in Drosophila immunity.
208 Vatanen T et al. Variation in Microbiome LPS Immunogenicity Contributes to Autoimmunity in Humans.
209 Veijola R et al. Lapsidiabeetikon insuliini- ja nestehoito leikkauspäivänä.
210 Veitonmäki T et al. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs and Cancer Death in the Finnish Prostate Cancer Screening Trial.
211 Vepsäläinen K et al. Inhibitor development in previously untreated patients with severe haemophilia A: a nationwide multicentre study in Finland.
212 Vieux F et al. Role of Young Child Formulae and Supplements to Ensure Nutritional Adequacy in U.K. Young Children.
213 Virkki M et al. Käsitteet selkeiksi.
214 Virtanen S. Dietary factors in the development of type 1 diabetes.
215 Vähämurto L et al. East-west differences and migration in Finland: Association with cardiometabolic risk markers and IMT. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
216 Winkler TW et al. Correction: The Influence of Age and Sex on Genetic Associations with Adult Body Size and Shape: A Large-Scale Genome-Wide Interaction Study.
217 Yassour M et al. Natural history of the infant gut microbiome and impact of antibiotic treatment on bacterial strain diversity and stability.
218 Ylänen K et al. Speckle tracking echocardiography detects decreased cardiac longitudinal function in anthracycline-exposed survivors of childhood cancer.
219 Äärelä L et al. Prevalence and associated factors of abnormal liver values in children with celiac disease.

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