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Publications 2013

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1 Alakurtti K et al. Rostrocaudal gradients of dopamine D2/3 receptor binding in striatal subregions measured with [(11)C]raclopride and high-resolution positron emission tomography.
2 Autio A et al. Preclinical evaluation of a radioiodinated fully human antibody for in vivo imaging of vascular adhesion protein-1-positive vasculature in inflammation.
3 Brück A et al. [11C]PIB, [18F]FDG and MR imaging in patients with mild cognitive impairment.
4 Edison P et al. Comparison of MRI based and PET template based approaches in the quantitative analysis of amyloid imaging with PIB-PET.
5 Eerola K et al. Lentivirus mediated alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone overexpression in the hypothalamus decreases diet induced obesity in mice.
6 Ellfolk U et al. Brain volumetric correlates of memory in early Parkinson's disease.
7 Garibotto V et al. Cholinergic activity correlates with reserve proxies in Alzheimer's disease.
8 Ghimire LV et al. Variation in the alpha2A adrenoceptor gene and the effect of dexmedetomidine on plasma insulin and glucose.
9 Grönroos P, Koskinen P. Kliinisten laboratoriotutkimusten luotettavuus.
10 Hagelberg NM et al. Ticlopidine inhibits both O-demethylation and renal clearance of tramadol, increasing the exposure to it, but itraconazole has no marked effect on the ticlopidine-tramadol interaction.
11 Heinonen I et al. Inhibition of alpha-adrenergic tone disturbs the distribution of blood flow in the exercising human limb.
12 Hoppu U et al. Diet and blood lipids in 1-4 year-old children.
13 Huupponen R. Lääkkeen annos, pitoisuus ja vaste.
14 Huupponen R. Ruoansulatuskanavan lääkkeet.
15 Huupponen R, Raunio H. Farmakokinetiikka.
16 Huupponen R, Raunio H. Vierasainemetabolia.
17 Huupponen R, Rouru J. Diabeteslääkkeet.
18 Huupponen R, Viikari J. Statins and the risk of developing diabetes.
19 Jahnukainen K et al. Bone marrow remission status predicts leukemia contamination in ovarian biopsies collected for fertility preservation.
20 Jokinen P et al. Cognitive slowing in Parkinson's disease is related to frontostriatal dopaminergic dysfunction.
21 Joutsa J et al. Reduced striatal dopamine synthesis capacity is associated with symptoms of depression in patients with de novo unmedicated Parkinson's disease.
22 Kalliola S et al. Maternal smoking affects lung function and airway inflammation in young children with multiple-trigger wheeze.
23 Kemppainen NM et al. Five-year follow-up of (11)C-PIB uptake in Alzheimer's disease and MCI.
24 Kivimäki M et al. Influence of retirement on nonadherence to medication for hypertension and diabetes.
25 Koskimies P et al. Oral bioavailability of ospemifene improves with food intake.
26 Koskimies P et al. Single-dose and steady-state pharmacokinetics of ospemifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, in postmenopausal women.
27 Lampela P et al. Anticholinergic drug use, serum anticholinergic activity, and adverse drug events among older people: a population-based study.
28 Lampela P et al. Comprehensive geriatric assessment decreases prevalence of orthostatic hypotension in older persons.
29 Laurén HB et al. Status epilepticus alters neurogenesis and decreases the number of GABAergic neurons in the septal dentate gyrus of 9-day-old rats at the early phase of epileptogenesis.
30 Lehmusvuori A et al. Homogeneous duplex polymerase chain reaction assay using switchable lanthanide fluorescence probes.
31 Lehtinen T et al. Effects of cytochrome P450 inhibitors and inducers on the metabolism and pharmacokinetics of ospemifene.
32 Leinonen V et al. Positron emission tomography with [18F]flutemetamol and [11C]PiB for in vivo detection of cerebral cortical amyloid in normal pressure hydrocephalus patients.
33 Linna M et al. Circulating oxidised LDL lipids, when proportioned to HDL-c, emerged as a risk factor of all-cause mortality in a population-based survival study.
34 Meyer C et al. The MLL recombinome of acute leukemias in 2013.
35 Mosconi L et al. Amyloid and metabolic positron emission tomography imaging of cognitively normal adults with Alzheimer's parents.
36 Nordberg A et al. A European multicentre PETstudy of fibrillar amyloid in Alzheimer's disease.
37 Nuutila J et al. A rapid flow cytometric method for distinguishing between febrile bacterial and viral infections.
38 Nuutila J et al. Use of complement regulators, CD35, CD46, CD55, and CD59 on leukocytes as markers for diagnosis of viral and bacterial infections .
39 Pemovska T et al. Individualized systems medicine strategy to tailor treatments for patients with chemorefractory acute myeloid leukemia.
40 Posti JP et al. A polymorphism in the protein kinase C gene PRKCB is associated with alpha2-adrenoceptor-mediated vasoconstriction.
41 Rikala M et al. Channelling of statin use towards low-risk population and patients with diabetes.
42 Rinne P et al. Genetic and pharmacological mouse models of chronic melanocortin activation show enhanced baroreflex control of heart rate.
43 Rinne P et al. Alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone regulates vascular NO availability and protects against endothelial dysfunction.
44 Rinne P et al. Alpha-MSH analogue attenuates blood pressure elevation in DOCA-salt hypertensive mice.
45 Rokka J et al. 19F/18F exchange synthesis for a novel [18F]S1P3-radiopharmaceutical.
46 Saarikoski T et al. Rifampicin markedly decreases the exposure to oral and intravenous tramadol.
47 Salomäki H et al. Prenatal metformin exposure in mice programs the metabolic phenotype of the offspring during a high fat diet at adulthood.
48 Silvennoinen R et al. Assessment of molecular remission rate after bortezomib plus dexamethasone induction treatment and autologous stem cell transplantation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients.
49 Snellman A et al. Longitudinal amyloid imaging in mouse brain with 11C-PIB: comparison of APP23, Tg2576, and APPswe-PS1dE9 mouse models of Alzheimer disease.
50 Stenholm T et al. High-throughput screening of colonization samples for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus .
51 Tertti K et al. Metformin vs. insulin in gestational diabetes. A randomized study characterizing metformin patients needing additional insulin.
52 Tirkkonen T et al. Epidemiology of CYP3A4-mediated clopidogrel drug-drug interactions and their clinical consequences.
53 Turpeinen M et al. Effects of ospemifene on drug metabolism mediated by cytochrome P450 enzymes in humans in vitro and in vivo.
54 Upmeier E et al. Statin use among older Finns stratified according to cardiovascular risk.
55 Uusitalo-Seppälä R et al. Pentraxin 3 (PTX3) is associated with severe sepsis and fatal disease in emergency room patients with suspected infection: a prospective cohort study.
56 Vainionpää MH et al. Plasma drug concentrations and clinical effects of a peripheral alpha-2-adrenoceptor antagonist, MK-467, in horses sedated with detomidine.
57 Virta JJ et al. Midlife sleep characteristics associated with late life cognitive function.
58 Virta JJ et al. Midlife cardiovascular risk factors and late cognitive impairment.
59 Voipio-Pulkki L-M et al. Lääkehuolto ja palvelurakenneuudistus.

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