Vatsaelinkirurgian ja urologian klinikka TO3

Julkaisut 2013
Publications 2013

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1 Bono P et al. Munuaissyövän yleisyys ja vaaratekijät.
2 Elzagheid A et al. High cyclooxygenase-2 expression is associated with advanced stages in colorectal cancer.
3 Elzagheid A et al. Loss of MUC2 expression predicts disease recurrence and poor outcome in colorectal carcinoma.
4 Giordano S et al. Elevated serum bilirubin in assessing the likelihood of perforation in acute appendicitis: A diagnostic meta-analysis.
5 Grönroos J, Saarela A. Sappitietukoksen mini-invasiivinen hoito.
6 Honka H et al. Validation of [18F]fluorodeoxyglucose and positron emission tomography (PET) for the measurement of intestinal metabolism in pigs, and evidence of intestinal insulin resistance in patients with morbid obesity.
7 Huhtinen H et al. Late complications related to palliative stenting in patients with obstructing colorectal cancer.
8 Hynninen J et al. A prospective comparison of integrated FDG-PET/contrast-enhanced CT and contrast-enhanced CT for pretreatment imaging of advanced eipthelial ovarian cancer.
9 Hynninen J et al. Is perioperative visual estimation of intra-abdominal tumor spread reliable in ovarian cancer surgery after neoadjuvant chemotherapy?
10 Ilves I et al. Outpatient antibiotic use and the incidence of acute appendicitis in Finland: a nationwide study from 1990-2008.
11 Joensuu H, Roberts PJ. Mahalaukku ja pohjukaissuoli. Gastrointestinaalinen stroomatuumori GIST.
12 Joensuu H, Roberts PJ. Gastrointestinaalinen stroomatuumori eli GIST.
13 Joensuu H et al. Syöpätaudit. 5., uudistettu painos.
14 Jokela TA et al. Mannose reduces hyaluronan and leukocytes in wound granulation tissue and inhibits migration and hyaluronan-dependent monocyte binding.
15 Kankaanpää AT et al. Prescribing of sick leave by surgeons: a survey based on hypothetical patient cases.
16 Karlsson HK et al. Obesity is associated with white matter atrophy: A combined diffusion tensor imaging and voxel-based morphometric study.
17 Karvonen J et al. Quality of life after iatrogenic bile duct injury - a case control study.
18 Karvonen JA et al. Endoscopic treatment of internal gastrointestinal fistulas with fibrin glue.
19 Kauhanen S et al. Positroniemissiotomografian ja magneettikuvauksen yhdistelmällä tarkkuutta onkologiseen kuvantamiseen?
20 Kellokumpu I et al. Quality of life following laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication: assessing short-term and long-term outcomes.
21 Kiljander T et al. Comparison of the effects of esomeprazole and fundoplication on airway responsiveness in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.
22 Kähkönen E et al. In Vivo imaging of prostate cancer using (68Ga)-labeled bombesin analog BAY86-7548.
23 Laato M, Boström P. Kives- ja lisäkiveskasvaimet.
24 Laato M, Boström P. Peniskasvaimet.
25 Laato M et al. Miehen sukupuolielinten tulehdukset.
26 Minn H et al. Tuntematon primaarikasvain.
27 Nurmi M. Virtsadiversiomenetelmät.
28 Nurmi M, Parpala T. Muut miehen sukupuolielinten sairaudet.
29 Nurmi M, Rintala E. Virtsateiden kasvaimet.
30 Paajanen H et al. A prospective randomized controlled multicenter trial comparing antibiotic therapy with appendectomy in the treatment of uncomplicated acute appendicitis (APPAC trial).
31 Perlis N et al. Upper urinary tract and urethral recurrences following radical cystectomy: review of risk factors and outcomes between centres with different follow-up protocols.
32 Rantanen T et al. Reflux symptoms and side effects among patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease at baseline, during treatment with PPIs, and after Nissen fundoplication.
33 Roberts PJ. Kirurginen hoito.
34 Roberts PJ, Joensuu H. Kliininen diagnostiikka ja levinneisyysluokittelu.
35 Roberts PJ et al. Mahasyöpä.
36 Roberts PJ et al. Mahasyövän ennuste.
37 Roberts PJ et al. Maksan ja sappiteiden syöpä.
38 Roberts PJ et al. Haimasyöpä.
39 Roivainen A et al. Plasma pharmacokinetics, whole-body distribution metabolism, and radiation dosimetry of 68ga bombesin antagonist BAY 86-7548 in healthy men.
40 Roivainen A et al. Characterization of hepatic tumors using (11C)metomidate through positron emission tomography: comparison with (11C)acetate.
41 Saarnio J et al. Ruoansulatuskanavan palliatiivinen kirurgia.
42 Saarto T et al. Onkologiset hätätilanteet.
43 Sainio A et al. Lack of decorin expression by human bladder cancer cells offers new tools in the therapy of urothelial malignancies.
44 Salminen P, Ristamäki R. Leikkauskelpoisen mahasyövän perioperatiivinen solunsalpaajahoito - näyttöön perustuvasta hoidosta kliiniseksi käytännöksi.
45 Salminen P, Sane T. Ohutsuoli. Lihavuuskirurgia.
46 Salo J et al. Virtsateiden muut sairaudet.
47 Salonen AJ et al. Advanced prostate cancer treated with intermittent or continuous androgen deprivation in the randomised FinnProstate Study VII: quality of life and adverse effects.
48 Skeldon SC et al. Patients with Lynch syndrome mismatch repair gene mutations are at higher risk for not only upper tract urothelial cancer but also bladder cancer.
49 Stenman U-H et al. Kasvainmerkkiaineet.
50 Strauss L et al. Seminal vesicles and urinary bladder as sites of aromatization of androgens in men, evidenced by a CYP19A1-driven luciferase reporter mouse and human tissue specimens.
51 Taari K et al. Urologia.
52 Tuulari JJ et al. Weight loss after bariatric surgery reverses insulin-induced increases in brain glucose metabolism of the morbidly obese.
53 Vihervaara H et al. Angled- or straight-tipped hydrophilic guidewire in biliary cannulation: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial.
54 Väänänen RM et al. Association of transcript levels of 10 established or candidate-biomarker gene targets with cancerous versus non-cancerous prostate tissue from radical prostatectomy specimens.
55 Ylönen O et al. Kivessyövän hoito ja seuranta räätälöidään riskiluokituksen mukaan .

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